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Steinhart: "We have not yet attached"

 Steinhart: On Monday evening, the TSV 1860 Munich won at home against Dresden (1: 0) and so three important points brought. Phillipp Steinhart decided late a balanced game and makes the lions hope for the ascent. © Imago Images are excited about three important points: 1860-Coach Michael Köllner (Li.) And Phillipp Steinhart. After a furious initial phase, but otherwise very combat and chance-poor game, a shot of Steinhart decided the well-known game late.

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of 1. FC Kaiserslautern has lost again after six unbeaten games. The way of zero number in Munich annoyed the parties.

Kaiserslauterns Kapitän Jean Zimmer war nach dem 0:3 bei 1860 München bedient. © imago images kaiserslautern's captain jean room was served after the 0: 3 at 1860 Munich.

before kick-off was the FCK self-confident. Trainer Marco Antwerp had already seen his team "at eye level" with the dimensional rising candidate 1860 Munich. Finally, the Pfälzer had gone to the encounter with a series of six unbeaten games (3/3/0) and were not on a direct descent site for a long time. But of self-confidence was little to see.

The coach misses the readiness

"We were not ready to work from the start of the ball; Carrying trucks for the secondary man to join. Accordingly, we had problems to stop the game of 1860," Antwerp said after 3: 0 End of the microphone of "magenta sport" operates. "I did not have the impression that we worked against the ball with high readiness. That was our core problem."

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His captain Jean Zimmer looked similarly, the entire team was disappointed due to the clear result. The reason for the weak occurrence was that the red devils "did not come to the pressing that made us the last few weeks". And if, if the FCK had not been able to use the rare mistakes of Munich lions.

"So, as it does not have to be": Antwerpen also annoyed because of countergart

symptomatic for this description is probably the hits to 0: 1. First, the guests from the Palatinate did not do anything from a large Patzer of 1860-Keeper Marco Hiller, after the subsequent corner they started the counter to goal by Richard Neiddecker. "If you see how we cancel the 0: 1" In a good phase, the players would have beaten the ball again after a separate corner ball on the second post and then collapsed a counterattack - "Then you are actually so involved as it Do not have to be, "annoyed coach Antwerp.

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In the second half, nothing left for the louder, after the hit to 0: 2 and also the 0: 3 by double-oriented Philipp Steinhart, one had been "piece far demonstrated", so captain room, which appealed, "I hope that That was a damper at the right time. We have to see that we bring another face to the place again. "

"I hope that was a damper at the right time." - Jean Zimmer

meant the significant game on Saturday (2 pm) against the abandoned KFC Uerdingen. After that of Antwerp coach as "Simply disappointing" titled defeat in Munich, the look must quickly go forward quickly. "We have to win the game," Room said. Because the FCK is still in place 15, but the competition now has a lot in the hindquarters.

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