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19:10  29 september  2022
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The following contains major spoilers for Strange #6, available now from Marvel Comics.

When he was first introduced in Strange Tales #110's "Doctor Strange Master of Black Magic!" (by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Stan Goldberg, and Terry Scenics), Wong was a one-dimensional character entirely defined by his steadfast loyalty to Stephen Strange. In the decades since his debut, however, Wong has blossomed into a more fleshed-out character in both comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his appearance in She-Hulk establishing him as one of Phase 4's most influential (and hilarious) characters.

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Sadly, Strange #6 (by Jed MacKay, Lee Garbett, Java Tartaglia, and VC's Cory Petit) has added a new, much-less positive layer to Wong's character by revealing the tragic nature of his upbringing. Not only does this information recontextualize Wong's early relationship with Dr. Strange, but it also makes the former Sorcerer Supreme's recent passing even more heartbreaking.

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The murder of Dr. Strange plunged the world into a state of utter chaos, denying those closest to the Sorcerer Supreme the ability to properly mourn his passing. As one of Strange's oldest friends and the one who had the misfortune of finding his body, Wong has had a particularly difficult time coming to terms with Strange's passing. That pain was rivaled only by that of Strange's formerly-estranged wife and appointed successor Clea. While Wong's grief is primarily born out of the pain of losing a long-time friend, Strange #6 revealed that is also tied to a warped perception of his self-worth that was forced onto him as a child.

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While hunting down leads on the mysterious Blasphemy Cartel, Wong reflected on his childhood, in which he was trained to succeed his father as the servant of the Sorcerer Supreme. Wong's father, who shared his name, didn't mince words instilling in Wong the severity of their ancestral duty, flatly telling his son that his life was worthless when compared to that of his future master. After having been raised by his father to believe that their duty was more important than their lives, Wong's father told the vulnerable young boy that outliving the Sorcerer Supreme would mark him as a complete failure.

Although there was nothing Wong could have done to prevent Strange's death, his harsh upbringing made his passing even more devastating for him. Wong admitted that his father's words were untrue, but the feeling that his life was second to that of Strange's stuck with him well into adulthood. The fact that he ended up outliving the Sorcerer Supreme left him with an overwhelming feeling of sorrow and anger. When confronted by a gang of thugs hopped up on pixy dust, Wong brutally takes out his pent-up frustration on them, openly admitting that he wished he could punish himself half as harshly.

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Making matters even worse for Wong is the knowledge that Strange himself never saw him as a sacrificial pawn. During the many years they spent together in the Sanctum Sanctorum, Strange made it clear that he saw Wong as more than just a servant, even going out of his way to save Wong when he developed a fatal brain tumor. Sadly, Wong always found it difficult to let go of his belief that their relationship was one of master and servant and struggled to accept and return the affection Strange showed him.

Now that Strange is gone, Wong must not only live with the feeling that he failed to protect his master, but he must also live with the pains of losing a man who had become like a brother to him. Wong is currently unaware that Strange is "alive" once again in the form of the Harvestman, and the guilt of failing his charge is unlikely to fade anytime soon. While Wong has found a new purpose in serving and protecting Clea, the memories of his harsh upbringing have turned what should be a new chapter in his life into a constant reminder of his past failings.

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