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Crime'My heart is destroyed’: Man left in anguish after wearing wire to bust NYPD cop girlfriend plotting hit on his teen daughter

17:20  20 may  2019
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Justice for Junior: Teen victim’s blood found in getaway car; suspect’s blood on seat

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He wore wire that led FBI to bust his girlfriend in alleged murder-for-hire plot . The 'sugar daddy' whose NYPD cop girlfriend has been charged with seeking a hitman to kill her estranged husband Valerie Cincinelli (pictured left in 2017 with ex-husband Isiah Carvalho and her daughter ), 34, is

An NYPD cop was busted by the FBI on Friday It might be wise to wait until the Sun leaves your sign early next week before making a decision about a money matter that has been causing you problems. 'Sugar baby' NYPD cop allegedly tried to hire hit man to kill her husband.

Love hurts.

The man who wore a wire to help the FBI bust his NYPD cop girlfriend on charges of plotting hits on his teen daughter and her estranged husband says he’s anguished over their twisted relationship.

“My heart is destroyed," John DiRubba, 54, told the Daily News on Sunday. “I can’t even think straight now. I can’t come to terms that a mother of two, a police officer . . . wanted to harm my daughter."

Federal authorities say Officer Valerie Cincinelli, 34, asked DiRubba in February to find a hitman to kill her estranged hubby, Isaiah Carvalho, who filed for divorce last year. Her boyfriend pretended to oblige, but instead alerted the FBI, prosecutors say.

Teen homicide suspect shot ex-girlfriend in head before running from scene, complaint says

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Sources told The News that DiRubba also reached out to Carvalho’s family to warn them what she was plotting.

“You think you’re in love with someone, but it’s not what you think," DiRubba said. “You try so hard to overlook things, but you can’t.”

As the plot advanced, Cincinelli added DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter to her hit list, authorities say. She was enraged the girl got in the way of her spending time with DiRubba, say police sources.

When DiRubba said he knew someone who would carry out the killings for $7,000, Cincinelli immediately got the money from the bank. DiRubba used the cash to buy gold coins to pay the hitman, prosecutors allege.

Cincinelli hoped DiRubba’s daughter could be gunned down near her school in New Jersey. Told the hitman wouldn’t kill the teen near a school, Cincinelli allegedly responded: “Run her the f--- over. How about that?”

Federal lawsuit against top NYPD chief filed by ex-girlfriend heading to dismissal

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On Friday morning, a Suffolk County detective came to Cincinelli’s Oceanside, L.I. home to notify her that Carvalho had been murdered. The visit was a ruse set up by the feds — both Carvalho and DiRubba’s teen daughter were unharmed.

“The hitman did it,” Cincinelli told DiRubba, according to prosectuors. “He did his work. We need to work on our alibi."

Later Friday, an FBI agent posing as a hitman texted DiRubba a staged photo of Carvalho appearing dead in his car. He demanded an additional $3,000 to kill DiRubba’s daughter, court papers said.

When the text arrived on his phone, DeRubba was Cincinelli. She was nervous that their phones could be subpoenaed, and told DiRubba to delete the messages, prosecutors say.

Cincinelli was arrested later that day and wept as she was ordered held without bail at a hearing in Islip Federal Court.

“It’s really too overwhelming for me and my family," DiRubba said. "I’m just trying to get on with my life.”

Former government sniper admits he shot former girlfriend to death on Manhattan street

Former government sniper admits he shot former girlfriend to death on Manhattan street A former government sniper pleaded guilty Thursday to gunning down his former girlfriend on a Manhattan street in a deal that will see him serve at least 18 years for the murder. 

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Three years ago, Cincinelli was quoted about her devotion to children in an story in the alumni magazine of Longwood University in Virginia.

“I love kids - they’re my soft spot," said Cincinelli, who at the time was working in an NYPD domestic violence unit. “I feel like I’m making a difference by helping children and their families.”

She joined the NYPD in 2007 and spent most of her career in the 106th Precinct in Ozone Park, Queens.

After her affair with DiRubba was discovered in 2017, she was stripped of her gun and badge and suspended from the NYPD for a month, sources said. She was accused of spending time at DiRubba’s Howard Beach home while on duty, and suspected of sharing confidential job-related information with him, the sources said.

After her suspension, Cincinelli was assigned to a police unit that monitors public housing surveillance cameras, sources said. Her gun and badge were not returned, said the sources. Upon her arrest Friday, the NYPD suspended Cincinelli without pay.

In March 2018, Cincinelli was arrested for allegedly threatening DiRubba, telling him, “I hope your daughter dies,” according to a report from Black Star News that cited a criminal complaint. “You ruined my life,” she added, the outlet reported. “You’ll see what happens to you. You better keep your mouth shut.”

Prosecutor: Pregnant teen killed while being shown photos

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The cop was charged with aggravated harassment and criminal contempt for violating a Queens family court order of protection prohibiting her from contacting DiRubba. The case is now sealed.

“I gave her everything I had,” DIRubba told The News. “She had me drained mentally, physically and emotionally.”

But former neighbors in Howard Beach say DiRubba is not exactly an upstanding citizen.

“He’s a con man," DiRubba’s former landlord, John Chan, said, adding that DiRubba had amassed over $20,000 in unpaid rent. “He was evicted from here a few months ago. He tried to outlive his stay.”

“He’s got many (girlfriends)," Chan, 57, added. “Girls would show up here a lot and say, ‘Is John here?' I said, ‘Why are you doing this?’ He’d tell 10 lies to cover one.”

DiRubba has an open grand larceny case in Manhattan, court records show. One former neighbor called him a “poor man’s Tony Soprano.”

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