Crime Anne Hidalgo attacks the "ambiguity" of the Greens and Mélenchon on the Republic

15:25  22 november  2020
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Hidalgo to the Greens: "We must influence ourselves on republican issues"

 Hidalgo to the Greens: © LP / Arnaud Dumontier The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, September 30. The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo persists and signs: the ecologists "have a subject" with the Republic, but she judges that it is necessary to "influence" on this question and that "the lefts are not irreconcilable", in a interview at L'Obs Thursday.

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Invited on Saturday on BFM, Anne Hidalgo mentioned as she rarely made her disagreements with the Greens, which she points to the ambiguity in the face of questions about the Republic.

  Anne Hidalgo s’en prend à © Ludovic Marin / Pool via REUTERS

Tension rises again between Anne Hidalgo and Europe Écologie Les Verts. Invited on Saturday on BFM, the mayor of Paris had strong words against environmentalists, supposed to be her allies in the Council of Paris. "I am not someone who could be a member of the Green Party when I am deeply environmental," she said. She reacted in particular to the beginning of the controversy launched at the beginning of the week. The Council of Paris voted last Tuesday for a place in the capital to bear the name of the teacher Samuel Paty , beheaded on October 16 during a terrorist attack. This session was marked by great tensions. The environmental group, which however voted for this wish, had deplored before the poll that the municipal rule consisting in waiting five years after the death of a person before naming in his honor a place of the city is not respected "to any advice". For Anne Hidalgo, "the assassination of Samuel Paty was a shock for the whole country, we should all be unanimous on it and we were not".

The Parisian Greens, furious with Hidalgo, feel called into question in their majority

 The Parisian Greens, furious with Hidalgo, feel called into question in their majority © AFP / FRANCOIS GUILLOT Anne Hidalgo (on the left) of the Socialist Party (PS) and David Belliard of the Green Party Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV) in Paris on June 2, 2020. (Photo illustration) In an interview on Saturday on BFMTV, Anne Hidalgo had judged “shocking” that some elected Greens did not vote on Tuesday for a place in the capital to bear the name of the murdered teacher Samuel Paty. The Parisian Greens had actually voted for this deliberation.

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La re-elected mayor said on BFM that it was necessary to get out of this "ambiguity" when it comes to the Republic. “There is work to be done at home to be much more clear. I try to have this demanding dialogue with them that I do not let go. When this relationship with the Republic is not sufficiently worked out or clarified, I say so, "she explained. "They made us progress on ecology, it is up to us to make them progress on issues of the Republic", she added, drawing the wrath of David Belliard, leader of environmentalists in Paris, who declared on Twitter "to have no lessons to receive". The EELV group at the Paris Council also qualified as “fake news” the words of Anne Hidalgo, who considered “shocking” that some elected Greens did not vote, while a technical incident had counted 20 elected officials from all the non-voting groups, and that the Greens had approved the deliberation.

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Anne Hidalgo does not "find herself" in Mélenchon

Anne Hidalgo also attacked Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of whom she also points out "the ambiguities with the framework of the Republic". Asked about a possible candidacy for the next presidential election, she said that she "would take her part" but above all that she did not "find herself" in the presidential candidacy of the leader of the rebellious. After the death of Samuel Paty and the attack in front of a church in Nice, Jean-Luc Mélenchon was criticized by part of the political class for some of his positions in the face of secularism. One of the main criticisms made by his opponents to Jean-Luc Mélenchon is his participation, on November 10, 2019, in the demonstration “against Islamophobia” to which Marwan Muhammad, ex-leader of the Collectif contre l ' Islamophobia in France. The CCIF, including Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, is today asking for its dissolution.

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