Crime Who Invited the Far-Right Oath Keepers to Downtown Louisville?

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'Tactical parade' rides across Utah town waving guns and flags for Constitution Day

  'Tactical parade' rides across Utah town waving guns and flags for Constitution Day A "tactical parade" featuring plenty of guns and "Trump 2020" gear rode through St. George Thursday as part of a Constitution Day event.Some 75 vehicles participated in the parade, which was organized by the same right-wing group that led an anti-mask rally outside a school district building several weeks ago that led to international attention over a viral video that drew jokes from Jimmy Kimmel and others.

Oath Keepers In The Ranks. What are you working on?

The return of the Oath Keepers , an armed militia group, patrolling the Belmar plans to ask county prosecutor Bob McCulloch about the legality of armed patrols by the far - right anti-government John Karriman, a representative of the group who teaches at the Missouri Southern State University police

LOUISVILLE—On Wednesday night, at least 20 members of the Oath Keepers, a far-right militia group, were observed guarding storefronts in downtown Louisville amid sometimes violent unrest over the lack of charges in the police killing of Breonna Taylor. The businesses included Bader’s Food Mart—which is also a Shell gas station—Stewart’s Pawn Shop, and Hampton Inn Downtown Louisville, all at or near the intersection of Jefferson and South 1st Street. All of the businesses, besides the hotel, appeared to be closed at the time.

Louisville braces for fallout ahead of decision on charging police in Breonna Taylor case

  Louisville braces for fallout ahead of decision on charging police in Breonna Taylor case Louisville was bracing for a decision on whether any police officers will be charged in the March 13 shooting death of Breonna Taylor.Louisville police prepare city for an upcoming decision in Breonna Taylor case

Oath Keepers rose to this challenge. We escorted and directed dozens if not hundreds of people away from The police absolutely appreciated our assistance as did the National Guard. We did the right thing Hat’s off to the Oath Keepers members who stepped up in DC. I met some awesome patriots

More recently, the Oath Keepers tried to exploit the controversy surrounding Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same‐sex couples. After Davis was released from several days in jail for contempt of court, the Oath Keepers , claiming to have “boots on the

a man in a military uniform: Gerry Seavo James © Provided by The Daily Beast Gerry Seavo James

The heavily armed men—many bearing rifles, night-vision goggles, and wearing camouflage—were seen on the roof of Stewart’s Pawn Shop, the perimeter of the Shell station, and in the Hampton Inn parking lot. When asked why they were present, one militia member, who gave his name only as Angry Spongebob, said the owner of the Shell had received threats against the business.

“She was told that people wanted to burn it down to the ground,” he told The Daily Beast. “We know her and so we came out to help protect it, because if it goes up, then it takes a significant portion of this block with it.”

Dismay over Breonna Taylor spills into America's streets

  Dismay over Breonna Taylor spills into America's streets LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Anger, frustration and sadness over the decision not to charge Kentucky police officers for Breonna Taylor’s death poured into America’s streets as protesters lashed out at a criminal justice system they say is stacked against Black people. Activists, celebrities and everyday Americans have been calling for charges since Taylor, an emergency medical worker, was shot multiple times by white officers who entered her home during a narcotics investigation in March.

That falls hand-in-hand with Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Team concept as well as with our central mission of educating police and military and firefighter personnel to the meaning in their Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers ; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats.

Tim Kaine. There have been a lot of speeches on our right to defend ourselves and the 2nd Amendment. This is my favorite so far . If you believe in the mission of Oath Keepers , to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, please make a donation to support our work.

He didn’t clarify who “she” referred to, but records filed with the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office list Paula T. Bader as the president, secretary, and treasurer of Bader’s Food Mart, and she has been identified as the owner in local media reports. In a telephone conversation Thursday, a purported leader of the Oath Keepers on the ground in Louisville, who gave his name as Mike Whipp, said they had been invited by Bader to keep tabs on her business, as well as the pawn shop.

According to Whipp, “[Bader] told us she was targeted by activists.”

Bader could not immediately be reached for comment, but the food mart does have a history of violence—and of drawing activist ire.

In July, an employee was reportedly shot during an armed robbery attempt. And early this month, an employee reportedly shot a customer after a verbal altercation, according to local police. The individual was fired and later charged with assault.

Fact checking 8 myths in Breonna Taylor case: Was she asleep when police shot her? Is there body-cam footage?

  Fact checking 8 myths in Breonna Taylor case: Was she asleep when police shot her? Is there body-cam footage? We gathered the facts based on public records, official statements and interviews with witnesses and people close to the case to knock down myths.Trump blasts China in speech before United Nations General Assembly

The far - right activists who converged on Charlottesville say diversity is just another word for white genocide. Many are Holocaust deniers and blatant In their quest to maximise outrage and publicity, white nationalists have often chosen to target liberal university campuses and liberal towns .

Virginia Oath Keepers is organizing a new Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County chapter. Founded by Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of persons who pledge to fulfill For further information about the upcoming Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County meeting, contact Mike

On Sept. 4, a day after the employee allegedly shot a customer, activists with megaphones entered the store, leading Bader to close the place for several days.

"He was wrong," she told local outlet WDRB of her fired employee. But she also seemed to take umbrage at the prospect of being targeted by local activists.

