Crime She found a ‘nice’ roommate on Craigslist. A week later, he almost killed her.

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  Three French flood rescuers killed in helicopter crash Three emergency workers were killed in a helicopter crash near Marseille while on a rescue mission in flood-hit southern France, the interior ministry said Monday. Their EC145 helicopter lost radio and radar contact while on a rescue and reconnaissance flight in the Var region Sunday night. Their EC145 helicopter lost radio and radar contact while on a rescue and reconnaissance flight in the Var region Sunday night. The three were found dead at 1:30 am near the town of Rove, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner and his secretary of state Laurent Nunez said in a statement.

A week later , he almost killed her . Danielle Cabo Jones testifies at the attempted murder trial for her former roommate , Byron Mitchell. She posted an ad on Craigslist and soon, Jones was interviewing Byron Mitchell. The Air Force veteran and personal trainer with a clean criminal record told her he

Finding a roommate on Craigslist —or more specifically, finding a good roommate on Craigslist —is a mix of common sense and luck. Back in 2008 when I found my first Craigslist roommate , there weren’t a lot of other options for finding a roommate online.

When her roommate suddenly moved out in early 2016, Danielle Cabo Jones needed to find someone to help pay rent fast in her downtown Miami apartment. She posted an ad on Craigslist and soon, Jones was interviewing Byron Mitchell. The Air Force veteran and personal trainer with a clean criminal record told her he could move in for one month.

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“Rent is almost due,” Jones said in June, recalling what she was thinking when she agreed to let Mitchell move into her apartment. “I’m gonna lose my home, gonna get evicted, that’ll ruin my life, and he seemed like a nice person,” she said, NBC Miami reported.

Craigslist only took 11 years to make its own iOS app

  Craigslist only took 11 years to make its own iOS app Considering the App Store has been around for 11 years and Craigslist for 13 years before that, it's astonishing the bastion of online classified ads hasn't bothered to create an official, first-party iOS app until now. It just hit the App Store and, like Craiglist's website, it's pretty straightforward with a simple design. You can scour listings for jobs and apartments, lowball people trying to get rid of some of their stuff or see if anyone thinks you're their missed connection wherever you are, without having to use Craigslist's mobile site. On the flip side, you can also use the free app to post and edit classified ads fairly easily.

MIAMI — A South Florida woman says her 23-year-old daughter’s injuries should serve as a warning to others. Aimee Cabo Nikolov says her daughter Danielle Jones is fighting for her life in a hospital following a brutal attack by a roommate she recently found on Craigslist . “ He beat her to a coma

Metropolitan Diary: A list of strange things a woman was asked online before she finally found a nice apartment to share. Finding a Roommate on Craigslist . By Robin Beck. After weeks of social media stalking potential roommates and weighing the pros and cons of cats (Pro: They get rid of mice.

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Just one week after moving into Jones’s home, Mitchell ferociously attacked her on Feb. 14, 2016, choking, punching and stabbing her, the Miami Herald reported. The assault left Jones in a 24-day coma, with a cracked skull and broken teeth, her face purple, bloodied and swollen. She suffered brain damage and still struggles with activities she used to excel at before the attack.

“I don’t feel as pretty anymore,” Jones, 26, said in court, WSVN reported, “and I gave up my dreams that I’ve had since I was a little girl.”

Craigslist launches a smartphone app after over two decades

  Craigslist launches a smartphone app after over two decades Craigslist has launched an official app for iOS that looks very similar to the interface we have come accustomed to - mostly text, clutter free and includes the iconic purple theme. The app offers citywide searchers or geofencing, so users can find furniture, jobs or even a mate right in their backyard.Craigslist was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark and offers classifieds for jobs, housing, items for sale, services and discussion forums.And it has finally joined the modern world with a smartphone application.

It took weeks of diligent Craigslisting to find the right summer sublet. Once you've covered the basics (financial responsibility chief among them), try to get a feel for your potential roommate 's personality and lifestyle: Is she a young professional looking for someone to fill the gap her sorority

Miami woman, 23, may have been romantically involved with the roommate who 'beat and knifed her into a coma after she found him on CRAIGSLIST ' He had moved in with Jones just a week before after they met on Craigslist . Mitchell says he acted out of self-defense and told police she had a knife.

On Monday, nearly four years since Jones was nearly killed by a Craigslist roommate, a judge sentenced Mitchell to life in prison. The sentencing came after a jury convicted the 39-year-old of attempted murder and false imprisonment in June.

“I didn’t expect to look normal because I saw my pictures and I thought I would have purple scars all over my face and I would be in a wheelchair,” Jones told CBS Miami. “I’m just happy I’m alive.”

Although he initially seemed like a “nice person,” Jones told the jury, shortly after Mitchell moved in, her opinion began to shift. He grew frustrated when Jones disagreed with him. He complained frequently. He texted her incessantly, which got on Jones’s nerves.

“I’m not your girlfriend,” she eventually told him in an attempt to stop the messages.

