Crime Windows 365: Private Customers and Streaming Excluded, Discount for Windows 10 Pro

19:29  10 august  2021
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Demand too high: Microsoft stops free test access to Windows 365

 Demand too high: Microsoft stops free test access to Windows 365 Instead of direct access to the new Windows cloud PC, interested parties already receive hours after the start of the offer only the possibility to prefer on a waiting list for the two-month test phase. © Microsoft With Windows 365, Microsoft solves its OS from specific hardware. That may probably be called embarrassing. Only a few hours after the start of the new "Windows 365" , the demand for tests exceeds the offer for the new Cloud PC already.

Windows 365 © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows 365

A new product usually raises many questions. Microsoft has therefore published a comprehensive FAQ for Windows 365, in which some interesting information is "hidden". For example, private customers are excluded and the use for server-like purposes can lead to sanctions. There is also discount for Windows 10 Pro users.

expressly only for business customers

The question "Can I acquire a Windows 365 subscription for private use?" Answered Microsoft Wiefolding:

Windows 365 is only available for commercial use. The solution was developed for companies, from self-employed to corporations with thousands of employees.

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The editions "Windows 365 Business" and "Windows 365 Enterprise" answer the question basically through their names. Apart from that, no useful use of Windows 365 is incident in the private sector, this rule applies to security limits: paper is patient. I know many people who have a business Microsoft / Office 365 business subscription has never been required to prove that they are independent or operate a trade. Money does not stink.

with intensive data usage threaten sanctions

Customers of Windows 365 Enterprise must pay the data usage incurred by the cloud PCs anyway separately, but the usual Azure Price List applies. For Windows 365 Business, certain quotas that depend on the equipment of the Cloud PC.

The following information is mentioned here:

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1 VCPU / 2 GB / 64 GB: comprises 12 GB of outgoing data per user per month. 2 VCPU / 4 GB / 64 GB, 2 VCPU / 4 GB / 128 GB, 2 VCPU / 4 GB / 256 GB, 2 VCPU / 8 GB / 128 GB, 2 VCPU / 8 GB / 256 GB: includes 20 GB of outgoing data Per user and month. 4 VCPU / 16 GB / 128 GB, 4 VCPU / 16 GB / 256 GB, 4 VCPU / 16 GB / 512 GB: Includes 40 GB of outgoing data per user per month. 8 VCPU / 32 GB / 128 GB, 8 VCPU / 32 GB / 256 GB, 8 VCPU / 32GB / 512 GB: Includes 70GB of outgoing data per user per month.

As outgoing traffic, Microsoft considers any storage of data outside the Microsoft Cloud infrastructure. Using a cloud PC for server services such as web hosting or streaming is also not intended. Here, however, there is no clearly defined consequences, the fair use principle instead applies. If a customer exceeds the above quota, Microsoft reserves the right to reduce the available bandwidth or to limit the data volume in general.

Discount for existing Windows 10 per license

Who operates a device with Windows 10 Pro, can receive up to 16% discount on the list prices of Windows 365, Microsoft calls the "Windows Hybrid Advantage". The verification is done in the form that the customer must access the cloud PC at least once from its Windows 10 per device. Basically, however, it does not matter even when the discount is utilized, from which terminal uses Windows 365.

The full FAQ to Windows 365 can be found here:

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows 365 | Microsoft

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