Crime Man Allegedly Kills 2-Month-Old Son While Baby's Mom Was Hospitalized With COVID

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Washington Nationals sued by ex-employees over vaccine firing

  Washington Nationals sued by ex-employees over vaccine firing The Washington Nationals are being sued by two former employees who were fired for refusing to comply with the team’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Lawrence (Larry) Pardo and Brad Holman were pitching coaches in the Nats’ organization. The two refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons and were fired by the Nats as a result. The team instituted a mandate on Aug. 12 that went into effect on Sept. 10, leading to the firing of both men.Now the two have filed a lawsuit against the club, TMZ Sports reports.

In the months of lockdown while Arthur was being abused, social workers and police missed four opportunities to save him, brushed away pleas from his family and even threatened them with arrest under Covid rules. Today, his maternal grandmother Madeleine Halcrow told MailOnline: 'Arthur was let down by social services and the West Midlands Police. Teachers said Arthur was having nightmares and spoke of his father ' killing him.' Tustin became pregnant with Hughes, but had a miscarriage. December: Arthur became upset during a Christmas nativity when the baby was taken out of its crib.

The two organizations and other medical experts have cited research showing the vaccine is not dangerous for pregnant people, while complications from COVID -19 are . The CDC has shared data showing that pregnant people infected with COVID -19 are at an increased risk for "intensive care unit admission, invasive ventilation, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, and death," compared to nonpregnant people. Health experts say that with or without the vaccine, pregnant people need to continue to remain on high alert when it comes to COVID -19 by following safety protocols, including

Colton Thompson, 25, was arrested for murdering his 2-month-old son while the baby's mother was in the hospital for COVID-19. © Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Colton Thompson, 25, was arrested for murdering his 2-month-old son while the baby's mother was in the hospital for COVID-19.

A 25-year-old man was arrested and charged with fatally injuring his 2-month-old son while the baby's mother was reportedly in the hospital with COVID-19.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation arrested Colton Thompson, 25, on Sunday night after they received a report of an unresponsive 2-month-old. The young boy was transported to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, according to the OSBI, where he died as a result of his injuries on Tuesday.

Autopsy Shows N.H. Boy, 5, Whose Mom Allegedly Wanted Him 'Gone,' Died by Homicide, Fentanyl Poisoning

  Autopsy Shows N.H. Boy, 5, Whose Mom Allegedly Wanted Him 'Gone,' Died by Homicide, Fentanyl Poisoning An autopsy concluded that violence revealed by facial and scalp injuries also helped cause the death of Elijah Lewis, whose body was discovered Oct. 23 buried in the woodsA missing New Hampshire 5-year-old whose mom allegedly told a friend she wanted the boy, Elijah Lewis, "gone," and whose remains were found last month buried in the woods, died by homicide caused by neglect, malnourishment, fentanyl poisoning and violence revealed by facial and scalp injuries, according to an autopsy report.

Healthcare worker whose anti-vax mom , 40, died of COVID while her dad, 42, fought for his life in the ICU slams 'ignorant idiots' who spread vaccine misinformation that led her parents to ignore her pleas to get jabbed. Jeremy, 42, and Monica Voss, 40, were both vocal against the COVID -19 vaccine before being hospitalized with COVID in late October. While on oxygen, Jeremy changed his tune and urged his friends to get the jab. He also apologized to his daughter Faith Voss-Paulson for not believing her about the importance of the vaccine.

Germany will lock down its unvaccinated citizens while parliament debates making jabs mandatory, Angela Merkel said as she threw her weight behind the move today. The outgoing Chancellor said that un-jabbed people will soon be barred from non-essential shops and all cultural and leisure facilities, with only those who have got their shots or been infected with Covid allowed to enter. The Bundestag will also begin debating a vaccine mandate as soon as possible with a view to making it law by February next year, Merkel added.

