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United Airlines drops three Newark and Washington routes this winter

Thursday  11:15,   12 september 2019

United Airlines will end three routes to Canada, Ohio and Tennessee this winter, even as it plans to continue its accelerated growth strategy through next... >>>

Taj Mahal to open on selected nights

Thursday  11:15,   12 september 2019

Tourism demand for the Taj Mahal is so great that India is opening up its most famous treasure on selected nights. Find out when you can see the dazzling structure after the sun... >>>

One Town in Italy Will Pay You $765 a Month to Live There

Thursday  11:01,   12 september 2019

How fast can I get a... >>>

See How Much It Cost to Fly 30 Years Ago

Thursday  02:16,   12 september 2019

Hint: It's probably not what you might... >>>

Heathrow gets ready for ‘drone protest’ on Friday

Thursday  01:25,   12 september 2019

Climate activists are planning a demonstration during which they will fly drones within the airport’s five-kilometer (three-mile) exclusion zone. The group, which calls itself Heathrow Pause, is protesting plans for a third runway, which will... >>>

Passengers Describe Harrowing Moments After Swoop Flight Strikes Geese, Catches Fire

Thursday  00:50,   12 september 2019

Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop has apologized to passengers after a flight to Edmonton struck several geese on takeoff. Passengers described "flames coming out of the right... >>>

Majority of Americans Worry About Work During Vacation

Thursday  00:15,   12 september 2019

Research found 32 percent of Americans work while they are on vacation. Even more — 70 percent — check their work emails at least once when on a trip abroad. Respondents were also quizzed on their worries when flying, and Jetcost found that... >>>

Travel influencer couple defends 'dangerous' cliff-edge photo

Wednesday  22:26,   11 september 2019

At Laguna Humantay in the Peruvian Andes, the couple behind the "Positravelty" account took a photo where he dangles her off a... >>>

What Are the Best—And Safest—Sleeping Pills for Flights?

Wednesday  22:15,   11 september 2019

Sleeping on the plane is crucial if you want to hit the ground running when you arrive. But which sleep aid is right for... >>>

A Practical Guide to Getting All Your Souvenirs Home

Wednesday  22:05,   11 september 2019

Can't live without it? We get you. Here's what to know about getting everything from fragiles to food home... >>>

Spirit Airlines Is Upgrading New Planes With Roomier, Comfier Seats — and There's a Benefit to Sitting in the Middle

Wednesday  21:26,   11 september 2019

The middle seat is no longer a raw deal on Spirit Airlines — it will be a full inch wider than the window and aisle seats. © Courtesy of Spirit Airlines So, people in the middle seat no longer have to feel like they’re getting a raw deal. “The... >>>

British Airways flights are still disrupted after strike ends

Wednesday  20:40,   11 september 2019

After being forced to cancel over 1,700 of its flights on Monday and Tuesday due to a pilot strike, disruption continues for British Airways, with around 10% of flights cancelled on... >>>

Europe train travel: Eurail pass is affordable again

Wednesday  20:05,   11 september 2019

Europe's rail passes underwent some sweeping changes this year that have made them an affordable option again, and much less confusing to shop... >>>

Woman Banned From Disney for Life Due to Fight Over Cigarettes

Wednesday  19:15,   11 september 2019

A theme park spokesperson says the facility has “no tolerance for violence.” Read More >>>

Caught in a Yellowstone bison jam? Turn up the AC/DC

Wednesday  19:05,   11 september 2019

Tourists planning to visit Yellowstone National Park or elsewhere in bison country might want to store some AC/DC on their playlists. © File Photo File Photo The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office in Montana on Tuesday revealed that the heavy-metal... >>>