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CrimeWitnesses said a bank robber didn’t have facial tattoos. So police digitally altered a suspect’s mugshot.

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FBI Working With Local Authorities To Track Down Serial Bank Robber In Delaware Valley

FBI Working With Local Authorities To Track Down Serial Bank Robber In Delaware Valley Police say 39-year-old Michael Wheeler robbed four banks in the past two weeks in Delaware County and Delaware.

But when Portland police suspected Allen was involved in four bank and credit union heists, and none of the tellers reported seeing tattoos on the face of the man who robbed them, police digitally altered Allen’ s mugshot . They covered up every one of his tattoos using Photoshop.

How Portland Cops Digitally Removed a Suspect Face Tattoos & Lighten His Skin So They Could Make a False Arrest on a Bank Robbery ; Bank Tellers Police then presented the altered image of Allen with photos of five similar-looking men to the tellers for identification. They didn ’ t tell anyone that

It would be hard to miss Tyrone Lamont Allen’s facial tattoos.

Witnesses said a bank robber didn’t have facial tattoos. So police digitally altered a suspect’s mugshot. Tyrone Lamont Allen's mugshot was altered to remove his tattoos.

The 50-year-old’s forehead is covered in delicate script, reaching from his eyebrows to his hairline. A single teardrop appears under his left eye, while his right cheek is unmistakably inked with a looping design.

So when authorities got a tip that Allen was behind a string of bank and credit union robberies in Portland, Ore., in April 2017, there was one major problem: None of the tellers had mentioned seeing any tattoos on the robber’s face. Surveillance footage, too, showed a man with no visible tattoos.

Bank robber, 71, sent to federal prison for 2016 heists in Shaler, Harmar

Bank robber, 71, sent to federal prison for 2016 heists in Shaler, Harmar A 71-year-old man who robbed two banks in Allegheny County in 2016 was apologetic and struggled to hold back tears Tuesday as a judge sentenced him to 6½ years in federal prison. Robert C. Stiver was charged with robbing First Commonwealth Bank in Harmar on Dec. 9, 2016 and Allegheny Valley Bank in Shaler on Nov. 2, 2016. He was 68 at the time. Stiver pleaded guilty in federal court in April. “I sincerely apologize for the trauma I caused bank employees in 2016,” Stiver told U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon. “I go to sleep every night with the feeling of shame, and I wake up every morning with it.” Police arrested Stiver on Dec.

Police Digitally Remove African-American Suspect ’ s Tattoos for Photo Lineup. A federal court in Oregon is evaluating whether Portland police violated the rights of a bank robbery suspect by digitally removing the man’s face tattoos from his mugshot and using the altered image in a photo

During a bank robbery , there is a great chance that stress levels will be high. If you are able, help others keep the evidence intact at the crime scene by ensuring nothing is altered . Gently remind them, stressing that the police will need the information and that they should not disturb any evidence.

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Yet, Allen was charged with the crime — after police took an unusual step. As the Oregonian first reported Friday, investigators used Photoshop to digitally alter his mug shot, covering up his distinctive tattoos. Two of the tellers, who weren’t told that the image had been edited, subsequently picked him out of a photo array of five similar-looking men and identified him as the robber.

Now, a federal judge in Oregon is tasked with determining whether that crucial evidence should be thrown out of court, and whether Allen’s rights were violated. His attorney, Mark Ahlemeyer, argued that the question has weighty implications, given that today’s technology makes it easier than ever to manipulate a photograph.

Baltimore police search for bus-riding robber

Baltimore police search for bus-riding robber Baltimore City police are looking for a man in connection with a robbery. On July 18, at 1:30 p.m., in the 1100 block of North Howard Street, a woman was leaving a bus when an unknown man followed her off the bus. He then assaulted and robbed the women. The man stole the victim's phone before leaving the area. The victim suffered an injury to her hand during the incident. Detectives are attempting to identify the individual seen in the photo. Anyone with information is asked to call 410-396-2221 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP. READ MORE:Baltimore police search for bus-riding robber CHECK OUT WBAL:Get all the latest Baltimore news, weather and sports.

Altered : A heavily-Photoshopped mug shot of suspected bank robber Nikolaos Romanos (left), 20, as distributed The picture on the right shows the true severity of his facial wounds. He said police believed the injuries occurred when the suspects resisted arrest rather than when they were in custody.

Police said there hadn` t been a crime as bad as this in over ten years. The witness thought I was the thief, but realised that she was wrong.

If covering up a suspect’s prominent facial tattoos is considered fair game, the federal public defender wrote in a recent motion, “there would presumably be nothing wrong with adjusting various pixels to make someone’s face appear slimmer, so long as the government’s theory was that the suspect had gained weight since the crime.”

Allen faces three counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery, all stemming from holdups that took place in northeast Portland in early April 2017. The culprit, nicknamed the “Foul Mouth Bandit” by police because of his frequent use of profanity, made trips to four banks and credit unions over the course of four days, each time claiming that he had a gun and demanding cash. All but one of the tellers complied, and the robber ultimately walked off with more than $14,000.

That same month, Allen was arrested after police stopped him on the freeway for driving a car with no license plates, headlights or taillights. According to a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Oregon in May 2017, officers found a glass pipe inside his pocket. Another pipe, which appeared to have drug residue on it, was underneath the driver’s seat.

