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19:50  08 april  2020
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Corona and consumption - how do you think?

 Corona and consumption - how do you think? © provided by Dr. Windows example picture various consumer goods We are currently experiencing - at least according to the same wording - the worst crisis since the Second World War in Germany. I assume that those who express themselves in this way automatically include the post-war years of deprivation. But even then the comparison seems somehow unsuitable, because we still do not lack essentials - apart from four-layer mini cuddly doilies for our most valuable items.

Schwanger während der Corona-Pandemie © provided by mylife Pregnant during the corona pandemic

Pregnancy is an emotional time in which parents-to-be look forward to their offspring, but are often also plagued by fears. The corona virus pandemic and the difficult situation in hospitals are causing further uncertainties. mylife.de deals with the most important questions.

The pandemic caused by the corona virus creates additional fears and uncertainties for many mothers. Do pregnant women belong to the corona virus risk group?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), expectant mothers currently have no increased risk of developing a serious illness. So far, there has also been no increased risk of miscarriages or malformations.

Chancellor-in-Office: The climax of the corona crisis is yet to come

 Chancellor-in-Office: The climax of the corona crisis is yet to come © John MACDOUGALL Chancellor-Minister Helge Braun (CDU) does not see the climax of the corona crisis in Germany yet. "The time with the highest infection numbers is still ahead of us," said Braun of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" (F.A.S.). Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU) does not see the peak of the corona crisis in Germany yet. "The time with the highest infection numbers is still ahead of us," said Braun of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" (F.A.S.).

Can infected pregnant women infect the fetus?

Based on the current number of cases, doctors cannot completely rule out transmission in the womb. If the baby in the world and the mother or father are COVID-positive, they can pass the virus on to the baby in close contact via droplet infection. Appropriate mouth protection and careful hand hygiene minimize the risk. This also applies to breastfeeding. So far, however, doctors have not been able to detect the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in breast milk.

Pregnant women who test positive should always inform their gynecologist by phone that they are infected with the coronavirus. If you have only mild symptoms and do not belong to a risk group, you can cure the disease at home in consultation with your family doctor. In the case of severe symptoms, expectant mothers should definitely contact a clinic.

Couriers also suffer from Corona crisis

 Couriers also suffer from Corona crisis © Photo: picture alliance / dpa Fewer business mail despite Corona crisis: The parcel and courier industry complains of declining business. Despite closed shops, the Corona crisis has an overall negative impact on the parcel and courier industry. «The sub-sectors are all very badly affected. On average, much more is lost than is added, »says Andreas Schumann, chairman of the Federal Association of Courier Express Post Services (BdKEP).

Birth during the coronavirus pandemic: what about preventive and follow-up care?

In general, pregnant women should have their check-ups with the gynecologist. The doctor and the practice team adhere to certain hygiene measures in order to avoid infections as far as possible. Only infected pregnant women or expectant mothers who are in quarantine should discuss with the doctor treating them whether it is possible to postpone appointments.

Expectant parents do not have to do without birth preparation or aftercare by a midwife. If your own obstetrician fails due to illness or the parents are still looking, you can use the mediation platform ammely.de. She networks parents-to-be with midwives - especially when time is short because the due date is imminent or important questions need to be clarified. The practical thing: The agreed appointments can take place as a home visit or digitally via video or telephone. This service is free of charge for pregnant women and midwives alike.

Coronavirus, Covid, SARS? You should now know these terms

 Coronavirus, Covid, SARS? You should now know these terms © Shutterstock / Naeblys Terms such as the coronavirus, Covid-19 and Sars-CoV-2 determine our current life. But what exactly do they mean? Whether on radio, television or the Internet - whatever medium we open, one topic dominates them all: the corona crisis. Terms such as the Coronavirus , Covid-19 and Sars-CoV-2 have automatically become part of our language. But what do they mean exactly? And what's the difference between them? We give an overview.

Where should pregnant women deliver now?

Expectant mothers should choose a suitable maternity clinic at an early stage. Some pregnant women are currently consciously choosing to give birth at home or in a birthing center. One of the main reasons for this is the fear of being infected with the coronavirus during hospitalization. But the much stricter visit regulations also deter many patients.

Before deciding to give birth in a clinic, women should note a few points. For example, technical monitoring and examination at home or in a birthing center are significantly more limited than in a medical facility. The options for relieving pain before and during childbirth are also limited. Every minute counts if there are complications during delivery. In these cases, transportation to the nearest hospital can take time. Follow-up care of such complications should also be carried out in a hospital.

Can the partner be present during the delivery?

Many hospitals have adjusted the visitor regulations to the current corona virus situation. However, a healthy partner may still be present in many clinics during childbirth. The prerequisite is: He must have no symptoms and have not had any contact with infected people before. Clinical staff can also prevent expectant fathers who have previously been in a risk area from entering the delivery room.

If the partner is present, the prescribed hygiene measures such as wearing a face mask are mandatory. All regulations depend on the individual regulations of the clinic and the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. You can change at any time. (As of April 7th, 2020)

Macron explains further corona measures in TV speech .
© Loic VENANCE French President Emmanuel Macron delivers another speech to the nation on Easter Monday. In his fourth television speech on the Corona crisis, the head of state wants to explain further measures in the fight against the spread of lung disease Covid-19. French President Emmanuel Macron delivers another speech to the nation on Easter Monday (8:00 p.m.).

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