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Italian prosecutor asks for life sentence for two Americans charged with police murder

Saturday  21:02,   06 march 2021

An Italian prosecutor on Saturday asked for life sentences for two American students charged with murdering a police officer in an alleged drug deal gone wrong. © Remo Casilli/Pool/AFP/Getty Images Finnegan Lee Elder attends a hearing at a court in... >>>

14 suspected child predators, including ex-teacher, nabbed in Las Vegas undercover sting

Saturday  18:52,   06 march 2021

More than a dozen men accused of targeting children for sex crimes were arrested in the Las Vegas metro area this week as part of an undercover operation, authorities said Friday. © Provided by New York Daily News The 14 suspects engaged in... >>>

'Humbled, Regretful' Georgia Man Detained Over Capitol Riot Wants to Go Home to His Family

Saturday  17:21,   06 march 2021

"After all, thats (sic) what jail is for right? Teaching people a lesson? Lesson fully received, your Honor," Bruno Cua wrote to a federal judge, pleading for release.Bruno Joseph Cua, 18, has been in federal custody since he was arrested on... >>>

Rochester police pepper spray woman with child

Saturday  01:30,   06 march 2021

The incident comes after one Rochester police officer was suspended and two were put on leave after a video showed authorities pepper spraying a 9-year-old.A statement from the Rochester Police Department said that on Feb. 22, officers responded to... >>>

John McAfee facing charges for alleged cryptocurrency 'pump and dump' scheme on Twitter

Saturday  01:30,   06 march 2021

John David McAfee, the eccentric antivirus software pioneer, has been indicted on fraud and money laundering charges by the Department of Justice, which alleges he and a business partner participated in a scheme that earned more than $13 million by... >>>

Judge Accuses Jacob ‘QAnon Shaman’ Chansley’s Lawyer of Possible ‘Subterfuge’ After TV Debut on ’60 Minutes’ Backfires

Saturday  00:16,   06 march 2021

The day after granting his first post-arrest television interview, Jacob "QAnon Shaman" Chansley appearance on 60 Minutes may have landed him and his lawyer in hot water. The post Judge Accuses Jacob ‘QAnon Shaman’ Chansley’s Lawyer of Possible... >>>

John McAfee accused of $23 million securities fraud

Friday  23:22,   05 march 2021

John McAfee, the software developer, is accused of a cryptocurrency pump-and-dump scheme. Between November 2017 and February 2018, John McAfee leveraged his fame as a computer programmer to make more than $23 million by recommending a number of... >>>

Ex-Dallas cop facing capital murder charges was kept on the job to not arouse suspicion of investigation

Friday  23:17,   05 march 2021

Bryan Riser was ultimately put on paid administrative leave Thursday, following his arrest for two 2017 murders.An ex-cop in Dallas who was arrested this week for capital murder was not placed on administrative leave so the officer wouldn’t realize... >>>

‘Basically, He’s a Serial Killer’: Doctor Charged with Murder for Prescribing More Than 44,000 Pills to 5 Victims

Friday  22:45,   05 march 2021

A doctor in New York state is charged with second-degree murder after he allegedly prescribed a total of tens of thousands of pills to five victims who died from the result of his behavior. The post ‘Basically, He’s a Serial Killer’: Doctor Charged... >>>

Missouri man accused of shooting wife, two children days after divorce filing

Friday  21:25,   05 march 2021

A Missouri man accused of fatally shooting his wife and her two children before fleeing with his young daughter was reportedly found dead early Friday morning. Authorities in St. Louis on Thursday found the bodies of a 34-year-old woman alongside... >>>

Czech Republic is considering transferring corona patients to other countries such as Germany

Friday  19:25,   05 march 2021

In view of congested hospitals, the Czech Republic is considering transferring corona patients to countries such as Germany. Health Minister Jan Blatny said on Friday that Prague is already in contact with Germany, Poland and Switzerland. These... >>>

Law&Crime Now Available on Peacock Ahead of Trial in Death of George Floyd

Friday  18:58,   05 march 2021

New York, NY - March 5, 2021 - Law&Crime, the leading legal and true crime network, will be available in Peacock’s premium channel lineup starting on March 5th in advance of the network’s coverage of the trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek... >>>

Opinion: The missing element in the George Floyd murder trial

Friday  18:37,   05 march 2021

Mark Osler writes that the charges that the Derek Chauvin faces don't require proof of racial bias, so the trial, which will be televised, risks being about everything but what made the case the fulcrum of a worldwide discussion on race--... >>>

He was killing old ladies in their homes: serial killer indicted in New York

Friday  17:35,   05 march 2021

A man has been arrested and charged in New York for the murder of three old ladies who lived in the same building. © Kathy Willens / AP / SIPA He was arrested on January 21 and charged on Tuesday. A man is charged with at least three murders in a... >>>

Snorkeler Finds Cocaine Worth $1.5 Million Floating Off Florida Keys

Friday  15:21,   05 march 2021

Around 70 pounds worth of the drug was found wrapped in tape and floating off Florida on Wednesday afternoon.Around 70 pounds worth of the drug was found wrapped in tape and floating near to the island chain on Wednesday... >>>