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Breeze unveils its first Airbus A220, a snazzy jet for the new startup airline

Wednesday  09:45,   27 october 2021

It’s a big day for Breeze Airways, as the carrier has formally unveiled its new domestic workhorse, the Airbus A220. Breeze took the wraps off its first A220-300 during a ceremony held at the Airbus manufacturing plant in Mobile, Alabama, on Tuesday >>>

For Sleepy Hong Kong Residents, 5-Hour Bus Tour Is a Snooze

Wednesday  09:40,   27 october 2021

The 47-mile, five-hour ride on a double-decker bus is meant to appeal to people who are easily lulled asleep by long rides. It was inspired by the tendency of tired commuters to fall asleep on public transit. “When we were brainstorming new tours, I >>>

Elisabeth II forced to cancel his participation in COP26

Wednesday  09:05,   27 october 2021

© PA Pictures / Abaca Elisabeth II Constraint to cancel his participation in COP26 © PA Pictures / Abaca Queen Elisabeth II is disappointed. A release from the Buckingham Palace has indicated that the sovereign would be absent at the International... >>>

Driving the South—and Remembering the Legacy of “The Green Book”

Wednesday  08:50,   27 october 2021

One writer on the importance of the historical travel guide and feeling freedom behind the wheel.I’d worked hard for this; buying a car as a Black woman in her mid-30s, a woman who had charted her own course as an independent writer instead of... >>>

The world's highest hotel rooms with incredible views

Wednesday  08:50,   27 october 2021

The sky’s the limit in these ultra-high hotel rooms around the world, which offer luxurious interiors paired with panoramic views to make for an all-round spectacular experience. Intrigued? Read on as we journey through the dizzying heights of some... >>>

Puerto Rico is now the most vaccinated place in the US

Wednesday  08:45,   27 october 2021

Puerto Rico has weathered a lot in recent years, from Hurricane Maria — the worst storm in decades, which killed thousands and destroyed most of the island’s power grid — to earthquakes and a debt crisis. For TPG news and deals delivered each... >>>

Tulum Is Over! This Dreamy, Affordable Mexican Beach Escape Is Even Better

Wednesday  08:45,   27 october 2021

Puerto Escondido is the hidden spot on the Pacific Coast of Mexico that's stealing Tulum's spotlight.If you want to keep your chill and experience parties in a more relaxed ambiance, there is a hidden spot on the coast of Mexico that has... >>>

10 Marriott properties to book now before the award chart disappears

Wednesday  07:00,   27 october 2021

You’ve been saving up Marriott Bonvoy points for a while, doing everything you can to maximize your earnings and now … the game has changed. As you may have seen, Marriott is doing away with award charts and moving to a fully dynamic award-pricing... >>>

Here’s what we know about the US reopening on Nov. 8

Wednesday  07:00,   27 october 2021

Editor’s note: This is a continually updated story As the United States moves closer to its Nov. 8 reopening date, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), State Department and White House issued more specific guidance regarding... >>>

Your Next Rental Car Could Be a Tesla — Hertz Just Ordered a Fleet of 100,000

Wednesday  07:00,   27 october 2021

Starting in November, the company will offer select customers the chance to rent a Tesla Model 3. In addition to buying the cars — which caused Tesla's market value to spike to over $1 trillion on Monday, according to The Associated Press — Hertz... >>>

Terrifying tornadoes around the world

Wednesday  06:25,   27 october 2021

Tornados, or twisters, are among the world’s most terrifying weather events, tearing across land and often causing extensive damage and death. Defined as vertical funnels of frantically spinning air, they come from thunderstorms and can also hit... >>>

Secret stories of the world's historic hotels

Wednesday  05:20,   27 october 2021

If the walls of these historic hotels could talk, they would whisper of royal guests, political deals, wild parties and, in the case of The Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee, some very famous ducks. There are the world’s oldest hotels which have... >>>

New Munch Museum and National Museum Make Oslo a 2022 Art Destination

Wednesday  03:26,   27 october 2021

Boasting large, carefully curated collections of work, the newly unveiled Munch museum and the hotly anticipated National Museum should be on any art lover’s itinerary.The new Munch museum was designed by Madrid-based architecture firm Estudio... >>>

These copycat buildings will make your jaw drop

Wednesday  03:26,   27 october 2021

Take a look at our pick of the best imitation... >>>