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Crime She was one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims. Now, her name is on a crime bill in Congress

02:35  18 october  2019
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Victim Sues Epstein’s Assistants for Allegedly Arranging Sexual Abuse

  Victim Sues Epstein’s Assistants for Allegedly Arranging Sexual Abuse A victim of Jeffrey Epstein who is suing his estate and his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell filed an amended complaint naming two other alleged accomplices in her abuse—both women who worked for Epstein’s companies in New York and beyond. Jennifer Araoz, who was molested and raped by Epstein as a teenager, is targeting Epstein assistants Lesley Groff and Cimberly Espinosa in her lawsuit. The lawsuit names a litany of Epstein’s corporations, including his secret charity Gratitude America Ltd and the companies that own his private jet and mansions, including JEGE, LLC; NES, LLC; and Nine East 71st Street Corporation.

And the documents show Epstein ’ s defense lawyers being chummy with prosecutors on a first- name basis, while the victims didn’t know anything about So it’s possible that these girls, now women, in Florida, who alleged that Jeffrey Epstein had done these things to them and who were kind of boxed

Protesters demonstrated with signs bearing the image of Jeffrey Epstein outside Federal District Epstein ’ s arrest was the rare event that gratified right and left alike, both because it seemed that In February, a judge ruled that Acosta’s team’s handling of the case violated the Crime Victims ’ Rights She is the author of several books about politics, religion and women’s rights, and was part of a team

Trigger Warning: This article contains information and details about sexual assault and/or violence, which may be upsetting to survivors.

a woman sitting in a chair: While underage, Courtney Wild was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein.© Emily Michot/Miami Herald/TNS While underage, Courtney Wild was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

WASHINGTON — For 10 years, Courtney Wild waged almost a one-woman crusade against the federal government on behalf of victims of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who molested her and countless other underage girls around the country.

Some of that time, Wild pursued justice from a putrid Florida state prison cell, where she was serving a longer sentence for a drug crime than Epstein, who received a plea deal that allowed him to enjoy his 13-month jail term mostly from the comforts of his luxurious office in West Palm Beach.

No one saw it coming? Authorities say 'psychic' scammer makes off with $100K

  No one saw it coming? Authorities say 'psychic' scammer makes off with $100K Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers is seeking the public's help in identifying a so-called psychic who made off with $100,000 from several victims who believed she would bless their money. On Sept. 22, Sacramento Police officers responded to a gathering of people outside the 1400 block of Helmsman Way in South Natomas. The individuals had all been the victims of fraud by a psychic calling herself “Eva Maria,” who promised to “bless” any amount of money she received by doubling it, according to a news release by Crime Stoppers.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein ? Mr. Epstein , 66, worked at the investment bank Bear Stearns for six years Prosecutors did not tell the victims about the deal they made with Mr. Epstein until after a judge One of Mr. Epstein ’ s accusers, Virginia Giuffre, said in court documents that she was recruited to

She said " that he ( Epstein ) was just a great guy," and that he could probably help Araoz with her career. When she first began visiting Epstein ' s Kimberly Lerner, one of Araoz's attorneys, told CNN Wednesday her client didn't know there were other Epstein victims until her ex-boyfriend sent her an

But a decade later, Wild’s relentless quest has led to a bipartisan push in Congress for sweeping reforms that, among other things, gives judges the power to nullify plea deals that violate the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA).

The Courtney Wild Crime Victims’ Rights Reform Act of 2019 was introduced in the House of Representatives Thursday by U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif.; Rep. Scott Perry, R-Penn.; Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla.; and Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., and is co-sponsored by nine other representatives from both parties.

The legislation, if passed, will strengthen the crime victims act by closing loopholes that federal prosecutors tried to exploit to justify giving Epstein one of the most lenient plea deals for a serial child sex offender in history.

Franklin's Jeff Berry, Christian music manager, charged in TX sex case

  Franklin's Jeff Berry, Christian music manager, charged in TX sex case Jeff Berry of Franklin, a Christian musician, was arrested in connection to a Texas child sex crime case. He's being held on a $10 million bond.Jeffrey Charles Berry, 55, was arrested Monday in Williamson County and faces a fugitive of justice charge, along with indecency with a child charges, stemming from an warrant issued out of Taylor County Texas. Fugitive of justice charges are filed when someone flees a state to avoid prosecution.

Jeffrey Epstein ' s death ends the criminal case against him, but his powerful friends and associates may not have heard the last of it. CNN usually does not name possible sexual misconduct victims , but is identifying Araoz because she came forward to speak publicly on a television news program

Epstein , a well-connected Manhattan money manager and philanthropist, was once a regular at Mar-a-Lago and an active supporter of the Clinton Testimony in a prior court case indicated that Trump flew at least once on one of the planes Epstein owned and Trump’s phone numbers were in Epstein ’ s

The bill imposes discipline and other penalties upon prosecutors who fail to protect crime victims, and will also allow victims to obtain up to $15,000 in monetary redress for violations of their CVRA rights.

“I’m just crying. I don’t know what to say,” Wild, 31, told the Miami Herald. “ I just know this is my passion. When you want something so badly, you will just fight for it with all your heart. For so long, I wasn’t sure anything would happen. I’m just overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I fought for what’s right for all crime victims.”

Speier, who is also a child sexual assault survivor, said she was moved by Wild’s story: how, when she was homeless, she and other girls were lured to Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion on the pretext that they would be paid to give him massages. The girls, mostly 13 to 16 years old, were abused by Epstein for years.

Epstein died in August after hanging himself in a New York jail cell while awaiting trial on new federal sex trafficking charges brought against him earlier this year.

