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06:50  26 september  2022
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House Of The Dragon Is Already Breaking Game Of Thrones' Timeline

  House Of The Dragon Is Already Breaking Game Of Thrones' Timeline House of the Dragon season 1 is already making some changes to the established timeline, though many are necessary for the Game of Thrones prequel.This isn’t as far-reaching a story as Game of Thrones in terms of sheer breadth of story; whereas that went from the far North of Westeros to the south of Essos, and saw several major houses in main roles, House of the Dragon's story, building to the Dance of the Dragons, is more centered around King's Landing and the inner-workings of the Targaryens, though there are other key players.

House of the Dragon continues to outdo itself with each passing episode. Though last week’s episode “We Light the Way” left viewers in shock, they aren’t given much time to process as they are thrown into an entirely new dynamic. Episode 6 is filled with excitement and intrigue as fans are invited to become reacquainted with the characters they thought they knew.

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Episode 5 brilliantly set up contending factions, leaving fans to wonder how they will enact their pursuit of the Iron Throne. Now, not only are there distinct political sides, but the opposing parties are prepared to take action to further their bureaucratic agendas. Still, Episode 6 proves that while many things have changed, others are still very much the same.

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Several Characters Have Grown Up

The announcement of Rhaenyra and Alicent's character change caused fans to eagerly await Emma D'arcy and Emily Cook's arrival in the series. As these are two central characters, fans remained focus this change. However, Episode 6 introduced grown up versions of Leanor, Laenor,

More Dragons

Dragons are a significant part of Targaryen history and their control over these magnificent creatures made them the fearsome force nations recognized. Daenerys' interaction with her three dragons are the only scenes fans have been able to witness. Episode 6 showcases thrilling dragon races, and dragon training.

Varys Is Still Alive

After Varys collapsed,

The Next Generation Is Introduced

The new princes and princess

House Of The Dragon Release Schedule: When Does Episode 7 Come Out?

  House Of The Dragon Release Schedule: When Does Episode 7 Come Out? House of the Dragon season 1 premiered on August 21 on HBO and HBO Max and is followed by several weekly installments in GOT's old time slot.House of the Dragon season 1, episode 6, "The Princess and the Queen," begins after a 10-year time jump, revealing that Rhaenyra has had three sons and Alicent's children have grown up alongside them. The feud between Alicent and Rhaenyra has grown substantially since House of the Dragon episode 5, with Alicent and Ser Criston desperately trying to destroy the Princess's reputation.

Alicent Raised Suspicions About Rhaenyra's Children

Daemon Started A New Family Of His Own

The dance Daemon shared with Laena at the Wedding Celebration proved to be more than a meaningless flirtation. Daemon and Leana are now married with two children and one on the way. While Daemon was so miserable in his last marriage it drove him to commit murder, he seems to genuinely care for Laena.

Though Daemon has proven himself as the series' villain, and has committed several heinous acts, it's endearing to see him step into the role of a loving husband and father.

Ser Criston Provoked Ser Harwen

It's clear that Ser Criston is a man scorned, and he barely makes any attempts to hid his contempt for his former paramour. While training the young princes, Ser Harwen criticized his teaching skills. This provided Ser Criston the opportunity to test his theory.

He intentionally staged an uneven match between Aegon and Jacaerys and encouraged Aegon to overpower his young nephew. Once Jacaerys was down, Ser Harwen angrily stopped the fight. Ser Criston used this moment to accuse Ser Harwen of being Jacaerys' father, to which he responded by attacking Ser Criston.

Rhaenyra Suggested That They Betroth Jacaerys To Helaena

In an attempt to quell the strife between their houses and distract everyone from their growing suspicions, Rhaenyra proposed to Alicent that they betroth their children and allow them to rule together. None of Rhaenyra's three children resemble her husband Laenor, and she is aware that everyone's growing suspicions about her children's parentage will soon threaten her claim to the throne.

While her father is thrilled by this proposal, Alicent sees it for what it truly is, damage control. She quickly ends the meeting and later tells her husband she has no interest in betrothing her only daughter to an illegitimate child.

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