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Satanic songs that reference the devil

Monday  15:11,   26 september 2022

Some songwriters have an affinity with the devil. As the personification of evil, the devil—or Satan, Lucifer, and Beelzebub, among other names the nefarious entity is bestowed with—is referenced in all sorts of songs to represent dark deeds, or the >>>

The Best Ways to Play Lord of the Rings Online Without Spending Money

Monday  15:11,   26 september 2022

The Lord of the Rings Online is free-to-play with some restrictions, but players can get through much of the game without needing to spend money.The Lord of the Rings Online was first released in 2007 and has had a steady stream of content updates... >>>

The Pokemon Company To Hold UK Art Exhibition In October

Monday  15:11,   26 september 2022

The Pokemon Company will be holding a Through The Ages art exhibition in the UK next month.The Pokemon art exhibit will open in Manchester's Trafford Center on October 17 and fans will be able visit any time from then through November 13 (via... >>>

‘Bridgerton’ Author Julia Quinn Doesn’t Believe Theo Was Meant to be a Romantic Connection For Eloise

Monday  15:11,   26 september 2022

Theo Sharpe and Eloise Bridgerton strike up a close relationship in Season 2. Many wonder if the pair will start a romantic relationship in a later season. Recently, Bridgerton author Julia Quinn gave her thoughts on Theo and Eloise’s relationship.... >>>

Audrey Hepburn: 15 exciting facts about the Hollywood icon

Monday  15:10,   26 september 2022

Separation at the Reimanns and she already has another ... © Imago / Eibner Konny Reimann and Manuela Reimann Bitter news for the Reimann family. Shortly after the separation, she already presents a man at her... >>>

Zazie: At 58 she displays her first white hair ... "I took a stroke of old", she responds to criticism and haters

Monday  14:40,   26 september 2022

at 58 years old, Zazie proudly sports her first white hair. His hair is dotted with silver strands. However, this hair look is criticized by certain Internet users. Zazie reminds the… © Bestimage Zazie: at 58 she displays her first white hair ...... >>>

Dance with the stars: The big focus of Fauve Hautot on Billy Crawford

Monday  14:30,   26 september 2022

provided by Starmag Billy-Crawford-Fauve-Hautot three weeks after the launch of Dance with the stars , Billy Crawford is undoubtedly Favorite Office . The singer, who is now a host, was unanimous in his first steps on the park of the famous dance... >>>

Genshin Impact’s GENSHIN CONCERT 2022 takes the stage on October 2

Monday  14:21,   26 september 2022

The GENSHIN CONCERT 2022 - Melodies of an Endless Journey is set to go live on October 2, 2022, 12:00 noon (UTC+8). The online concert is a collaborative effort between the HOYO-MiX, HoYoverse's in-house music production studio, and the... >>>

The Witcher: Blood Origin Debuts the Jaskier of the Ancient Elven World

Monday  14:21,   26 september 2022

New stills from Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin debut Sophia Brown's Éile ‘The Lark’ Lithe as the Jaskier of the ancient elven world.Released via Redanian Intelligence, the images feature the show's central protagonists, Scian, played by >>>

The endless list of tragic Playmate deaths

Monday  14:21,   26 september 2022

Mystery shrouds the gruesome ends that far too many Playmates seem to have met. Death has seemed to dog some of these Playboy models, with examples stretching from 1962 to as recently as 2020 with the death of Ashley Mattingly. For more such... >>>

Daniel Radcliffe Balanced Alan Rickman's Snape on the Harry Potter Set

Monday  14:21,   26 september 2022

An excerpt from the late Alan Rickman's diary recounts how the star's moody Snape persona was offset by Daniel Radcliffe on the Harry Potter set.The late actor's recollection of Radcliffe's warmth during principal photography on Harry Potter >>>

Tomorrow belongs to us (spoiler): Benjamin's death? Hadrien targeted on TF1

Monday  14:20,   26 september 2022

© supplied by all TV this Monday, September 26, 2022 at 7:15 p.m., TF1 will start a new week of tomorrow belongs to us . Alma will appear in danger after Hadrian's return, while Christelle will suspect Sylvain with infidelity. In the next episodes... >>>

Sports stars who died too young

Monday  14:11,   26 september 2022

The life of an athlete can be fast and furious. They typically start young and quickly prove themselves at a national, and even international, level. While sometimes this leads to fame and an impressive career, unfortunately not all athletes make it >>>

Denis Villeneuve Saved Jake Gyllenhaal From An 'Impossible' Prisoners Scene

Monday  14:11,   26 september 2022

Sometimes, an actor just needs to place his whole trust in the hands of the crew.A central character responsible for solving the labyrinthine mystery in "Prisoners" is Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal), who is first introduced in a noir-ish shot of... >>>

Michael Jackson wanted to open music schools

Monday  14:11,   26 september 2022

Occurred on July 28, 2022 / Peru, Illinois, USA: Our Axolotl, Boop, has the ability to stay very still, which allows us to turn him into funny... >>>