After the attack, Mitchell phoned 911 and told a dispatcher Jones had rushed at him with a knife in the bedroom, the Herald reported. When police showed up, they found Jones lying unconscious from the impact of Mitchell slamming her head into the floor. A knife lay in a puddle of her blood.

Craigslist, founded 24 years ago, is finally getting its first official app

  Craigslist, founded 24 years ago, is finally getting its first official app More than a decade after the launch of the App StoreThe iOS app at least follows the principles of Craigslist’s web offering, nicely replicating its clean and unpretentious functionality. You can browse listings in various categories, from jobs to items to houses; search for what you’re looking for; place your own ads; create alerts for listings; and contact sellers without ever having to sign up for an account.

The man found guilty of brutally beating his roommate four years ago was sentenced on Monday. Mitchell brutally beat his rommmate, who he had met though Craigslist a week earlier. An ad on Craigslist for a new roommate led Mitchell to live with the victim, Danielle Cabo Jones.

Finding myself short on cash, I decided that it was time to get a roommate . That way, if something like this happened in the future, I wouldn’t have to worry about not making rent. I posted an ad on Craigslist – yeah, yeah, I know, Craigslist – using a dictation tool to specify what I was looking for.

Mitchell had removed his clothes and showered before police arrived, but his hands were still bloody when police arrived. Prosecutors showed photos of his blood-soaked shirt and red hands to the jury.

He deleted Jones’s number and texts from his phone, and dropped her cellphone into water. Despite the effort to cover his digital trail, investigators were able to find texts with Mitchell’s sister asking for advice about possibly dating Jones. Police discovered disturbing Google searches, including a seven-hour hunt for nude photos of Jones that did not exist. Mitchell sought out rohypnol, a common date-rape drug, and over-the-counter sleep aid melatonin, which officers found in the apartment, according to evidence presented by the prosecutors.

Prosecutors argued Mitchell had a crush on Jones, and grew increasingly obsessed with her after moving into the apartment. They said he lashed out after she rejected his advances.

“When this defendant — Byron Mitchell — did not get his valentine, he made a conscious decision to kill,” prosecutor Sara Imm said during closing arguments in June, the Herald reported.

Craigslist: There's finally a mobile app for that on iOS and Android

  Craigslist: There's finally a mobile app for that on iOS and Android Online classified ad website Craigslist, founded in 1995, has finally gotten an app. Official apps landed in the Google Play and App Store this week.The online classified website, founded in 1995 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Craig Newmark, earlier this week had apps arrive in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

14, her 23rd birthday, by her roommate Byron Mitchell, who she had found on Craigslist a week before. “ He beat her to a coma and ventilator support with various face and skull fractures, multiple injuries to include multiple cuts on her face,” Jones’ mother Aimee Cabo Nikolov told ABC 10 News.

At first I thought since she said she was from Canada and spoke French and English, that English might be a second language for her and maybe that explained the poor grammar, but after searching and finding almost exact templates to these emails online in scam forums, I see where this is going.

The lead detective on the case told the judge Mitchell had stalked other women. The defendant gave a rambling answer and told the judge his past love interests had misunderstood him.

“I’m not interested in being hostile, or being negative, or making people feel bad,” Mitchell said, the Herald reported. “I’m not interested in putting someone in a casket.”

The man’s defense team tried to convince a jury that Jones and Mitchell had been dating, and she attacked him with the knife before he overpowered the much younger 5-foot-3 woman. The jury did not buy it. Mitchell’s attorneys also had a psychologist present evidence that the man had been bullied as a child and suffered mental health complications from a childhood head trauma. She said Mitchell had not received counseling he needed after his behavior in the Air Force resulted in reprimands.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge John Schlesinger said he did not find Mitchell’s arguments “particularly persuasive,” the Herald reported.

At the sentencing this week, Mitchell made a weak apology to Jones.

“Danielle, I’ve heard everything that you said,” he said. “You said that you had issues with moving forward through life … don’t let a single incident hold you back.”

Jones walked out of the courtroom before he finished.

Almost four years after the devastating assault, Jones’s visible wounds have healed, though she lives with a scar on her forehead.

Unseen injuries still plague her day-to-day life. She still cannot remember the attack itself, though she said she wouldn’t want to. She told the Herald her 11-year-old brother helps her with math now, even though it used to be her best subject in school. She said she once sang and danced very well, but now she struggles to do either.

“I’m still hopeful that every day I’ll get slowly better, but I feel my life has been destroyed,” she said.

Woman shot during possible Craigslist meet-up, deputies say .
Deputies are investigating a shooting involving two women that may have been the result of Craigslist transaction. This happened at the North Bend Apartments located in the 14100 block of Cornerstone Village Drive. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office say they responded to a shooting call and found one woman shot in the stomach. She was transported to a local hospital is expected to survive. The suspected shooter left the scene before deputies arrived. However, they say she told a security guard that she met the woman on Craigslist.Deputies say they have not been able to confirm that though or what the transaction may have been for.

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