Investigators told KWTV-DT that the 25-year-old was taking care of his son, Logan, while the baby's mother, whose name has not been officially released, was in the hospital with COVID-19. She was admitted to the hospital on Friday and reportedly called hourly to check on the baby. All seemed fine until Thompson said he grabbed Logan and the boy wasn't acting normally, according to the arrest affidavit.

According to reports, the baby's mother called her mother, who called 911. Boyett told investigators Thompson didn't have a bond with the baby and "did not do well with children." She described him as being angry when he had to do something for Logan and that he was reportedly a habitual marijuana smoker, but said there was no one else to watch the 2-month-old while she was in the hospital.

'Hellbound' Ending Explained: Does the Baby Really Die At The End Of The Netflix Show?

  'Hellbound' Ending Explained: Does the Baby Really Die At The End Of The Netflix Show? The fate of the baby in Netflix's gripping new K-drama "Hellbound" isn't the only major plot twist in the show's engrossing final episode.The gripping new show was reported to be the world's most watched Netflix television series on November 20, according to data from FlixPatrol.

A Pennsylvania mother allegedly smothered her 17- month - old son to death and then texted videos of the boy' s body to his father during a fight. The mother killed Andre Price III by pressing his face into the bedding of an air mattress in her living room before trying to do the same to Angel on Tuesday, according to police. Authorities said Clark sent a video around 10pm that showed both children lying face down on the mattress to her boyfriend, Andre Price Jr, during a three-hour fight that took place over text messages.

The CDC received 3,907 reports of people who have been hospitalized with breakthrough Covid infections, despite being fully vaccinated. Efficacy rates decrease slightly for variants like alpha and delta, with studies indicating 88% efficacy against the delta strain after two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. It was unclear if any of the reported breakthrough cases were caused by variants. In Israel and the United Kingdom, concerns about the delta variant are rising after growing reports of breakthrough infections.

Thompson admitted to investigators that he slapped the baby up to 10 times in the previous few weeks, according to Oklahoma City's News 9, and that he got frustrated when the baby was crying. He reportedly told investigators he grabbed the boy out of his bouncer by one arm, causing his head to go back "very quickly," and then dropped the 2-month-old on the bed.

When officers arrived at the home, they noticed bruises on the side of Logan's face and Thompson allegedly admitted to hitting him in the face with his open right hand.

Thompson was charged with willful or malicious child abuse and murder in the first degree. In Oklahoma, the minimum sentence for first-degree murder is life in prison.

When the Pawnee, Oklahoma emergency services arrived at the house, they found the child in cardiac arrest with no pulse and not breathing. They performed CPR and were able to detect a pulse while on their way to the Stillwater Medical Center. The baby had to be intubated and remained unresponsive, which prompted doctors to transfer him to St. Francis Hospital.

Everything G-Eazy Has Said About His Late Mom Suzanne Olmsted: 'My Hero, My Everything'

  Everything G-Eazy Has Said About His Late Mom Suzanne Olmsted: 'My Hero, My Everything' G-Eazy announced the death of his mother on WednesdayG-Eazy is mourning the loss of his mother, Suzanne Olmsted, a fixture in the rapper's life whom he has called his "biggest inspiration.

While much still needs to be confirmed about Omicron, including whether or not it causes more-serious illness, the ECDC says it will make up half of all Europe' s cases 'within the next few months ' as it out-competes the Delta variant. That has led some, including Germany' s would- be health minister, to suggest Omicron could be a blessing in disguise by weakening the overall effect of Covid . But scientists caution that the data-set is not yet large enough to know for sure whether Omicron is less serious, and that it will take two to three weeks for the picture to become clear.

Covid hospitalizations have increased 20% over the past three weeks as the US prepares for a possible holiday virus surge and the first case of the Omicron variant is detected in California. COVID -19 related hospitalizations made a sharp rise in the last month , as the holiday season gets into full swing and a new threat reaches America in the form of the Omicron variant.

A nurse at St. Francis informed investigators that the baby had two brain bleeds and a possible skull fracture, as well as brain swelling.

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