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Violating Ohio stay home order: Man shot at barbecue among 21 arrested in Hamilton County

Wednesday  07:45,   08 april 2020

Police have charged 21 people around Hamilton County with violating Ohio's stay at home order, including two men shot in different incidents.Some of the people charged were shooting... >>>

Louisville doctor accused of fighting teens over social distancing arrested, charged with strangulation

Wednesday  01:05,   08 april 2020

A Louisville-area physician has been arrested and charged in connection with an altercation at Norton Commons. Louisville Metro Police Department said Monday that it was investigating after a group of teenage girls shared a video of a man cursing,... >>>

Texas prison guard dies after being hospitalized with COVID-19

Wednesday  00:45,   08 april 2020

A Texas prison guard died Monday after testing positive for Covid-19, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Tuesday. Kelvin Wilcher, 49, workers as a correctional officer at the Estelle Unit in Huntsville. He was taken to a hospital April 1... >>>

Coronavirus: Rockland death rate hits 135; breakdown of cases by ZIP code

Wednesday  00:35,   08 april 2020

Rockland County's COVID-19 deaths jumped by 13.4% in one day, according to the county's coronavirus dashboard.The increase came as Tuesday's statewide death toll jumped 15% in one day, the highest day-to-day increase in the state since... >>>

‘God only knows what’s going to happen’: Hudson’s criminal courts grapple with indefinite shutdown

Wednesday  00:35,   08 april 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, Hudson County’s criminal justice system is grappling with the effects of the shutdown. Last week, New Jersey Supreme Court extended the suspension of jury trials until further notice. The move, intended to slow... >>>

Coronavirus kills Illinois inmate behind bars for boy's murder

Wednesday  00:26,   08 april 2020

An Illinois inmate who died from the coronavirus was serving an 80-year prison sentence for the 1980 murder of an 11-year-old boy.An Illinois inmate who died from the coronavirus was serving an 80-year prison sentence for the 1980 murder of an... >>>

Toy Story 4 (Canal +): the little secrets of the Pixar

Wednesday  00:05,   08 april 2020

studio saga © DISNEY / PIXAR Toy Story 4 (Canal +): the little secrets of the Pixar studio saga Tonight, Canal + is broadcasting the superb animated film Toy Story 4. The opportunity to discover all the little secrets of this legendary... >>>

HPD chief addresses inmates released over COVID-19

Tuesday  22:40,   07 april 2020

HPD chief addresses inmates released over COVID-19Just last week, Harris County ordered and then was stopped from releasing non-violent inmates from its jail. As of Tuesday, Harris County Jail has had at least three inmates test positive for... >>>

Exclusive: As Harris County deputy battles coronavirus, his wife tries to save him from afar

Tuesday  21:15,   07 april 2020

Raymond Scholwinski might have caught the coronavirus on March 16, his wife Rynda Scholwinski believes, but there's no telling for sure. On that day, the 70-year-old Harris County Sheriff’s sergeant met with a deputy who didn’t realize he was... >>>

Two Texas prisons on complete lockdown related to possible COVID-19 exposures

Tuesday  20:56,   07 april 2020

Two Texas prison units are on a complete lockdown after most of their inmate population was placed in medical restriction for possible exposure to COVID-19, a Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman confirmed. The Rufe Jordan Unit, a men’s... >>>

'Terroristic threat': Police searching for Texas woman who claimed to be spreading COVID-19

Tuesday  20:52,   07 april 2020

A police department in Texas is searching for a woman who it says allegedly claimed to be spreading COVID-19 on purpose. The Carrollton Police Department said Lorraine Maradiaga, 18, was "seen on social media claiming to be COVID-19 positive and... >>>

Woman suing Cuyahoga County jail guards over pepper-foam attack accuses Budish, jail leadership of running jail-for-profit scheme

Tuesday  20:21,   07 april 2020

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A woman who filed suit against Cuyahoga County Jail officers who punched and pepper-sprayed her in what prosecutors later amounted to torture has asked a judge’s permission to add claims against Cuyahoga County Executive Armond... >>>

New Hampshire judge denies Volodymyr Zhukovskyy bail hearing request

Tuesday  20:21,   07 april 2020

A Superior Court judge has denied a request from Volodymyr Zhukovskyy seeking a hearing for his potential release as he awaits trial in the fatal Randolph, N.H., motorcycle crash that killed seven bikers last June -- siding with the state's... >>>

Judge: Death penalty on table for synagogue massacre suspect

Tuesday  20:07,   07 april 2020

A federal judge has rejected a bid by the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting to have the death penalty removed as a potential sentencing option. © Matt Rourke/AP Photos Two people support each other in front of flowers at a makeshift... >>>

Mennonite imposters used drones to track and kidnap children

Tuesday  20:07,   07 april 2020

A dystopian tale in which a desperate couple tried to have a child by stealing someone else's.It’s a dystopian tale in which a young couple—unable to have their own child—tried to steal someone else’s, using the latest technology against an... >>>