Crime driver's license debate: Why motorcycling with a driver's license is so important for the turnaround in traffic

13:45  20 june  2019
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'Empire' Star Bryshere Gray Arrested in Chicago for Driving Without a License or Insurance Actor Bryshere Gray is the latest "Empire" star to get in trouble with the law after being arrested in Chicago last week. According to court records obtained by The Blast, the 25-year-old Gray was arrested by the Chicago Police Department after being pulled over by law enforcement. The arrest went down on June 13, 2019 at around 10:37 AM. The actor was charged with tjree minor offenses relating to his driving record. The first was for not having the title/registration in his possession for the car he was driving. He was also charged for not having proper insurance and for failing to carry his driver’s license with him.

Führerscheindebatte: Warum Motorrad-Fahren mit PKW-Führerschein so wichtig für die Verkehrswende ist © Getty Images Micromobility must be possible without additional state costs.

motorcycling for everyone - after the toll, the next Gaga idea comes from the Ministry of Transport. You might think so, but there is more than a little bit of motorcycle fun behind the project.

According to information from the mirror, the federal government wants to make it easier to switch to an two-wheeler . The normal car driving license should be sufficient in the future to be allowed to drive so-called light motorcycles. Light motorcycles can have a maximum of 15 HP, which is enough for top speeds of more than 100 km / h.

There are some arguments for the idea. In Germany , a driver's license is particularly expensive. Road traffic is not safer for us than in comparable EU countries. In addition, politics has ensured that you are less and less allowed to drive a normal car. For many things that you could do with a Class III driver's license before the 1980s, you now need an extra certificate. Every restriction was justified with security, but it is no secret that clientele policy for the driving instructor was made here - similar to the hotel business.

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The proposal of the Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer comes at the right time. This is not about a bit of motorcycling, but about the traffic turn . It can only succeed if more people do without the car. That is why e-scooters were allowed and the boom in electric bikes replaced car rides.

The Land of Complainers and Lobbyists

But Germany is the land of the concerned. Naggers demand that people should use a muscle wheel instead of a small electric drive. Instead of being pleased that these forms of mobility require much less public space than a car, the needs of drivers are pointed out, who might have to give up some space. And then there is the scaremongering with the risk of accidents involving smaller means of transport. It is, of course, correct that you are safer in a monster SUV than with a micro vehicle. In the event of an accident, the SUV driver sits safely in his castle - cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists involved in the accident are not so well off. And of course, more people have an e-bike accident today than ten years ago. But that's no wonder: there are around eight million e-bikes in use today, ten years ago there were a few hundred thousand.

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Promotion of small vehicles

Scheuer has correctly recognized that micro-vehicles below the size of a car are an important building block worldwide to help turn traffic around. They take up less space than a car, they consume a fraction of the resources of an SUV during construction, and above all: These vehicles are already available worldwide with emission-free electric drives at affordable prices.

This gentle form of mobility is promoted all over the world. However, it will not prevail in Germany if every new mobility concept is obstructed with reservations or another driving license with a price tag of 1000 to 2000 euros is attached to it.

motorcycling can be dangerous. But with a normal driver's license even the inexperienced can take the wheel of a sports car and then tile over the motorway at 300 km / h. He can also buy a quad motor with any power - because four wheels. A vehicle that is far more treacherous than an Vespa with ten horsepower.

'The Wire' actor arrested for driving with suspended license

'The Wire' actor arrested for driving with suspended license Tristan Wilds, 29, was originally pulled over for driving with tinted windows.

The e-scooters in the form of a Vespa illustrate the problem: you can currently drive a two-wheeler with a car license, but these models are limited at 45 km / h. In the city you are a rolling obstacle that is overtaken continuously and mostly without consideration. Even an experienced driver comes very close to a heart attack in such situations. Anyone who has had to switch to the left lane on a multi-lane road with a scooter like this is usually cured. In terms of area, these things are of no use at all. Driving on the country road at 45 km / h is insane. It looks different with a scooter as a light motorcycle, but then an extra driver's license is required.

Whether scooters or small e-vans - the gentle form of e-mobility will only be able to assert itself if the legislator helps. And that also means that the standard driving license must be able to do more than before.

By the way, the author of this text still has the old driving license class III, which contains motorcycles up to 125 cubic centimeters, large trailers and light trucks up to 7.5 tons.

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