Crime He Says He Stabbed a Student to Defend His Home. His Home Is a Box.

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Woman dies after being stabbed, dumped at Guthrie hospital

  Woman dies after being stabbed, dumped at Guthrie hospital Police are asking for the public's help in finding a suspect and a vehicle after a woman was left at a Guthrie hospital Saturday with stab wounds and later died. According to the Guthrie News Page, emergency crews were dispatched to the front entrance of Mercy Hospital Logan County around 7:20 p.m. for a report of a unconscious woman found near the front doors. Authorities told KOCO 5 that the woman had been dumped at the hospital and was later pronounced dead a short time later.© Provided by KOCO Oklahoma City Picture provided by the Guthrie Police Department Sign up for our NewslettersThe woman's identity has not been released.

1. He is _ a student . He is _ a good student . 2. His father is _ a doctor. 15.Michael has a brother. His brother_20. He _ a student . He _at home now. 16.These _ his newspapers. 17._there any books on your table?-Yes,there_.

A student stabbed to death at the University of Texas on Monday asked another student to call his mom during his last moments, it has been revealed. Lori Brown said she was talking to her son, Harrison, just three minutes before the deadly attack.

Each night, Joseph Matos builds his home on the East Side by placing several cardboard boxes on the ground for cushioning and then linking together a half dozen others so he can fit inside to sleep.

a group of people standing in a room: Joseph Matos declined to take a plea bargain and has argued the charges against him should be dropped.© Anna Watts for The New York Times Joseph Matos declined to take a plea bargain and has argued the charges against him should be dropped.

One night in October 2018, he said, he was jolted from his slumber by a thud, followed by another. Startled, he leapt outside and grabbed a knife. A college student, walking by with a friend, had kicked Mr. Matos’s box because he thought it was trash, investigators said.

What happened next could send Mr. Matos, 57, to prison for more than a decade. Mr. Matos faces assault charges for stabbing one of the men and slashing the other, but he is fighting the case with an unusual argument: His lawyers say he was defending his home against attackers.

13-Year-Old Boy Arrested After Girl Stabbed At Rockport Middle School

  13-Year-Old Boy Arrested After Girl Stabbed At Rockport Middle School A 13-year-old boy was arrested after he allegedly stabbed a female classmate outside of Rockport Middle School.It happened at 7:30 a.m. on Jerdens Lane. The girl was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Officials said the suspect fell six stories from an off-campus apartment building Tuesday morning, moments after he attacked a fellow student who NEW HAVEN — Officials say a man who graduated from Yale University earlier this month stabbed a fellow student at an off-campus apartment building

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Under New York’s “castle doctrine,” a person has a right to protect his home with deadly force if he reasonably believes another person is entering without permission and is seeking to commit a crime. The defense hinges partly on whether a collection of cardboard boxes is a home.

The case highlights the vulnerabilities — and responsibilities — of thousands of men and women who live on New York’s streets. An estimated 3,600 people make their homes outside, a number that has not budged substantially in recent years.

A murder spree of homeless men in Chinatown last fall renewed attention on that population. On an early October morning, a 24-year-old man with a history of mental illness and drug addiction bludgeoned four homeless men to death with a heavy metal bar. A fifth man was critically injured.

Hanukkah stabbing suspect charged with 5 additional hate crimes

  Hanukkah stabbing suspect charged with 5 additional hate crimes Grafton Thomas was indicted on charges of allegedly targeting, with the intent to kill, the victims of the Monsey, New York, attack due to their religion.Grafton Thomas, 37, was indicted on charges of allegedly targeting with the intent to kill the victims of the attack due to their religion, the indictment from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York said.

Elizabeth Warren says she would start her .6 TRILLION plan to forgive all student debt 'on day one' A body, believed to be a 56-year-old man, found outside a home at Coolagolite, east of Cobargo on New Year's Day. He suffered a heart attack while trying to defend his Maramingo Creek home .

He is said to have been forced into the kitchen by the 38-year-old before stabbing him in the upper body. When police arrived at about 1am yesterday The suspected offence was changed to murder after the burglar died of his injuries in hospital. The second intruder, who was upstairs in the house at

The Manhattan district attorney’s office declined to comment but said in court papers that Mr. Matos had vengeance, not safety, on his mind when he confronted the students.

Prosecutors said Mr. Matos was the instigator, chasing after the young men, stabbing one of them in his shoulder and back, lacerating his liver, and slashing the other above the eye.

Mr. Matos said the kick was the first aggression. “I didn’t do anything wrong. They should be prosecuting those two guys,” he said in an interview.

