Travel 20 Ways to Make Your Summer More Environmentally Friendly

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Summer may be many people’s favorite time of the year, but it’s not necessarily the best time for our planet. As temperatures rise, so do our energy and water use, as does our carbon footprint. But there are ways we can combat this stressful time of year for our planet. 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of 20 ways you can make your summer more environmentally friendly after reviewing information from several sources online, including the U.S. Department of Energy , Consumer Reports, and study reviews in Scientific American. It is not possible to offer an exhaustive list of things you can do to help

20 . Take an eco- friendly summer vacation. Two-thirds of all family travelers will head out on a summer vacation this year, according to AAA. While travelling is no doubt fun, it can also leave a large carbon footprint. With the planet in mind, more vacationers are finding ways to make their getaways environmentally friendly . They may even choose an eco-tourism centric destination, such as in British Columbia, Canada or Costa Rica. But anyone can make their vacation more sustainable by following some simple tips. For example, you can find an environmentally - friendly form of transportation to

Gary C. Kelly, Doug Parker are posing for a picture: MailOnline logo © Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

American corporate executives, some of whom run companies that received millions in loans from the federal government, took home increased pay and bonuses in 2020 despite laying off or furloughing workers due to the pandemic.

Southwest Airlines CEO and chairman Gary Kelly was awarded a record $9.2million in salary, stock options, and other compensation in 2020 even though his company lost $3.1billion due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly and other top executives at the company saw their salaries increase between 5 and 14 per cent in 2020, according to SEC filings.

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More research, by University of Minnesota, published in the journal Nature, found evidence that our meat-eating habits contributes to deforestation, as well as greenhouse gas emissions and water shortages. But to make a big enough impact, the average person would need to eat 90% less pork, 75% less beef, and half the number of eggs they normally consume, according to the University of Minnesota researchers. Summer is the perfect time to take up these environmentally - friendlier transportation methods, and they are also a great way to get exercise and positively impact your health.

What is Being Environmentally Friendly ? There are a surprising amount of people, businesses, and communities that would like to do more to conserve and protect our natural resources, but they don’t know where to begin with becoming more environmentally friendly . Understanding what makes each of these aspects of our world part of the process of changing and conserving our resources, and learning how to get started creating a difference is the first thing you have to learn. Source: Canva. Being environmentally friendly simply means having a lifestyle that is better for the environment.

The filings were first reported by the Dallas Morning News.

Gary C. Kelly wearing a suit and tie: ( © Provided by Daily Mail (

Southwest received more than $6.7billion in government grants and threatened to furlough employees if the union did not agree to 10 per cent wage cuts.

After the government approved a second round of stimulus checks in December, the airline said it would not make any wage or employee cuts in 2021 - even though the company was losing money.

Kelly’s base salary and base pay fell in 2020 - from $750,000 the prior year to $562,500.

But he made $300,000 in bonuses as well as $7.1million in stock awards. Kelly also received $1.25million in other compensation.

A company spokesperson said that the stock grants were awarded in January 2020 - before the onset of the pandemic.

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Being environmentally conscious is not all about plastic bags; it’s about making everyday choices that will — quite literally — determine our success or failure as a species. We can be more conscious about reducing pollution, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources and take other Everyone can make a difference, particularly when smart environmental choices become a habit and perhaps even begins influencing others into taking similar actions. Doing the right thing for the future of life on Earth can even have immediate personal benefits. It can tap into your creativity, can get you more engaged

20 – Use a proven fuel additive when you do drive. 21 – Combine multiple errands into one trip. 22 – Get rid of chemical cleaners. With that in mind see how many of these 50 simple ways to make your life more environmentally - friendly you can implement into your life. And yes, there are many other ways people can green their lives, but I figured these 50 ways made for a good start.

The CARES Act provided aid to airlines on condition that they did not lay off workers, buy back stock, or distribute dividends to shareholders.

Kelly’s pay package was based on the company’s performance in 2019, when it raked in $2.3billion in profit. It was the 47th consecutive year that Southwest finished in the black.

American Airlines also reported a massive loss in 2020 - $8.9billion worth after earning $1.7billion in 2019.

The financial blow that was dealt as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the airline to lay off thousands of employees.

Doug Parker wearing a suit and tie: ( © Provided by Daily Mail (

Nonetheless, CEO Doug Parker took home more than $7million in stock options, according to the View From The Wing blog - this despite the fact that the company secured some $9billion in financial assistance from the federal government.

DailyMail.com has reached out to American Airlines seeking comment.

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There are many ways to go about this, and these ideas are really just brief jumping off points under a larger umbrella. It may take some extra research, but it will be worth it in the long haul. One of the best and easiest ways to make your trip more green is to find ways to make your travel more environmentally friendly . According to the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) 27 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. Martha Honey, who is executive director of the Center for Responsible Travel (Crest) had a few ideas on how to cut down on this.

This eco- friendly move can also make your trip a more distinct experience—regional food or a novel curio touches on the destination’s individual nature that drew you to it in the first place. 10. Leave the ocean where you found it. Did the supposedly sustainable hotel you booked rely heavily on single-use plastic? Did your dive operator go above and beyond to make sure your group gave marine life personal space? Tell your friends , family and other travelers online so your trip can inform their choices.

The cruise industry also got hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Norwegian Cruise Line lost some $4billion in 2020, forcing it to furlough hundreds of employees and cut wages of its remaining staff by 20 per cent.

Nonetheless, Norwegian CEO Frank Del Rio saw his pay double last year to $36.4million.

This included a $3.6million bonus as well as a one-time bonus of $2.8million.

A Norwegian spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that the pay increase was part of a three-year contract extension. Del Rio also benefited from special payouts tied to the management team’s performance during the pandemic.

Another company that was hit hard during the pandemic was Hilton, the world’s second-largest operator of hotels.

a man wearing a suit and tie: ( © Provided by Daily Mail (

The company reported a $720million loss in 2020, including a $225million loss in the fourth quarter.

Hilton laid off roughly 22 per cent of its global corporate staff and furloughed thousands of others.

Nonetheless, the company’s CEO, Chris Nassetta, received a bonus worth $13.7million in Hilton shares, according to CBS News.

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The company board also made modifications to stock grants that could add tens of millions to his overall pay.

In SEC filings, Hilton said that it paid Nassetta a total of $56million in 2020 - more than double what he made in 2019.

A spokesperson for Hilton told CBS News that the figure is inflated due to ‘accounting and disclosure rules’ and that Nassetta’s actual pay is $20.1million, a slight drop from what he made in 2019.

‘Our CEO did not take home $55.9 million in 2020,’ the spokesperson said.

Yum Brands, the conglomerate that owns popular brand names like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, paid its CEO, David Gibbs, $9.5million last year despite the fact that earnings fell companywide by 25 per cent.

Xavier Ortiz wearing a suit and tie: ( © Provided by Daily Mail (

Foot Locker, the sporting goods retailer, paid CEO Richard Johnson $12million, 30 per cent more compared to 2019, according to CBS News.

While Johnson saw his pay increase, the company furloughed almost all of its workers without pay beginning in late April 2020. It has since offered to rehire most of them.

The pay increase was made even though Foot Locker’s annual sales reached an all-time high in 2019 - $8billion.

Due to the closure of stores brought about by the coronavirus pandemic as well as the protests against the police-involved killing of George Floyd, the sales fell by 5.7 per cent to $7.548billion.

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