Jeffrey Epstein accuser's lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz can proceed, judge rules

  Jeffrey Epstein accuser's lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz can proceed, judge rules Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre filed a defamation case against Dershowitz in April, saying he falsely claimed she fabricated her accusations.Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard and former lawyer for Epstein, has been embroiled for years in the child sexual abuse scandal surrounding Epstein, who died by suicide in August.

She claims Epstein made her have sex with his political and business contacts, including on three occasions with British royal, Prince Andrew. The rape allegations first came to light in 2005, when Palm Beach police acted on a complaint from the parents of a 14-year-old girl who told them that a

Somehow, in the ungodly mess that is the Jeffrey Epstein scandal—and I use ungodly in the fullest sense of the word—I somehow have missed one of the greatest proofs yet that The sanctimonious sheet-sniffing yahoo who presented to the Congress a soft-core porn novel in the hopes it would be

“It was obvious these victims — who had played by the rules, done everything they were asked to do, provided all the testimony, and were treated like pawns in a battle between the prosecution and defense, and discarded,” Speier said just before introducing the bill Thursday at the U.S. Capitol.

“I felt compelled to change the law and give it some teeth so victims’ rights were no longer just words on a piece of paper; that they had some clout.”

In the aftermath of Epstein’s June 2008 plea hearing, Wild’s attorney, Brad Edwards, filed what would become a historic case for crime victims. He and former federal judge Paul Cassell alleged that federal prosecutors, led by then-U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, had violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act by forging this secret non-prosecution agreement — designed so that no one, including Epstein’s victims, would know about the paltry punishment Epstein was given.

Jeffrey Epstein smiling for the camera: Epstein died in August in a New York jail cell while awaiting trial on new federal sex trafficking charges brought against him earlier this year.© Florida Department of Law Enforc/Getty Images North America/TNS Epstein died in August in a New York jail cell while awaiting trial on new federal sex trafficking charges brought against him earlier this year.

For 10 years, Edwards and Cassell filed legal briefs, depositions and even copies of emails passed between federal prosecutors and Epstein’s attorneys, showing that there was a concerted effort to keep Epstein’s victims from knowing that they were negotiating an immunity deal for Epstein.

Ex-model accuses Jeffrey Epstein's friend of rape

  Ex-model accuses Jeffrey Epstein's friend of rape Several women have come forward in recent weeks with allegations against a model agent that span three decadesEarlier this week, a Frenchwoman in her 20s filed a legal complaint accusing Brunel of sexual harassment. Police say they will soon question her.

Log In Join HuffPost Plus. Jeffrey Epstein Was Their Teacher. Now , Epstein stands accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls in New York during the “What’ s sickening is that a creep like Epstein took that and never let go of it,” said an alumna from the class of ’74 whose name is not

Today Epstein spent another pittance to prevent his young victims from revealing in court how he'd sexually abused them. Epstein settled a lawsuit that he'd filed against attorney Bradley Edwards, who is representing several of Epstein ' s teen molestation victims in a civil suit against Epstein .

The federal government, meanwhile, filed counter arguments to keep the deal secret and prevent Epstein’s victims from nullifying the non-prosecution agreement., which not only granted immunity to Epstein, but also to his co-conspirators.

To Edwards, it was almost as though the government was working on behalf of Epstein, not his victims.

“The conspiracy between the government and Epstein was really ‘let’s figure out a way to make the whole thing go away as quietly as possible,’ “ Edwards told the Miami Herald last year as part of its series about the case, “Perversion of Justice.”

“In never consulting with the victims, and keeping it secret, it showed that someone with money can buy his way out of anything.”

Finally, in February, U.S. District Judge Kenneth A. Marra, in a groundbreaking decision, ruled that prosecutors had violated the CVRA, but he stopped short of voiding the agreement. By then, Epstein had already served his sentence and had returned to his jet-setting life and was dividing his time between his mansion in Manhattan and his private island off the coast of St. Thomas.

But in July, the case took another turn when Epstein was arrested on sex trafficking charges brought by Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York. The 66-year-old money manager was denied bail and ultimately died after hanging himself in his cell.

Evidence found of war crimes during Turkish offensive in Syria, says U.S. official

  Evidence found of war crimes during Turkish offensive in Syria, says U.S. official President Donald Trump's special envoy for Syria said on Wednesday that U.S. forces had seen evidence of war crimes during Turkey's offensive against the Kurds in Syria, and had demanded an explanation from Ankara. © AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Amb.

Jeffrey Epstein , the convicted sex offender at the centre of a scandal that has seen allegations levelled at Prince Andrew that he had sex with an teenager, possessed up to 21 phone numbers for former President Bill Clinton stored in his computer, it has been claimed. Epstein ’ s relationship with

Johnson said that when she was 13, Epstein lured her to parties at his apartment by promising Kevin McCarthy was having an extramarital affair with a woman in Congress when McCarthy was a Most troublingly, a detective who worked with Epstein ’ s victims called into question a key part of

Last month, Marra rendered the effort to nullify the agreement moot in the wake of Epstein’s death. Edwards and Cassell have appealed the decision.

“The district court’s ruling turns CVRA into a hollow promise for victims and should be overturned,” Cassell wrote in the appeal filed earlier this month.

“When prosecutors treat a victim as a mere piece of evidence or, even worse, lie to the victims and charge ahead with an unjust plea deal, as was the case with the Epstein case, the victims are victimized all over again,” Speier, co-chair of the Bipartisan Task Force to End Sexual Violence, said.

his crucial legislation will take steps to make sure that the courts and the Department of Justice follow through on the promises of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.”

Wild said she tried to explain the case to her 7-year-old son when she learned that the bill was named after her, and he seemed pleased.

“So Mom, there is a law named after you? Wow. So, Donald Trump will sign off on it?”

Resources to help survivors of sexual assault include the National Sex Assault Hotline (800-656-4673), and The Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) online hotline.


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