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03:21  23 may  2020
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Beijing asks public companies to stop buying US pork and soybeans

 Beijing asks public companies to stop buying US pork and soybeans CHINA-USA-COMMERCE: Beijing asks public companies to stop buying US pork and soybeans © Reuters / Aly Song BEIJING REQUEST TO PUBLIC COMPANIES NO MORE PURCHASE OF PIGS AND SOYBEANS US BEIJING (Reuters) - China has asked its state-owned companies to stop importing soybeans and pork from the United States, two officials said on Monday sources close to the matter.

Cut these simple things out of your life and you ' ll be amazed at how much money you can save . These money- saving tips will put more cash in your pocket today. While no one wants to give up going out altogether, there are all kinds of ways you can bring that number down. Plan to take a lunch to work

Cut these simple things out of your life and you ’ ll be amazed at how much money you can save . By Elizabeth Flaherty. But the frequent buying of single-use plastic bags does add up at the end of the year. And they are contributing (negatively) to our mounting plastic pollution problem.

Porsche-grade technology will trickle down to the Kia range during the 2020s. The South Korean company is planning to launch no less than 11 electric cars globally by 2025, and it confirmed some will come with an 800-volt charging system that promises to slash charging times while reducing the drivetrain's weight.

Spotify drops the 10,000-song cap on libraries

  Spotify drops the 10,000-song cap on libraries At long last, Spotify is dropping the 10,000-song limit on My Library, so you’ll be able to save as many tracks and albums as you like for easier access to them. You won’t need to remove any tunes to make space for new ones anymore. It’s a welcome quality-of-life update, which has been a common request from many users for years. For instance, it’ll be a boon for folks who save a ton of tracks from playlists and those who pre-save upcoming albums from their favorite artists. The change is rolling out now, so don’t worry too much if you still see the “all filled up” notification when you try to add something else. The update will reach your account soon.

Some practical investments you 'll be thankful you bought a few months down the road. I love that my girl can now run more comfortably and that her nails no longer make tons of noise on my 13 . An insulated tote bag with enough room for 25 soda cans that ' ll be big enough for snacks and drinks on

The auto experts at iSeeCars—a site that ABC News has called 'the Kayak.com for people in the market to buy a car'—did some comparison shopping of new and used cars and put some surprising findings in a new study. 13 things to stop buying that ’ ll save you tons of cash .

As of writing, the only series-produced model equipped with 800-volt technology is the Taycan; the production version of the Audi E-Tron GT concept will get it, too. Kia plans to bring it to the masses when it releases its next-generation electric cars on the European market in 2021. It hasn't detailed the models yet, but it revealed they will be built on a platform developed specifically to underpin EVs. One will "blur the boundaries between passenger and sport utility vehicles," a not-so-subtle hint that the segment-bending Imagine concept (pictured) unveiled in 2019 is headed to production. An earlier, unverified report claims Rimac will help Kia make it a reality.

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Central Banks Buying $2.4 Billion In Financial Assets Every Hour To Support Markets - BofA Report

  Central Banks Buying $2.4 Billion In Financial Assets Every Hour To Support Markets - BofA Report Bank of America's Flow Show report suggests central banks have hoovered up more than $4 trillion in financial assets over the past two months.Central banks around the world have been buying nearly $2.4 billion in financial assets every hour for the past two months, data from Bank of America suggested Friday, driving risk markets higher even as economies suffer unprecedented damage from the coronavirus pandemic.

Stop spending money on unnecessary things ! Instead, save up to ,000 this year with these tips. It’s one of my favorite money-saving apps for Canadians and I use it every week to get cash back It not, don’t buy it and you ’ ll save a ton of money! Remember, each dollar you save and invest is a

13 . Buy video games that have a lot of replay value – and don’t acquire new ones until you ’ve mastered what you have. Instead of buying things you don’t need to make yourself feel better, it might be wise to find other ways to By buying used most of the time, you can save a ton of cash .

Building electric cars on a purpose-designed platform represents a stunning about-face for the brand. Its two battery-powered models, the Niro EV and the Soul EV, are variants of gasoline-powered models. Kia is also developing battery technology that promises to unlock up to 310 miles of driving range. It hopes the investments it's making will convince a growing number of buyers to give up gasoline once and for all.

Taking this not-inexpensive route makes integrating technology like an 800-volt charging system much easier. Kia also wants to bring electric cars to the masses, so it will also offer 400-volt charging (which is widely available in 2020) to keep costs in check. It predicted motorists who drive more will pay extra for the 800-volt system, because it will deliver "sub-20-minute high-speed" charging times when plugged into a compatible station, while those who don't suffer from range anxiety will be able to save money by selecting a 400-volt system.

The Air Force's AI-Powered 'Skyborg' Drones Could Fly as Early as 2023

  The Air Force's AI-Powered 'Skyborg' Drones Could Fly as Early as 2023 The drones would fly alongside Air Force warplanes, doing jobs too dangerous or dull for pilots. The Air Force is soliciting the aerospace industry to provide flyable “Skyborg” drones by 2023.The drones will be powered by artificial intelligence, capable of taking off, landing, and performing missions on their own.Skyborg will not only free manned pilots from dangerous and dull missions but allow the Air Force to add legions of new, unpiloted, cheap planes. The U.S. Air Force is finally pushing into the world of robot combat drones, vowing to fly the first of its “Skyborg” drones by 2023.

The first thing to do in your hunt for debt-destroying cash is to stop wasting money. 13 Secrets to Stop Wasting Cash Now. Stop buying books. Borrow the books you already bought with your tax dollars. They’re sitting at the nearest public library, along with magazines, DVDs and tons of other Saving money used to mean scouring the newspapers and clipping and organizing paper coupons.

13 Things to Stop Buying That ’ ll Save You Tons of Cash . Cut these simple things out of your life and you 'll be amazed at how much Why You Should Stop Charging Your Phone in Your Car.

"Certain models, particularly those aimed at more cost-conscious buyers, will offer 400-volt charging capability; 800-volt charging won’t simply be reserved for Kia’s flagship models, however, but where it most closely matches the usage profile of a particular model line," said Pablo Martinez Masip, the director of product planning and pricing for Kia's European division. He added both systems can be charged at home or in public.

Kia called Europe "the focal point for EV sales growth worldwide," a statement which reflects the immense pressure government regulations are putting on companies all over the automotive spectrum to reduce their fleet-wide CO2 emissions. Most of the 11 electric cars it plans to introduce worldwide will be sold across the pond, but the firm is also thinking globally. It's targeting global annual sales of 500,000 battery-powered models by 2026. It hasn't revealed where the United States stands in its broader electrification plans, however.

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This effect has lovesickness on the body .
© Provided by Martin Geuss (Blog Dr. Windows) Microsoft Office If you regularly save office files outside of the standard folder, then you know that this can sometimes be quite tedious. The default libraries are just a click away, but otherwise the click orgy takes its course. Microsoft has solved this in its office suite in such a way that you can pin any folder in the list, no matter where they are. This attachment option is now integrated directly into the dialog for saving documents.

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