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Hawaiian Airlines' New Boston-Honolulu Flight Is Going to Break Records

Friday  21:55,   14 september 2018


A flight attendant for China Eastern Airlines was fired after her boyfriend proposed to her on board

Friday  19:52,   14 september 2018

This flight attendant didn't expect to be proposed to on board one of her flights. She certainly didn't expect to be fired over it, either.Back in May, a video went viral of a flight attendant's boyfriend proposing to her on board a plane....[...]

The 10 Best Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

Friday  18:55,   14 september 2018

Find the best travel card for your travel style.Cards offer points that can be redeemed for discounted airfare, companion fares, and free add-ons like meals and checked bags. Points can also be used for hotel stays, rental cars, cruises and...[...]

Hurricane Florence air travel: What you need to know about cancellations, fare caps and waivers

Friday  18:20,   14 september 2018

Airlines canceled more than 1,500 flights because of Hurricane Florence and travel disruptions are likely to continue through the weekend. Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina on Friday morning with top winds of 90 miles per hour, prompting flight [...]

Record spending by tourists in 2017: US government

Friday  18:20,   14 september 2018

Spending by tourists visiting the United States inched higher in 2017, setting a new record and accounting for about a tenth of all US exports, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. Nearly 77 million international visitors -- including...[...]

World’s Most Popular Air Route May Surprise You

Friday  18:20,   14 september 2018

Spoiler alert—it’s not in the U.S.With more than 13 million people flying just 279 miles between Seoul’s Gimpo Airport to popular Jeju island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula is the most in-demand air route in the...[...]

If You Don’t Check This Box on Your Next Passport Application, You’re Losing Money

Friday  18:20,   14 september 2018

Prior to 2016, you could order more pages for your passport if you ran out. The large passport book is 52 pages (with 44 pages for passport stamps) compared to only 28 pages for the regular book (20 pages for passport stamps). Since it doesn’t...[...]

Amtrak Considers Adding Buses to Train Lines Not Meeting Safety Standards

Friday  18:16,   14 september 2018

The idea is facing serious backlash from legislators.According to Bloomberg.com, Amtrak is working with local governments to secure the funding for the safety technology improvements, but several states with large rural areas served by the rail...[...]

Airline Calls Police on Man Over His Wheelchair

Friday  18:15,   14 september 2018

Shane Hryhorec was traveling to Bali at the time.Melbourne businessman Shane Hryhorec was ready to board the Qantas flight on Wednesday when staff said the wheelchair must be placed in the aircraft hold. Hryhorec argued that his wheelchair could be...[...]

More than 1,000 flights have been canceled and nearly a dozen airports shut down as the East Coast braces for Hurricane Florence

Friday  08:50,   14 september 2018

American, Delta, and United have all waived fees for pets and luggage ahead of Hurricane Florence. Delta and JetBlue have capped prices on tickets, while American and United have made additional reduced-fare tickets available for...[...]

Natural beauty and Americana await in the hills of Ohio

Friday  08:50,   14 september 2018

Sometimes beauty exists in the least expected places. Take Hocking Hills, Ohio, for example; a Midwestern treasure that's less than an hour and a half from the thriving capital city of Columbus.Among Ohio's natural crown jewels, eco...[...]

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Economy Flight Feel Like First Class

Friday  05:10,   14 september 2018

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Economy Flight Feel Like First ClassJust because a meal is included with your economy fare, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for mediocre airplane food. Do yourself a favor and purchase your favorite foods prior to...[...]

Have You Ever Stayed in an Off-the-Grid Backcountry Hut?

Thursday  23:05,   13 september 2018

Here's a list of some of our favorites from Washington to Colorado, so you can get yourself into one of these hidden gems.These huts are hidden on mountainsides, in alpine meadows, and perched on jagged ridges, with views of surrounding valleys, [...]

Finally, the TSA PreCheck Line Could Really Be Just for PreCheck Members

Thursday  22:50,   13 september 2018

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would ensure that only trusted traveler program members are permitted to use the PreCheck security lanes.But Congress is in the process of possibly ending this PreCheck line predicament. The...[...]

I Got Over 100 Free Hotel Nights Using My Credit Card

Thursday  19:06,   13 september 2018

Discover why rewards are the key to your next vacation.The truth is that credit card points are far from being equal. Some rewards programs are good, while others are terrible. For example, some might give you 50,000 points for signing up for a new...[...]