Mr. Matos faces as many as 22 years in prison if he is convicted of assault charges at a trial, which has not yet been scheduled. His lawyers say he has never been charged with a violent crime before. He was arrested in 2015 for marijuana possession.

The district attorney’s office declined to name the students, but a law enforcement official identified them as Jorge Morales and Jose Bosch, who are from Guatemala and attend college in Boston.

Stabbing spree in Colorado Springs leaves 8 injured

  Stabbing spree in Colorado Springs leaves 8 injured A man allegedly stabbed eight people at several locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado, early Monday morning in what police said was a random spree of violence. © Provided by CNNThe attacks ended after victims detained the suspect.Police responded to a call about 1:30 a.m. and found two people stabbed. The suspect had fled on walking trails that led through America the Beautiful Park, and officers who began to check there found more victims, police said. Officers spread out to search and received reports that the suspect had stabbed several more people about a mile and a half away from the earlier stabbing, police said.

He nods his head and tells me how he walked into another gang’s area and realised he had nothing to defend himself with if the people he saw came at him . One of those experts who believes county lines is a national emergency is the Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield.

On Wednesday, the police said an 18-year-old Wildlife student named Abel Cedeno, who told them that he had been bullied by his peers, brought a switchblade to school On the school surveys, 92 percent of teachers indicated that bullying, harassment and intimidation by students were a problem.

The night of the stabbings, Mr. Morales had a blood alcohol concentration of .30, almost four times the legal limit of .08, court papers indicated. He and Mr. Bosch were visiting New York and looking for a strip club and late-night pizza when the incident occurred, according to the documents.

a statue of a man standing in front of a building: Mr. Matos spends his nights on the steps of Christ Church on the East Side of Manhattan, each morning packing up the boxes that he uses for shelter.© Anna Watts for The New York Times Mr. Matos spends his nights on the steps of Christ Church on the East Side of Manhattan, each morning packing up the boxes that he uses for shelter.

In an interview with The New York Times, Mr. Morales said he was about to turn 21 and was out celebrating with friends. He said he remembered drinking beer and vodka and looking for pizza but could not recall searching for the strip club.

“I was pretty drunk, so I don’t remember some stuff,” said Mr. Morales, now 22. “Jose told me I kicked the box where he was sleeping, and that’s the reason he got mad.” Mr. Morales spent his birthday in the hospital.

Mr. Bosch did not respond to requests for comment.

Mr. Matos tells a different story. He said he had been surprised by what he thought was an assault near his head and had believed he was under threat. Standing shoeless, he grabbed a knife he used to cut twine and tape from the cardboard boxes, ready to protect himself.

Avondale police arrest son after finding father stabbed to death in home

  Avondale police arrest son after finding father stabbed to death in home Avondale police on Sunday went to check on a resident, but found him stabbed to death. Police then arrested Gustavo Reyes Jr., the son.

She said the area had been getting noticeably drier for years, but nothing had been done to combat climate change. A body, believed to be a 56-year-old man, found outside a home at Coolagolite, east of Cobargo on New He suffered a heart attack while trying to defend his Maramingo Creek home .

He claims he was drinking coffee outside Primark on Market Street, Manchester, (crime scene pictured) when the attacker suddenly brandished a lock-blade and cut him across the cheek without saying a word. 'There was a commotion, all these people were in the street, phoning police.

He told investigators that the men returned and confronted him, with one of them bumping into him. “When he goes past me, he rubs his shoulder at my chest like, like, ‘You ain’t nothin’,’ and like, ‘Yes, so what?’” Mr. Matos told investigators.

Video footage from the scene showed Mr. Matos quickly sliding out of his cardboard structure, but the kick to the box near Mr. Matos’s head and the clash with the two students occurred out of the camera’s range. Prosecutors argue that the footage shows the boxes rattling once, not repeatedly.

Mr. Morales said he was not certain what had happened. “It was probably only once, and I don’t think I kicked it hard,” he said, adding that he could not say for certain whether he believed at the time the box was simply trash. “But I probably would not have done it if I thought someone was there.”

Mr. Matos, a native New Yorker who likes to wander south to Florida and Mexico during the winter months, was held on Rikers Island for about six months. After he replaced his court-appointed lawyer with Ron Kuby and Rhiya Trivedi, lawyers who are known for taking on challenging cases, an anonymous donor posted his $100,000 bail.

The district attorney’s office has argued in court documents that Mr. Matos’s box did not meet the legal definition of a home because it was “not a permanent structure with walls and a roof.”

