Crime Burma: More than 700 civilians killed since the Putsch

16:30  11 april  2021
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Myanmar has become a global flashpoint as violence escalates. Here's what to know

  Myanmar has become a global flashpoint as violence escalates. Here's what to know Sanctions appear to inhibit Myanmar junta little as violence increasesA U.N. special envoy warned of an imminent "bloodbath" if the military doesn't end its brutal crackdown, which has taken the lives of hundreds so far.

  Birmanie: plus de 700 civils tués depuis le putsch © provided by the

L opponents of the military putsch continued to demonstrate Sunday in Burma , despite the implacable repression of the security forces which made more than 700 dead Civilians since the coup of February 1, including 82 dead for the only day of Friday in Bago northeast of Rangoun.

A Mandalay (Center), the second city of the country, a bomb exploded Sunday morning in front of the MYAWADDY Bank's main branch that belongs to the army, injuring a security guard, according to local media.

The bank, sixth of the country, suffered from the putsch a boycott movement, like the many companies controlled by the army, as well as the pressure of the customers to remove money.

Burma-the assessment of the estimated repression at 557 dead

 Burma-the assessment of the estimated repression at 557 dead Burma-Politics / (Photo, TV): Burma-The assessment of the estimated repression at 557 dead 3 April (Reuters) - The number of protesters killed since the blow Military State from February 1st in Burma amounted to 557, according to the counting of the Assistance of Assistance to Political Prisoners (AAPP), a non-governmental organization. "The Burmese continues to go on strike to seek the end of the dictatorship, for democracy and human rights," said Sunday the APAP.

The repression of the demonstrations has made 701 dead since the army has driven the civilian executive Aung San Suu Kyi , winner in 1991 of the Nobel Peace Prize and always detained in secrecy, according to the count held by the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners (AAPP).

The junta shows 248 dead, according to a spokesman on Friday.

The AAPP stated Saturday that the number of opponents of putsch killed the day before by the security forces in the city of Bago (65 km northeast of Rangoun) was 82.

The United Nations Office In Burma said Saturday night follow the situation in Bago. "We are asking security forces to allow medical teams to treat the wounded," he tweeted.

protesters still continued to meet, especially in Mandalay and Meiktila (Center) where university students and their teachers marched on the streets on Sunday morning, according to local media. Some focused symbolically Eugenia's flower rods, called "victory".

Burma: depreciated deputies compile a file on human rights violations

 Burma: depreciated deputies compile a file on human rights violations © provided by the point d es tens of thousands of evidence of human rights violations - committed by the army from the putsch in Burma - have been Collected, said Wednesday a group of depreciated deputies from the party of Aung San Suu Kyi who will convey these elements to UN investigators. Nearly 600 civilians - including about fifty children and adolescents - have been killed since the February 1st coup, according to the Political Prisoners Assistance Association (AAPN).

In the suburbs of Okkalapa South near Rangoun, protesters brandished a banner affirming: "We will win the victory, we will win."

Call to demonstrate Sunday evening

A call circulated throughout the country to demonstrate Sunday after sunset, in the light of torches.

Saturday, bloody clashes took place in Tamu (Northwest), near the border with the India , when the army tried to dismantle barricades erected by protesters to protect their neighborhoods.

The army shot real bullets, killing two civilians, according to a witness. Protesters rossed by launching an explosive gear in an army truck and killing a dozen soldiers, according to the same source.

"We now fear reprisals," said this woman at AFP , adding that the inhabitants of Tamu were fighting "to finish with the dictatorship".

Violence has also attracted the anger of part of the twenty armed ethnic factions that the country count.

Burma-New Arrests, the events continue

 Burma-New Arrests, the events continue Burma-Politics / (Photo, TV): Burma-New Arrests, the events continue April 8 (Reuters) - The security forces in Burma arrested Thursday Paing Takhon, a mannequin And actor who took a position against the military coup of February 1, while opponents at the junta placed shoes filled with flowers in some neighborhoods in Rangoun in tribute to the demonstrators killed.

In the State Shan (North), the National Ta'ng Liberation (TNLA) army attacked a police station, according to the brigadier General of the TNLA TAR Bhone Kyaw, which refused to give more details.

A dozen policemen were killed in this operation, the rebels set at the police station, according to local media.

The army rossed with aerial strikes, killing at least one rebel, according to the TNLA.

State television reported in the evening that "terrorist armed groups" had attacked the heavy weapon police station, putting fire.

A HPA-AN, the state capital Karen (southeast), two people were killed and another injured during a Saturday confrontation with the security forces, reported the Myawaddy State newspaper.

At the same time, the state media have reported on Friday the death condemnation by a 19-person military court, of which 17 in absentia, for flights or murders. They were arrested at Okkalapa North in the suburbs of Rangoun, one of the six areas of the main city of the country subjected to martial law which implies a judgment by a military court for anyone who is arrested there.

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Manifestation in Burma: The army shoots on caregivers, one dead .
© provided by the Parisian The Parisian of new violence took place this Thursday in Mandalay, in Burma. As they manifested, medical staff were targeted by army shots, who did a dead and two wounded, said a doctor at AFP. In this city in the center of the country, the second largest city in Burma, the army took on the target of the caregivers who manifested, pushing them to find refuge in a nearby mosque. "They were shooting everywhere ...

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