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Crime Witness to BART killing describes horror aboard the moving train

17:01  22 november  2019
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The man was stabbed around 1pm aboard a BART train that was pulling into a Hayward station. A man who was stabbed to death aboard a San Francisco Bay Area commuter train (pictured) on Castro told the paper that the man eventually asked him to stop, telling Castro: 'You're going to kill me.'

Transit officers boarded the train at the next stop and found a man bleeding and possibly the victim of a stabbing. The witnesses , who were on a July 25 call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president, described Trump’s behavior as inappropriate.

The man on the elevator at San Leandro BART Station wore no shoes and moved in erratic, twitchy motions. Sophia Humphrey, who uses a wheelchair, was nervous enough next to him that she boarded a different car on the train.

The 22-year-old Ohlone College nursing student was going home just before 1 p.m. Tuesday after a morning of running errands and visiting the doctor for a hearing aid check. She was tired, and just beginning to doze off, when something startled her.

Man stabbed to death in attack on San Francisco-area BART train

  Man stabbed to death in attack on San Francisco-area BART train A man was stabbed to death after a fight broke out on a San Francisco area commuter train Tuesday afternoon. © AP Photo/Ben Margot, File FILE - In this Oct. 15, 2013, file photo, passengers board a Bay Area Rapid Transit train in Oakland, Calif. The agency that runs San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system says the rate of aggravated assaults on trains and platforms has increased, while overall violent crimes went down this year.

Witnesses told police that the assailant — whom police described as a black male about 6-foot-3-inches tall 13 shootings by ISIS supporters that killed 130 people. BART spokesman Jim Allison said the Witnesses told ABC7 that they had noticed a disheveled-looking man get on the train at either

Air Train has two lines. The Red Line is the fastest way to get to the International Terminal, but the Blue Line will also get you where you want to go. There’s only one BART station at SFO. To get to downtown San Francisco, go down the escalator from the ticketing area and take the Pittsburg/Bay

It was the man with no shoes again. Authorities later identified him as Jermaine Jeremiah Brim. He entered the train car and spotted a homeless man — who Humphrey said often rides that train — asleep against the side of the car, tennis shoes sticking into the aisle. Suddenly, she said, Brim grabbed the man’s shoes and pulled one off.

Another passenger, since identified as 49-year-old Oliver “Tyrone” Williams, stood up, walked up to Brim and told him to stop. He didn’t like bullies, his family said. Brim dropped the shoe and headed back to the other car, but suddenly turned and headed toward Williams, who was walking back to his seat.

Humphrey heard Brim ask Williams for his shoes. She noticed the light tan leather hiking boots Williams wore had thick laces and would have been difficult to remove.

Humphrey, who is legally deaf but can read lips, was unable to tell what the two men said. But Brim started beating up Williams when he started to sit, throwing punches while Williams put his arms up to defend himself.

Before Deadly Stabbing On Train, Suspect Had Fled Hospital: Police

  Before Deadly Stabbing On Train, Suspect Had Fled Hospital: Police The BART passenger accused of fatally stabbing another rider on a train had recently walked away from a San Leandro hospital and was considered to be missing. Jermaine Brim, 39, of Sacramento, was listed as a missing person who was at-risk before police said he slashed another man Tuesday near the South Hayward station, BART Police Interim Chief Ed Alvarez said Wednesday. Witnesses said that Brim tried to steal the shoes of a sleeping passenger when another man, armed with a knife, intervened to stop the the theft.Brim gained control of the blade and stabbed Oliver Williams, 49, of Oakland, according to police.

BART police released surveillance images Wednesday of a suspect wanted in connection with a brazen killing on a train at the West Oakland station. The suspect, seen wearing a dark green jacket with a hood, along with jeans and beige work-style boots, was captured on video in Oakland and at the

The identities of the suspect and victim in a fatal stabbing aboard a San Francisco Bay Area BART train have been identified. Brim was apprehended at a car dealership a short distance away, where witnesses said that he attempted to steal a van. Brim is being held at the Santa Rita Jail without bail.

Other passengers, including the initial target of the shoe theft, fled the train when it pulled into Hayward Station, but Humphrey and another passenger, whom she described as a mentally unstable homeless man, stayed.

She said she stayed because she wanted to tell police that Williams had not provoked the attack.

Grabbing her phone discreetly, she texted police through an app that helps deaf people communicate, telling them she needed a police response to an assault aboard a moving train.

Brim threw more blows at Williams and wrestled him to the ground, Humphrey said. At some point, a knife emerged. Humphrey didn’t see who pulled it out, but authorities later said it belonged to Williams. She knew then the situation had changed, and could turn fatal. Instinct kicked in. At 91 pounds, she knew she could not intervene without risking her life. But she had to do something.