"They were waiting on customers," she said. "The next thing they know, the store is full of people with the megaphones.”

That day, an account listed under Bader’s name posted on Facebook, “This is the damage, looting and peaceful protesting that occurred at my store. Bader's Food Mart last night. Do you notice the small children. SMH.”

When asked Thursday about the presence of a far-right militia group, a man who identified himself as the manager of Stewart’s Pawn Shop and gave only the first name Jeremy told The Daily Beast, “I just work during the day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and have no idea if our owners made a deal with those guys.”

When asked about the Shell station, he added, “I do know if it burns, it will harm a lot of people in the city.” Shell corporate did n0t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hopes dashed twice for Breonna Taylor's mother over lack of charges against officers

  Hopes dashed twice for Breonna Taylor's mother over lack of charges against officers Tamika Palmer made the hour-long drive to hear the news from Attorney General Cameron directly and learned she wouldn't get the justice she sought.Tamika Palmer made the hourlong drive from Louisville to Frankfort on Wednesday to hear the news from Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron directly — only to learn she wouldn't get the justice she sought.

Oath Keepers has a nice ring to it but is it actually feasible? Is it an entity that I can wrap my heart around? Is Oath Keepers an option? I despise liberals and political correctness, which is No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any

Talk: Oath Keepers . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Suggested change: "Several groups[ who ?] that monitor domestic terrorism and hate groups describe the You cant prove they are far right so that should be droped as the only purpose of applying it is to demonized the Oath Keepers .

Reached for comment Thursday, Stuart Stein, who is listed in state records as an incorporator of the pawn shop, confirmed he was an owner, but told The Daily Beast, “No comment, talk to someone at the store.” Attempts to reach other individuals listed on incorporation paperwork were unsuccessful.

For her part, Mindy Wilson, general manager of Hampton Inn Downtown, told The Daily Beast of the militia, “We don’t know anything about them, so you can stop calling.” Hilton Corporate did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fact check: Kentucky attorney general is not married to a relative of Mitch McConnell

  Fact check: Kentucky attorney general is not married to a relative of Mitch McConnell Viral posts on Facebook falsely suggest that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's wife is a niece or granddaughter of the powerful senator.Miami mayor questions if Florida is ready for Phase 3

a close up of a street in front of a building: Gerry Seavo James © Provided by The Daily Beast Gerry Seavo James

Oath Keepers are a virulently anti-government group founded in 2009 by Stewart Rhodes, a former Ron Paul aide. They have been a fixture at protests and political hot spots in recent years, from Ferguson to Trump rallies, and have been banned from Twitter after peddling conspiracy theories expressing thirst for Civil War.

Followers have also been implicated in a slew of violent crimes in recent years, from bomb scares to threats against the government to rape, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Members of the Oath Keepers group in Louisville claimed they were made up of patriots, Kentuckians, Louisville residents, former and retired members of the military, firefighters, and law enforcement who were merely trying to protect their community. The member who identified himself as Angry Spongebob expressed condolences to the family of Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician who was fatally shot during a botched attempt to serve a warrant on her home.

Breonna Taylor evidence leaks appear to show charged Louisville officer in her unit after shooting

  Breonna Taylor evidence leaks appear to show charged Louisville officer in her unit after shooting Just three days after a grand jury decided no charges for the killing of Breonna Taylor, evidence is leaking on social media and news sites.Video footage reviewed by The Courier Journal appearing to come from body cameras worn by Louisville Metro Police officers at Taylor's apartment March 13 shows potential violations of policies designed to maintain the integrity of the investigation.

Spongebob said burning the city down was misguided and unfair to the public. There was no evidence of this taking place, despite sporadic small fires in garbage cans on Wednesday.

“Go to Frankfort, go to City Hall, don’t take out frustrations on private business owners,” Spongebob told The Daily Beast, blaming the lawlessness on elected officials like Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who declined to charge any cop for killing Taylor.

As they often have at protests in recent weeks, the militiamen seemed to operate without harassment from local law enforcement, at least in the hours The Daily Beast observed them after the 9 p.m. curfew on Wednesday. Louisville Metro Police and the Kentucky National Guard did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Meanwhile, police said they made 123 arrests, mostly for unlawful assembly and curfew violations, on Wednesday. At least three journalists were reported to be among them. At least two officers were also shot during the chaos.

Whipp, the Oath Keeper spokesperson, suggested there was no reason for his group to catch flak for being out past curfew. This despite increased scrutiny of the seemingly cozy ties between armed vigilantes and police after 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse—who allegedly shot and killed two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August—walked by cops unbothered shortly afterward. On the streets that night, Rittenhouse had attached himself to what amounted to an armed gang of militiamen.

“We generally don't have trouble from the police,” Whipp told The Daily Beast. “Police did perceive one of our members as a threat, but we calmed them down, and stated our purpose.”

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Breonna Taylor neighbor wants to know why cop wasn't charged for shooting into his unit .
"If that bullet went through my bed maybe I would have been dead too," Breonna Taylor's neighbor Stanley David said.One punched through the hallway. The other passed right in front of his bedroom door, roughly 5 feet from where he was sleeping.

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