8 stabbed in Colorado Springs, man in custody

  8 stabbed in Colorado Springs, man in custody A man is in custody after he randomly stabbed eight people early Monday morning in Colorado Springs, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD). Just after 1:30 a.m., officers were dispatched to the area of 8th and Limit streets for a reported stabbing. Officers located two victims and began checking the area for the suspect after they were told he fled the area on trails in America the Beautiful Park. As they searched for theJust after 1:30 a.m., officers were dispatched to the area of 8th and Limit streets for a reported stabbing.

A witness told investigators that Mathew told him he did something bad. Mathew then told him that he stabbed He is the oldest of five children and lives at home with both of his parents, Hayden said . " He was a very nice kid," said Miguel Jackson, 16, a Lawrence High School student who went to the

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Mr. Matos’s previous lawyer also failed to mount a timely argument that Mr. Matos was protecting his dwelling and was justified in using deadly force, the office said. Even if his box were considered a home, Mr. Matos was outside and acted after the men walked past him, the office said in court documents.

According to the office, Mr. Matos admitted to investigators that he could have walked away and never said he thought the two young men were armed.

If the case goes to trial, Mr. Matos’s lawyer could request jury instructions from the judge to address whether Mr. Matos was obligated to retreat or whether he could stand his ground reasonably believing he was in his home and did not have to run from it, said Carl Bornstein, a former state and federal prosecutor who teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

As someone who was constantly wary of the dangers of living on the street, Mr. Matos could have reasoned that the two men would hurt him, Mr. Bornstein said. “This seems to be a close question with a viable defense and a set of social circumstances that are tragic from start to finish,” he said.

But Mr. Matos also seriously injured Mr. Morales, which a jury would take into consideration, Mr. Bornstein said.

A sentence of 22 years would be too harsh, Mr. Morales said, but he added: “I do believe he should be in jail some time.”

Mr. Matos has declined to take a plea deal and said he wants the charges dismissed. He said he had been living on the streets since about 2002, after dropping out of the Manhattan School of Music, where he studied percussion, and doing stints in the Navy and in construction, overcoming a cocaine addiction.

Student shot at Texas high school; suspect still at large

  Student shot at Texas high school; suspect still at large A student was shot Tuesday at a high school in Texas and a suspect remained at large, local officials said. Emergency crews were seen performing CPR as the student was carried on a stretcher to an ambulance outside Bellaire High School, KPRC-TV reports. There were conflicting media reports about whether the shooting happened inside or outside the school. The city, a suburb south west of Houston, confirmed on Twitter that there was a shooting and said the suspect is still at large. It advised resident to avoid the area around the school or remain in their homes.

An Oxford University medical student who avoided jail after stabbing her boyfriend with a bread knife has lost an appeal against her suspended sentence. “I appreciate it would be an exceptional course, but she is an exceptional candidate,” he told the court. But the appeal judge Johannah Cutts said the

A student has been jailed for 21 years for stabbing a 19-year-old to death over a ‘trivial’ row on WhatsApp Three others watched as Jordan was stabbed a number of times before he stumbled and and collapsed on the ground. The court heard his brother is a university student in the Midlands

Since he was released from Rikers, he has set up camp on the front steps of Christ Church at the corner of East 60th Street and Park Avenue. It is about six blocks away from where he used to arrange his boxes under the awning of a hair salon on East 56th Street, where the altercation occurred.

He works seasonally for Jairo Hernandez, a building superintendent in the Bronx who said he had known Mr. Matos for more than 20 years. “He doesn’t steal. He doesn’t use drugs. He doesn’t drink. He’s a good guy,” Mr. Hernandez said.

Like many people who live on the street, Mr. Matos’s daily schedule is based on the operating hours of more than a half dozen soup kitchens.

After an employee of Christ Church wakes him up at about 6 or 6:30 a.m., Mr. Matos folds up his boxes and carries them to the median on Park Avenue, hiding them under bushes. Then he walks to a public gym, where he can shower and store his belongings in his locker.

The Rev. Amandus Derr, the senior pastor at Saint Peter’s Church, said he had known Mr. Matos for at least 15 years as a regular at the church’s Tuesday morning breakfasts.

Mr. Derr joined other people in a video in support of Mr. Matos. In the video, he said Mr. Matos often acted as a mediator, intervening when people with mental illness who perhaps have not taken medication or are frightened by a noise become unruly.

“Joe helps calm people down, and he’s done that for a long time,” Pastor Derr said.

Susan Beachy contributed research.

Sheriff's deputy stabbed while responding to call in Putnam County .
Sheriff's deputy stabbed while responding to call in Putnam CountyIt happened at a home on Peekskill Hollow Road in Putnam Valley around 10 a.m.

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