Travel Funny airport codes: have you flown to PIE?

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With more than 9,000 airport codes issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), there are some we recognize instantly, like JFK and LAX, but some airports have not been quite so lucky. Here we take a look at some of the most comical, unconventional or unintentionally rude abbreviations given to airports across the world. Turns out you can even fly from HEL to CIA Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Have you flown to BUM, LOL or FUN ? The world's funniest airport codes revealed. The International Air Transport Association has officially named over 10,000 airports , with some more likely to raise a smirk than others. Although they may sound like a five-year-old had a hand in choosing their names, there really are airports officially known as PEE (Perm International Airport , Russia ) BUM (Butler Memorial Airport , United States) and POO (Pocos De Caldas, Brazil).

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While this holiday weekend is about giving thanks and helping yourself to heaps of turkey and mashed potatoes, ’tis the season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

If you’re like me — and your carry-on bag wheels also broke the moment you cascaded down the jet bridge while flying back home this Thanksgiving — you’re in luck.

Through Nov. 29, 2021, popular luggage retailer, Away, is throwing a sale where you can save up to 40% on select styles. Not to mention, these bags are a TPG favorite. While pricey, they’re designed for the modern traveler and are simple yet functional.

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Airport Code Poster – get one for your home! ORD in Chicago? ORD used to be called Old Orchard Airport , hence the IATA Code ORD. Then you have places like MCO in Orlando that came from the name of the old airbase McCoy Airbase. Or IAD, which is Dulles International Airport – what what? MDW: Midway Airport , Chicago, IL. Speaking of Midway, check out my nutty travel horror story where we lost an engine and flew from MDW to ORD. Yikes! MEM:Â Memphis International Airport .

This has to be the funniest hands down. I wouldnt have given it a thought, but, it was flying to Traverse City, my home airport . Somewhat more innocently, the former name of Johannesburg; Jan Smuts Airport , sounds kind of dorky, Smuts sounds like the sound of a pie you smash in someone's

(Screenshot courtesy of Away) © The Points Guy (Screenshot courtesy of Away)

Better yet, Away only puts on a few sales per year, so this is the perfect time to get shopping if you’ve been in the market for new luggage.

Even without the discount, the bags can still be quite expensive, and I wasn’t particularly in the mood to shell out $150+. Then, I remembered that Chase’s Pay Yourself Back (PYB) tool allows you to offset certain purchases at an elevated rate (1.25 to 1.5 cents, depending on the card) — and right now, it’s for Airbnb and Away purchases.

For context, the PYB tool was crucial at the beginning of the pandemic for those who weren’t traveling and had been amassing points with no use in mind. Chase initially launched the PYB tool and allowed cardholders to offset everyday purchases, like grocery and dining purchases. Until Dec. 31, 2022, you can even donate your points to select charities for this favorable rate.

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Airport codes , every commercial airport has a three letter airport code … and this week's reader mail, from Dane in Philadelphia, asks "I know with all the possible three letter airport code combinations there must be some funny or odd airport codes .Do you know of any that make passengers chuckle? In the world of charter flights, we tend to talk in codes , you know, LAX, JFK…But beyond the biggest of the airport codes , which ones do you know? And have you ever heard the origin of airport codes , or the silliest ones out there?

Sitting on a pile of Ultimate Rewards points and a damaged carry-on bag later (granted, it was my mom’s from the 1990s), it was the perfect storm to treat myself to the Away sale.

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I opted for “The Expandable Carry-On,” which made its debut in August. It’s Away’s first soft-side expandable suitcase, made of water-resistant nylon. If you’re adamant about never checking a bag like I am, or perhaps you tend to be a bit of an overpacker, you’ll enjoy an additional 1.75 inches of room if using the zipper expansion. However, what I especially love about this bag is the front laptop pocket for easy access.

(Photo courtesy of Away) © The Points Guy (Photo courtesy of Away)

It’s currently on sale for $191, and you can select from three colors: black, green and asphalt.

Savvy points and miles enthusiasts know to always check an online shopping portal aggregator like Cashback Monitor to see if you can get even more points with your purchase, making the deal that much sweeter. Unfortunately, Away isn’t found on any shopping portals at the moment.

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60+ Funny and Rude Airport Codes and Flights - Aviation Humor. There’s certainly some room to have fun with airport IATA codes , the follo. X and DFW -- the airport codes for New York's Kennedy, Los Angeles International and Dallas-Ft. Worth. But how many of you have flown to SUX?

I ALSO flew into an airport that I have never been to before, which was a humbling but awesome experience so believe me if I can do it, y’all can too. I've heard plenty of ATC recordings of accidents where the pilot does not sound fit to fly , yet is cleared for takeoff by ATC. I realize that this can be subjective, but when a pilot is slurring their speech, botching transponder codes , and forgetting taxiways, would that give a controlling entity grounds to refuse a takeoff clearance (or if airborne, question the pilot)?

I simply paid with my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card at checkout, which totaled $204.85 after tax. Then, I headed over to the Ultimate Rewards portal to offset my Away purchase at a rate of 1.25 cents each, or roughly 16,400 Ultimate Rewards points.

(Screenshot courtesy of Chase) © The Points Guy (Screenshot courtesy of Chase)

Keep in mind that you can also select the number of points you want to redeem, so you don’t have to cover the full cost in points if that’s what you prefer.

While this is under TPG’s valuations of Ultimate Rewards points of 2 cents apiece, I still thought this was a good value since the expandable carry-on normally retails for $241 after tax.

After all, I’m a firm believer in burning your points rather than hoarding them. I wasn’t too sad to see my Ultimate Rewards balance be docked by 16,000 points, which I know I will earn back in no time, thanks to my Chase trifecta cards.

If you’re interested in the other popular Away bags that are on sale right now, here’s a look at how much it’ll roughly cost you using Chase’s PYB tool (before tax):

Bag Chase Sapphire Preferred Card (1.25 cents each) Chase Sapphire Reserve (1.5 cents each)
The Daily Carry-On with Pocket ($171, normally $245) 14,000 points 11,500 points
The Everywhere Bag ($147, normally $245) 12,000 points 10,000 points
The Latitude Tote ($117, normally $195) 9,500 points 8,000 points
The Longitude Tote ($117, normally $195) 9,500 points 8,000 points

I especially love my Away Everywhere bag since it comes with a trolley sleeve that slips over the handles of your carry-on or checked bag. It even fits under an airplane seat, so it can count as your personal item when flying!

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(Photo courtesy of Away) © The Points Guy (Photo courtesy of Away)

No matter which Away bag you choose, you won’t regret it as it will last you years to come. Happy shopping, everyone!

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Featured photo by Patrick T. Fallon for The Points Guy.

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