“I don't know if I had time to be scared,” Humphrey said.

She yelled at Brim to stop, and the other man remaining on the train begged the attacker not to stab the man pinned on the ground: “Please don’t stab him. Hey, buddy, please don’t stab him.” The assailant did not listen.

Los Angeles commuter train slams into vehicle on track, no injuries reported

  Los Angeles commuter train slams into vehicle on track, no injuries reported Los Angeles commuter train slams into vehicle on track, no injuries reportedAbout 120 passengers and two crew members were evacuated safely after the collision, Metrolink spokesperson Scott Johnson said, and initial reports indicated the vehicle on the tracks was unoccupied at the time.

The train had been making its inaugural trip as part of a new rail service Monday morning from Seattle to Portland, Oregon – meant to cut the travel time between Some were pinned under the train ; others appeared to be dead. Konzelman helped the passengers who looked as if they could move out of the

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Brim stabbed Williams in the neck. Then he stabbed him again, and again. A total of five to 10 times, Humphrey estimated. Thick, dark blood pooled on the floor.

She desperately texted police to send an ambulance and to stop the train. It pulled into the South Hayward Station and Humphrey saw Brim flee, strip off his blue hoodie and run down the stairs.

Humphrey dropped her phone and slipped on the plastic gloves she had in her bag. She lifted herself from her chair, lunged onto the floor and wriggled over to Williams. He was gripping the wounds on his neck, but she replaced his hands with her own to apply pressure to the wound.

He was alert and talking, and although she couldn’t hear him, she knew she had to keep him that way. She asked him about the Raiders hat and jersey he wore, about the woman’s name tattooed on his arm. Minutes ticked by. The knees of Humphrey’s leggings became bloodied.

When he moved his neck, more blood gushed out. Where are the paramedics, she thought desperately, wondering whether the blood flow had slowed because of the pressure she was applying or because he had lost so much.

No BART police officers were on the train or in South Hayward Station at the time of the stabbing. Agency officials said Thursday that the first officer was dispatched at 1:02 p.m., that the first Hayward city officers arrived at 1:08 p.m., and that the first BART officers arrived at 1:10 p.m.

Suspect in BART killing had been arrested 12 hours before brutal stabbing

  Suspect in BART killing had been arrested 12 hours before brutal stabbing Twelve hours before a BART passenger was brutally stabbed to death aboard a moving train, the suspect in the killing was apprehended by police in San Leandro for an alleged assault, police records show. Records show that San Leandro police arrested Jermaine Jeremiah Brim, 39, at around 1 a.m. Tuesday in the area of 1300 Marina Blvd. in San Leandro in connection with the assault of a paramedic or emergency medical technician. The location is near a car dealership and about 1.5 miles from San Leandro Hospital, where Brim was a patient later that day.

“We were in a moving train ,” said a 52-year-old woman, who spoke on the condition that she not be named because she is both a victim and a witness to a Aboard the train , he confronted Sutherland, police said. “I watched [the attacker] drop-kick him in the head several times, like he wanted to kick his

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Two women who had been in the adjacent train car came in, and one offered her red sweater, which they used as a cushion. Humphrey asked them to call emergency services for an update on paramedics, as it had been “several minutes” since she first called for help.

“I’m not sure exactly the time frame because I was just trying to keep him from dying,” Humphrey said. “I seriously wonder if there had been police officers nearby, or available first aid, there could have been some way to reduce the bleeding faster. Would they have been able to save him?”

With nothing left to do, the women knelt and prayed out loud.

One woman prayed for the bleeding to stop. Humphrey prayed the man in her arms would survive. Finally, she prayed for his salvation.

Paramedics arrived and took over, and Humphrey was ushered away to be interviewed by police, but minutes later, EMS personnel told her Williams was dead.

Later, Humphrey, who is trained in first aid, realized that the experience erased the doubts she had just the day before about becoming a nurse. She knew she could handle herself well in an emergency. She said she was grateful she was there.

“It was a terrifying experience for the victim, so I would much rather myself have to live through something traumatic and be there for someone else, than not be there,” Humphrey said. “This gentleman would have died alone, on the floor of BART, probably before paramedics even arrived. That would have been bad.”

Alameda County prosecutors on Thursday accused Brim, 39, of San Francisco, of murdering Williams, attempting to carjack a motorist outside the station afterward, and other charges. After fleeing the train, he ran to a car dealership where he brawled with a man and tried to steal two cars.

Authorities said Brim, who was facing gun charges in San Francisco, had walked away from a San Leandro hospital and was listed as a missing person at risk before he wandered into the BART system wearing a sweatshirt and no shoes.

Humphrey just wants the Williams family to know one thing: “He was not alone.”

Lauren Hernández is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: Twitter: @LaurenPorFavor

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