Crime PSG: It's not the length (of the passes) that counts

09:50  30 june  2020
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Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with four counts of sexual assault in L.A.

  Porn star Ron Jeremy charged with four counts of sexual assault in L.A. Ron Jeremy has been charged with sexually assaulting four women in West Hollywood from 2014 to 2019, according to the L.A. County district attorney's office.Jeremy, whose legal name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, was charged with three counts of forcible rape and one count of forcible oral copulation and sexual battery, according to a news release issued by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

It can be any genre: comedy, horror, fantasy, drama, sometimes all of them at the same time. It ’ s clever, and funny, and sad, and makes you think. Which of the following is NOT the reason why 'Doctor Who' has been around for so long? It is easy to change the actors playing the main character.

  PSG : Ce n'est pas la longueur (des passes) qui compte © Provided by Sofoot

According to the latest study from the Football Observatory, over the last two seasons in the league, Paris Saint-Germain is the team who makes the shortest passes in Europe (16 meters on average), all leagues combined. Or less than Barça (16.3), Ajax (16.8), Borussia Dortmund (17), Manchester City (17.3) or Real Madrid (17.6). But what can we get from such a statistic?

Since statistics have invaded football, almost everything that happens on the field can be translated into numbers. And, above all, in the classification. A little exercise in which the CIES Football Observatory has excelled since its foundation in 2000: whatever football produces, whatever it shows, the Swiss institute will take out a double decimeter, measure a pair of tricks, enter everything a bunch of numbers in a computer and lay out rankings. It was still the case on Monday, when a study on the average distance covered by the passes according to the clubs in Europe brought to light an unexpected result: of all the teams of the continent, it is Paris Saint-Germain who has made the shortest passes in the past two seasons, averaging 16 meters.

Teen charged with killing 4 in string of shootings in Washington, D.C.

  Teen charged with killing 4 in string of shootings in Washington, D.C. The 16-year-old is suspected in a total of nine shootings in April and May and faces four counts of first-degree murder.Michael Mason was arrested last week.

To take it down a notch, given the point $(a,b)$, the unique 0th degree polynomial that passes through it is $y=b$. I wonder, how would one determine the equation of this quadratic? To study the existence and uniqueness of such a polynomial consider the system of linear equations

I can verify the number of rows this way: cy.get('.datatable').find('tr').each(function(row, i){. This is fine, but it seems awkward, since I just want to count the length and don't really need to access the stuff in the rows, and I assume it ' s faster to do one thing than do 4 things.

Benzema, love, football More "barcist" than Barça

Symbolically, but anything but anecdotal, the second in this ranking is called FC Barcelona, ​​16.3 meters on average for his passes. Absolute model of the game in short and fast passes for years, Barça served as direct inspiration to the Qatari PSG during its first years - even if it means using a model, as much pumping what was best at era, huh? The influence has spread in many aspects of club management, particularly in recruitment and training, but also and above all in the game, which takes particularly from the White era a color blaugrana completely assumed . "We are not going to face our masters, but almost" , slipped the President on the eve of the group match of the Champions League against the Catalans, in September 2014 (3-2). Embodyed by this 4-3-3 that has long stuck to their bodies, this short game of possession (Paris is also the 5th club in Europe in number of passes per match with 673 on average, behind Barça (705) this this time), this ball that turns to turn the opposing heads has become inseparable from the Parisian identity. So much so that the student, even for about thirty centimeters, has passed the teacher.

Oregon man gets life without parole for killing 2 on Portland train

  Oregon man gets life without parole for killing 2 on Portland train Jeremy Christian was convicted this winter in the 2017 stabbing deaths that followed a hate-filled rant aboard a train.Jeremy Joseph Christian, 38, was found guilty by a jury in February of two counts of murder and other counts in the May 26, 2017, stabbing.

It is the right decision for the Minneapolis Police Department,” Frey said at a news conference with Police Chief Medaria Arradondo. The Minneapolis Police Department originally said that Floyd, who was stopped Monday night on a report of a forgery, had “physically resisted officers.”

So the equation reduces to y = x + c. Now we know that is passes through (-1,-2), substituting the value of x& y. i.e. Y2-Y1/X2-X1 where X1,X2 and Y1,Y2 are the respective x and y coordinate of the two points through which the line passes . I have to give the photo because it is extremely difficult to

These 16 meters on average, barely less than the regulatory length of a repair area (16.5 meters, we remember for dunces), also probably tell a PSG who took this model to the extreme, and who does not always bring variety in his game. It is not that the difference is abysmal compared to the first pursuers (four clubs are below 17 meters, 19 below 18), but let's say that see PSG dominate this ranking - when we see the annoying tendency that the Red and Blue can have to spin the ball between the defenders and circles, to chain side passes and backslides - is not frankly a surprise. To the discharge of the PSG, it is also the syndrome of a “talent league” often opposed to teams that park the bus in front of the Parisian eleven, leaving no other choice than to transmit to the closest friend to bring this ball to life and find openings. This probably explains why in Ligue 1, PSG has almost 100 more assists on average per match than its first pursuer, OL (574). Distances, numbers and measures which, in any case, no longer really make sense in terms of what really matters: because these short passes, this style of play undoubtedly allowed Paris to stack the titles in France for 8 years, but not to break the glass ceiling in Europe. No doubt that when European football resumes its rights, the Parisian passes will be short. In the meantime, we can rest on our rankings and celebrate small victories.

Spain counts 78 new cases of contamination with coronavirus .
HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-SPAIN: Spain counts 78 new cases of contamination with coronavirus © Reuters / Jon Nazca SPAIN RECOGNIZES 78 NEW CASES OF CONTAMINATION WITH CORONAVIRUS MADRID (Reuters) - The Spanish health ministry said on Monday 78 new cases of coronavirus contamination in 24 hours nationwide, for a total of 251,789 infections. The epidemic has killed 28,388 people in Spain, including 12 in the past seven days, he said.

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