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22:17  12 april  2021
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There's a new approach to police response to mental health emergencies. Taking the police out of it

  There's a new approach to police response to mental health emergencies. Taking the police out of it Amid calls to stop relying on police all the time, the concept of sending unarmed responders to crises that are neither violent nor criminal is gaining traction. San Francisco's Street Crisis Response Team of behavioral and mental health experts is setting an example.It's a sunny afternoon in San Francisco, and an agitated woman is screaming in the middle of the street, urgently pleading for help rescuing her daughter and granddaughter from a locked building on the corner of a busy intersection. She's stopping traffic; saying she's convinced they are going to die.

24684_1462959_k2_k1_3380159.jpg © Mr. René / Hemis.fr 24684_1462959_K2_K1_338015.jpg In California, the construction standards make Flamber the invoice of the promoters, who redouble creativity to reduce the costs of social housing. San Francisco also innovates in real estate

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Here is an example that could make emulators: the new building of 146 apartments being completed at 833 Bryant Street, in San Francisco, is dedicated to housing for ancient SDF. With a lower final amount of about 25%, its realization has been relatively inexpensive. But it is also a real feat in California, where the construction costs of social housing have been exploding for twenty years.

Donald Trump falls nearly 300 spots down the Forbes billionaire list

  Donald Trump falls nearly 300 spots down the Forbes billionaire list Former President Donald Trump's estimated wealth has dropped by more than $1 billion, to $2.4 billion, since the time he took office, according to the latest Forbes billionaires list. Trump rankled his political opponents and good government groups when he decided to retain control of his business empire while in office.According to Forbes, if he had sold everything and put it all into index funds, he would be worth an additional $1.6 billion. Instead, Trump kept the business, placing it the hands of Don Jr., Eric Trump, and an executive at the Trump Organization.As it stands, his net worth dropped from $3.

To achieve public aid, promoters may, indeed, be imposed facilities (solar panels, balconies extensions) or to have the local small businesses work, which can boost the construction costs. While at the same time the sector had to face an increase in commodity prices and a labor shortage that climbed salaries, including those of skilled workers. To do not arrange, the local licensing mechanism of building permits also contributes to the invoice. Any new project may be challenged under the California Environ-Mental Quality Act (CEQA), a 1970 text often invoked by local associations to block a project. And, cherry on the cake, like California capped real estate taxes, some cities funding by demanding promoters an "impact tax" that can exceed $ 150,000 per apartment.

San Francisco board postpones school renaming plan

  San Francisco board postpones school renaming plan San Francisco's school board has halted plans to rename dozens of buildings named after historic figures that a review panel deemed to have problematic legacies. The highly criticized plan, which was slated to name 44 schools in the district including Abraham Lincoln High School, was formally rescinded in a vote on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. "It feels like truth won this time," Seeyew Mo, an activist who led a group opposed to the renaming effort told the AP following the vote. "I'm glad they've come to their senses - after lawsuits, and public pressure ...

In order to limit the final addition, developers of 833 Bryant Street have tabulated both on technological tricks and innovative governance: choice of a prefabricated modular habitat and obtaining the building permit as part of Senate Bill 35, which protects the project against the protest procedures permitted by the CEQA.

While California is lacking more than 3.5 million homes, according to McKinsey's firm, the idea of ​​relaxing construction standards for social housing is making its way in the region. Thus, Berkeley, a nearby town of San Francisco, has just repealed the prohibition of building more than one plot. His assistant mayor, Lori Droste hopes that the new constructions thus made possible will lower the price of housing. So, San Francisco could quickly adopt the same rules.

Although tech employees tend to leave the San Francisco region, the Bay Area authorities believe that there will be approximately 55,000 new housing per year to satisfy the demand. In 2020, San Francisco completed only 4,000. The 146 apartments of 833 Bryant Street, however, demonstrate that it is possible to build more, and cheaper.

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