Crime Paris: "There are too many weapons in circulation," the prosecutor of the Republic, Rémy Heitz

14:50  08 april  2021
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Paris: The investigation for "false testimony" against Didier Lallement and four magistrates classified without continuation

 Paris: The investigation for The member for France unsuitable Ugo Bernalicis accused the prefect of police from Paris to lie when he indicated not to find The organizers of the unauthorized police events in June © AFP Didier Lallement, the Prefect of Police of Paris, in Paris, March 18, 2020.

is alarmed to fight against the Rixes, the Prosecutor of the Republic of Paris has given, at the end of March, guidelines. magistrates to reinforce the fight against weapon port

Rémy Heitz annonce un renforcement de la politique pénale sur les armes blanches © Caroline Polité / 20 minutes Rémy Heitz announces a strengthening of criminal policies on white weapons Violence - to fight against the Rixes, the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris gave , at the end of March, guidelines to the magistrates to strengthen the fight against the wearing port

what was the life of Yuriy, this 15-year-old college found, almost three months ago, unconscious on the slab of Beaugrenelle in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, after being wheel of blows by teenagers of a rival band ? Certainly a quick and appropriate medical care, but also, maybe, that night, his attackers were certainly equipped with sticks, crutches and hammer , but did not have white weapons. "The presence of a knife can quickly tip a fight into something much more serious, at the time of the sometimes dramatic", insists with 20 minutes, the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, Rémy Heitz, recalling that since 2016, eleven young people were killed in the capital during these rixes, the majority of whom was not 18 years old.

Inquiry in France over 'clandestine' Covid-defying dinners

  Inquiry in France over 'clandestine' Covid-defying dinners A report by a French television channel alleging "clandestine" luxury dinners in Paris despite the pandemic has sparked an investigation and a political furore over the claims the elite were brazenly ignoring rules they themselves had set. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said those involved in such dinners should be prosecuted if the allegations in the report were true. "There are not two types of citizens -- those who have the right to party and those who do not," he said.

To fight against this phenomenon, the magistrate passed on, March 29, guidelines aimed at reinforcing the fight against the weapon port . The parquet has thus been given to the parquet that all persons arrested with a white weapon, whether or not they are at the place of a rix, are almost systematically referred. In 2019, they had only 37% of minors and 46% major to being. Finished the simple seizure of the weapon, sometimes accompanied by a reminder to the law. Depending on the profiles and context, they may be issued a prohibition to appear in certain neighborhoods up to six months, a citizenship internship or even be judged in immediate appearance in the most serious cases.

"We can quite easily prevent a passage to the act"

"There are too many weapons outstanding", insists the magistrate who hopes to play on the preventive aspect of such a measure and thus pursue a substantive work Engaged for a few years with the prefecture of police, the town hall, the national education, the social landlords, etc. To fight against band phenomena. "Do not have much for a fight to become extremely serious. But the opposite is also true, we can easily prevent a passage to the act, "he continues, recalling that the majority of young people involved in rixes are unknown to police services, well inserted, sometimes good students.

Founder of firm hired to conduct Arizona election audit promoted election fraud theories

  Founder of firm hired to conduct Arizona election audit promoted election fraud theories The Arizona Senate has hired Cyber Ninjas, whose CEO has promoted election fraud claims, to oversee the recount of Maricopa County's ballots.The company, called Cyber Ninjas, will lead a team that includes three other firms as part of a $150,000 contract the Senate has awarded to conduct an unprecedented audit of the election results in Maricopa County, Arizona's most populous county.

If since the beginning of the year a dozen clashes have been identified in Paris, these violence nevertheless seem loss of speed: 83 facts have been enumerated last year against 159 in 2016. A decrease that the magistrate puts before All about a finer knowledge of the phenomenon that makes it possible to defuse certain conflicts upstream. It remains that when they take place passages in action are always very violent. And if it's not with a knife, it's with all that falls under the hand of the participants: baseball bats, stones, screwdrivers ... are frequently used in these clashes. "There is a distortion between the profiles of these young people, the futility of the reasons and the severity of the consequences," Remy Heitz insists.

Our file on the rival

tapes and on this point, prevention is more difficult to implement since, reminds Rémy Heitz, "the weapon by destination becomes a weapon by the use we do." The Yuriy case shows: Eleven young people, almost all minors, have been indicted for "assassination attempts".

Society has a rise in violence among minors in France? companyThe youth violence would be "worse if the schools had been closed," says Jean-Michel Blanquer

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