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Wow Air Is Going Premium. Will It Still Offer $99 Flights?

Friday  10:00,   13 september 2019

An inflight menu by a world-class chef, Julius Meinl coffee, and Italian gelato onboard: Wow Air 2.0 is promising some pretty fancy... >>>

9 Perfectly Christmassy European Cities Without the Crowds

Thursday  23:00,   12 september 2019

Get your festive fix at one of these more relaxed European... >>>

What to see and do in Brussels: Belgian waffles, chocolate and beyond

Thursday  22:55,   12 september 2019

I had taken my 8-year-old son on multiple international father-son trips, but never my 4-year-old daughter. So when FlyingBlue announced a summer promotion offering 25% off business class award flights, I knew this was a great opportunity for a fun... >>>

Exploring a Timeless Wilderness, Before the Drilling Begins

Thursday  22:25,   12 september 2019

Up in the right-hand corner of Alaska, like something freezer-burned and half-remembered in the back of the national icebox, lies a place called the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the United States.... >>>

A woman was accidentally charged $66,000 for a 2-night stay in Budapest hotel

Thursday  21:56,   12 september 2019

Although the hotel refunded the money immediately, Charlotte Smith was charged £3,000 ($3,700) in transaction fees by her... >>>

TPG tours New Orleans Airport’s new terminal as opening nears

Thursday  21:20,   12 september 2019

TPG got an exclusive sneak peek of the new $1 billion, 35-gate terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY). Compared with our last visit in December 2018, the airport is clearly in the last phase of construction. Related... >>>

Everything you need to know about Everglades National Park

Thursday  21:20,   12 september 2019

Choose your own adventure in the largest subtropical wilderness in the United... >>>

Why flying out of hot, high airports is tough

Thursday  21:15,   12 september 2019

Have you felt like it took your airplane an especially long time to lift off of the ground? That might seem normal for an A380 or a Boeing 747, both very heavy aircraft, but the phenomenon is noticeable even in smaller aircraft such as the Boeing... >>>

Can you guess which U.S. airline mishandles the most bags?

Thursday  21:15,   12 september 2019

One airline reportedly mishandled nearly half a million bags between January and June of this year. Can you guess which one? If you’re thinking Spirit, guess again. Maybe United? Close, but nope. If you guessed American, you’re right. American... >>>

New York City hotels beat Airbnbs in report on accommodations in US

Thursday  19:55,   12 september 2019

Airbnb has long been used as the default lodging for travelers looking for affordable accommodations. But new findings show that depending on your travel destination, you may be better off booking a traditional hotel. © Nikada/ Depending... >>>

Why Australia is banning climbers from this iconic natural landmark

Thursday  19:25,   12 september 2019

After decades of controversy, Uluru will close to climbers in October 2019—a decision welcomed by the area’s Aboriginal... >>>

A 32-year-old Indian man dyed his hair white, used a wheelchair, and pretended to be 81 so he could fly to the US on a fake passport

Thursday  19:05,   12 september 2019

Jayesh Patel confessed to Delhi Police he'd pretended to be Amrik Singh, born in Delhi in February 1938, which would make him... >>>

The Instagram influencer who was called out for adding the same fake clouds to all her photos has been asked to work with a photo editing company to create a new 'cloud pack'

Thursday  18:45,   12 september 2019

Influencer Tupi Saravia recently went viral after people noticed the clouds in a lot of her travel photos were all the... >>>

The Bahamas are open: Islands call for visitors after Hurricane Dorian

Thursday  15:05,   12 september 2019

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation is urging people to help the group of islands recover as a whole by continuing to visit the other... >>>

Air New Zealand threatened with Māori boycott over attempt to trademark greeting 'Kia Ora'

Thursday  15:00,   12 september 2019

Air New Zealand's attempts to trademark a logo of a common Māori greeting has sparked anger and threats of a boycott from the Māori community. © PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images An Air New Zealand plane takes off from the airport (Photo credit should... >>>