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A bank robbery suspect surrendered and released 11 hostages, ending a dramatic armed standoff Police had arrested Humphrey at least twice earlier in the year on charges including domestic She said he'd been working at the bank for just a few months. Law enforcement officers ordered people to

I recommend picking what bank to rob, I would say a Years ago, when I was just starting out, we had a bank robber who would always steal a car the night before his bank robbery , and he always stole Check on police response to things at the bank by perhaps doing something like phoning in a phony

Later, police got a call from a tipster who knew Allen through a mutual friend, and asked to remain anonymous for his safety. The tipster said that his friend had shown him Allen’s mug shot, along with surveillance footage of the serial bank robber that appeared on KPTV. His head “immediately started spinning,” he said, explaining that the robber looked just like Allen, but without the tattoos.

Though one of the tellers had mentioned seeing faded tattoos on the robber’s neck, and another had noticed tattoos on his hand, none had described him with any ink on his face. Investigators subsequently used Photoshop to paint over Allen’s tattoos, and showed them to the tellers in a double-blind lineup, court filings say. According to the criminal complaint, only two of the four tellers identified Allen as the robber — one picked a different man from the lineup, while another was unable to decide.

Police also searched the car that Allen had been driving when he was arrested, which was full of clothing and looked like he had been living in it. They found several black hooded sweatshirts, two pairs of gray sweatpants, one pair of burgundy sweatpants, and a gray ski mask, which they said matched the clothing that the “Foul Mouth Bandit” had been wearing during two recent robberies.

Armed robbery suspect tried to escape using MBTA bus, Revere police

Armed robbery suspect tried to escape using MBTA bus, Revere police An alleged bank robber was arrested in Revere after attempting to evade capture by boarding an MBTA bus, police said. © Provided by MediaNews Group d/b/a Digital First Media (Revere, MA,09/26/17) The Revere Police Dept. Tuesday, September 26, 2017. (Staff photo by Stuart Cahill) New York resident David Hattersley, 45, was arrested on Monday afternoon and charged with armed robbery and fugitive from justice from an out of state warrant, according to Revere police Lt. Thomas Malone. Malone said Hattersley entered the Bank of America on the American Legion Highway around 1:30 p.m.

I have robbed a bank , multiple banks actually. Although I haven’ t made out with millions, I have A simple disguise with some facial prosthetics and a ball cap does wonders for facial recognition. Its normally not like it is in the movies. Rarely is there ever an alarm that goes off, the police don’ t Many times the bank keeps the combination to the vaults, I say vaults because there is typically more than

Witnesses are valuable to the police . A witness is somebody who is actually present when something happens and If you think of anything else, please notify us. Description of a suspect . He was wearing sunglasses. Sample Conversation. An ESL teacher working in Korea witnesses a bank robbery .

Last month, when Allen’s attorney discovered that his client’s mug shot had been digitally manipulated before it was added to a lineup, he filed a motion to have the evidence thrown out of court. In response, prosecutors argued that the robber’s “immutable facial features” looked enough like Allen’s to justify adding him to the photo array, noting that he could have put on makeup before committing the robberies.

Allen “should not reap a windfall because the investigators were able to take steps to counteract his efforts to disguise his identity,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul T. Maloney wrote. By using Photoshop to paint over Allen’s tattoos, he argued, investigators simply “applied the digital equivalent of makeup."

Police have also justified the controversial move by arguing that Allen’s tattoos could have been distracting to witnesses tasked with picking out the culprit from a photo lineup. During a Wednesday hearing, Portland Police Detective Brett Hawkinson testified that the point of altering the mug shot was to “mask things that would stand out,” the Oregonian reported.

Ahlemeyer, the defense attorney, claimed the Photoshop job had a different motivation: It made his client look more like the perpetrator. Admitting the results into evidence could be a “slippery slope,” he argued.

Police track suspect to home after man in dark sunglasses robs Upstate bank, police say

Police track suspect to home after man in dark sunglasses robs Upstate bank, police say A man robbed an Anderson bank Tuesday morning. The bank robbery was reported just after 9:30 a.m. at the TD Bank at 2918 North Main St,, dispatchers said. Police at the scene said a man with dark sun glasses robbed the bank then left on foot. At least three police units responded to the scene. Officers were able to track the man to a house in the 1100 block of Amity Road, which is just over five miles away. After a short time, the man walked out of the home and was taken into custody, WYFF News 4 crews at the scene said. READ MORE:Police track suspect to home after man in dark sunglasses robs Upstate bank, police say CHECK OUT WYFF:Get the latest Greenville news and weather.

Old-school assumptions about guilt and innocence don’ t cut it in modern detective work.

This Person Does Not Exist

“If a witness reports that a perpetrator did not have any front teeth, can the government simply black out a suspect’s teeth on the theory that it could be done with cosmetics?” he wrote. “Or if a suspect’s skin color is too dark or too light as compared to objective video evidence, can the government simply press a few strokes on a computer keyboard and adjust the color to match that objective evidence?”

Those questions largely haven’t been tested in court before, but Allen apparently isn’t the only one whose mug shot was digitally altered by the Portland Police Bureau. According to the Oregonian, Mark Weber, the forensic criminalist who “painted over the tattoos,” testified that he had edited other suspects’ photos for lineups before, and didn’t write up a report because the police department doesn’t require it.

U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez said that he plans to issue a written ruling on the issue soon, the paper reported.

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The Police Photoshopped His Mug Shot for a Lineup. He’s Not the Only One..
When the police arrested a suspect in a series of bank holdups in Portland, Ore., they took his mug shot and prepared to show it to witnesses in a photo array alongside images of five similar-looking men. 

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