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Deputies say gangs exist within Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

Thursday  15:32,   25 february 2021

The deputies claim the most prevalent are the Banditos.The deputies, who do not want to be identified for fear of reprisal, claim the most prevalent are called the Banditos — comprised of mostly Latino deputies who serve predominantly African... >>>

Why Ghislaine Maxwell's Jeffrey Epstein Bail Bid is 'Not Going to Work'

Thursday  14:55,   25 february 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell has offered to give up her British and French citizenship in exchange for bail in her Jeffrey Epstein trafficking case—reminding some lawyers of the case of Roman Polanski.The British socialite has offered to give up her British... >>>

Missing Girl, 13, Rescued From Motel Room With Florida Man She Met Online

Thursday  12:28,   25 february 2021

The Oak Hill teenager was reported missing after she failed to return home from school on February 18.The teenager was reported missing when she failed to return home from school around 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, February... >>>

Did a Texas Mom Kill Her 2 Daughters and Herself — or Is a Killer on the Loose?

Thursday  06:51,   25 february 2021

Nichol Olsen, daughter Alexa, 16, and London, 10, were found dead on Jan. 10, 2019"She loved those girls," says Olsen's friend Vanessa Turney. "She was incredibly proud of who they were as... >>>

Teen Accused of Killing Disabled Sister as Parents Slept

Thursday  01:06,   25 february 2021

A Pennsylvania teenager is facing charges after allegedly fatally stabbing her wheelchair bound older sister—then hysterically calling 911 to confess to the crime. Claire Elaina Miller, 14, has been charged with homicide after calling authorities on >>>

'Devoted Mother' Was Killed on Valentine's Day, and Ex-Husband Is Suspect

Wednesday  21:42,   24 february 2021

Meztli Galindo was found dead early Sunday morning on the same block as her ex's home"As many of you may know, last week we suffered the devastating loss of a sister, daughter, mother, and friend," the organizer of a GoFundMe page writes of... >>>

Remains of Missing Fla. Mom Found in Shallow Grave Days After She Disappeared

Wednesday  20:06,   24 february 2021

Nyeisha Nelson, 20, hadn't been seen or in touch with her family since Feb. 11"The investigation does suggest the likelihood that she knew the offender," Putnam County Sheriff's Office Col. Joseph Wells said at a news conference Tuesday. "This... >>>

Two Men Killed Missing Woman Conzuelo ‘Nicole’ Solorio-Romero Because She ‘Knew Too Much’: Authorities

Wednesday  20:06,   24 february 2021

They had been questioning her about what she told police regarding another individual, who had been taken into federal custody, authorities said. The post Two Men Killed Missing Woman Conzuelo ‘Nicole’ Solorio-Romero Because She ‘Knew Too Much’:... >>>

Mom Called 911, Admitted She Killed Her Children, and Waited for Police with Blood on Her Hands: Prosecutor

Wednesday  20:06,   24 february 2021

Authorities in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, say Krisinda Ann Bright, 48, shot and killed her own two children, left her unloaded gun on her dining room table, called 911, and waited on her front porch for officers to arrive. The post Mom Called 911, >>>

South Dakota Lawmakers Aim to Impeach Attorney General Five Months After He Struck and Killed Joseph Boever

Wednesday  19:42,   24 february 2021

"I do not believe Attorney General Ravnsborg belongs in prison, but I know he does not belong in the Office of the Attorney General anymore," the Republican who authored the articles said. The post South Dakota Lawmakers Aim to Impeach Attorney... >>>

Bafin in the sights of the public prosecutor's office

Wednesday  18:48,   24 february 2021

The financial supervisory authority Bafin was targeted by the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office in the course of the Wirecard scandal. © Boris Roessler / dpa Bafin received a request for information from the public prosecutor. It was a... >>>

How first responders found and freed a 'trapped,' injured Tiger Woods after rollover crash

Wednesday  18:07,   24 february 2021

A minute-to-minute look at how authorities responded to Tiger Woods' single-car crash and what they did next to free him from the vehicle.Gonzalez found one occupant in the car, trapped behind the wheel. He asked the man for his name. "Tiger,"... >>>

Idaho Man Accused of Beating Pregnant Fiancée’s 2-Year-Old Son to the ‘Point That His Body Could No Longer Take It’

Wednesday  18:06,   24 february 2021

A 31-year-old Idaho man is accused of first-degree murder after his pregnant fiancée's 2-year-old son was "beaten to death essentially, or abused to the point that his body could no longer take it." That's how a prosecutor in Ada County... >>>

Ex-Gang Member Threatens To Kill Asians on Social Media, Arrested by Police

Wednesday  16:15,   24 february 2021

The Oakland Police Department said a Berkeley man has been taken into custody after allegedly posting "disturbing messages" directed at the Asian community.The Oakland Police Department said a Berkeley man was taken into custody after "social media... >>>

Teen Killed by Juvenile in Accidental Shooting at Colorado Home, Police Say

Wednesday  13:17,   24 february 2021

A juvenile has been charged with manslaughter after a 14-year-old boy was killed in an accidental shooting at a home in Lafayette, Colorado.The teenage boy who had sustained gunshot wounds was rushed to the Good Samaritan Hospital in the city by a... >>>