Crime Arizona police officer fired after internal probe into fatal shooting of man in wheelchair

04:16  06 january  2022
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A US police officer has been fired after fatally shooting a man in a motorised wheelchair while responding to a reported shoplifting. Tucson police officer Ryan Remington fired nine shots at 61-year-old Richard Lee Richards during the incident. The footage - drawn from CCTV cameras and police bodycams, including one on Mr Remington - shows Mr Remington and another officer following Mr Richards to the entrance of another nearby store, with one officer instructing him to "not go into the store". Mr Remington then fires nine shots from his gun at Mr Richards, who slumps forward and falls

An Arizona police officer has been fired amid outrage over the killing of a suspected shoplifter who was in a motorized wheelchair and moving slowly away from officers when he was shot in the back multiple times. Surveillance videos released by the police department showed Officer Ryan Richards had been accused of stealing a toolbox from Walmart and an employee contacted Remington, who was working a special duty assignment at the store. Richards brandished a knife at the employee at one point, police said. “Do not go into the store, sir,” Remington can be heard yelling at Richards

PHOENIX — An Arizona police officer was officially fired on Wednesday after the department completed its internal investigation into the shooting that killed 61-year-old Richard Lee Richards in November, the Tucson Police Department announced in a news release.

Ryan Remington © Tucson Police Department Ryan Remington

Surveillance video of the Nov. 29 shooting shows Richards, 61, entering a Lowe's in a wheelchair before an officer, later identified as Ryan Remington, fires his gun nine times at Richards' back and side. Richards was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

Before Richards entered the Lowe's, a Walmart employee had reported Richards was suspected of shoplifting a toolbox, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said at a news conference. When asked to show a receipt, the Walmart employee told police that Richards pulled out a knife and said, "Here's your receipt."

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An Arizona police officer was fired Tuesday, a day after he shot and killed a 61-year-old man in a wheelchair while working off-duty as a security guard at a Walmart. Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus told reporters he was "deeply disturbed and troubled" by the actions of Ryan Remington, a four-year When he ignored their commands, Remington fired nine rounds, striking Richards in the back and side and causing him to fall to the ground, Magnus said. He died at the scene. Police body-camera footage shows the Richards from behind attempting to enter the Lowe's. A male voice is heard ordering him

A US police officer has been fired after he was accused of shooting a shoplifting suspect in a wheelchair nine times, killing him, after the man brandished a knife, authorities said on Tuesday. Police announced at a news conference that Officer Ryan Remington, from Tucson in Arizona A loss prevention employee at Walmart told Remington a man in a motorised wheelchair allegedly stole a toolbox from the store. According to police , Remington and the store employee followed the man outside and asked for a receipt. Richards reportedly said "Here's my receipt", pulled out a knife and

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Remington was working off-duty as security at Walmart and has been with the department for four years. Magnus said that Remington would be fired.

The following day, the police department began the process of firing Remington. He was officially fired on Wednesday, more than a month later and a day shy of his fifth anniversary with the department.

According to the news release, Remington could appeal the department's decision within 10 days, though it's unclear if he would. Remington's attorney, Mike Storie, was not immediately available to comment.

The Pima County Attorney's Office was reviewing the fatal shooting for possible criminal charges against the officer.

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What we know about the shooting

A Walmart employee shortly after 6 p.m. on Nov. 29 reported Richards was suspected of shoplifting a toolbox, officials previously said. Remington, working off-duty as security at Walmart, responded.

According to the employee, when asked to show a receipt, Richards pulled out a knife and said, "Here's your receipt." Richards, in his motorized wheelchair, then headed toward the Lowe's store across the parking lot in south Tucson, Arizona, officials said.

Remington followed Richards around the parking lot and can be seen on video calling for backup because Richards "pulled a knife on me."

Officer Stephanie Taylor responded, arriving at the scene as Remington was approaching Richards near the Lowe's entrance.

Footage from her body-worn camera shows her running out of her vehicle toward Richards.  "You need to stop," someone is heard saying, and then, "He's got his knife in his other hand."

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Things said to the police officers : Police officers of colour were called sellouts, UTs, and other things by people of colour that pulled them over. Not one person made a racist remark to him. If we spent an equivalent amount of half as much.money on mental health services, elderly care services, and services for the disabled as we do on the police then maybe this guy wouldnt have been trying to kill himself and that cop wouldnt have been put into a situation like that in the first place

Neither the original police statement on the incident last week nor the update issued Monday provided details regarding how many troopers were involved or how many shots were fired , nor did the statements offer any description of the injuries the man sustained. After Burlingham was shot , troopers rendered first aid, according to police , and he was transported to UPMC Hamot in Erie. "Upon conclusion of this investigation the Crawford County District Attorney will review the case, all forensic reports, and make a charging recommendation," an update from police stated on Monday.

As Remington says, "Do not go to the store, sir," Taylor draws her gun, too.

Video captured by Lowe's security cameras show Richards entering the store in a wheelchair followed by the two officers with their guns drawn a few feet behind him.

"Stop now. You need to —" Taylor begins saying but is interrupted by Remington firing his gun.

Richards was facing away from the officers when Remington fired his gun nine times at Richards' back and side, body camera footage shows.

Richards immediately fell out of the wheelchair as Remington rushed toward him and handcuffed the man, who remained crumpled on the ground.

Who is ex-officer Remington?

Remington had been with the Tucson Police Department for four years. In a statement, Storie that Remington “had no nonlethal options."

"He did have a Taser, but in his mind, he couldn’t use it because he didn’t feel he had the proper spread to deploy it, with the wheelchair between him and Richards,” Storie said.

"To be very clear, I am deeply disturbed and troubled by officer Remington's actions," Magnus said at a news conference after the shooting. "His use of deadly force in this incident is a clear violation of department policy and directly contradicts multiple aspects of our use of force and training."

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero said Remington’s actions were “unconscionable and indefensible” and the county attorney’s office has her support as it proceeds with its investigation.

The shooting happened a day after Tucson police announced it was investigating another incident involving an off-duty officer who restrained two women on the ground outside a restaurant.

Contributing: Julie Luchetta, Arizona Republic

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