Entertainment Jordan Peterson Breaks Down in Tears When Asked About Olivia Wilde Calling Him a ‘Hero to the Incel Community’: ‘Sure, Why Not?’

19:10  29 september  2022
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Olivia Wilde Forced to Cut Scenes From Don't Worry Darling Trailer

  Olivia Wilde Forced to Cut Scenes From Don't Worry Darling Trailer Olivia Wilde discussed how the MPA interfered with the trailer for her upcoming film, Don't Worry Darling."I had to cut some shots, which I was upset about because I thought they it took it up another notch. But of course we still live in a really puritanical society. I do think the lack of eroticism in American film is kind of new. Then when it comes to female pleasure, it’s something that we just don’t see very often unless you’re talking about queer cinema. You know, it’s interesting because in a lot of queer films, the female characters are allowed to have more pleasure. Audiences aren’t as puritanical as corporations think they are. And yet people get upset.

  Jordan Peterson Breaks Down in Tears When Asked About Olivia Wilde Calling Him a ‘Hero to the Incel Community’: ‘Sure, Why Not?’ © Getty Images

Jordan Peterson broke down in tears during an interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” (via Mediaite) when asked about Olivia Wilde referring to him as “a hero to the incel community.” Wilde was on her “Don’t Worry Darling” press tour when she revealed to Interview Magazine that Chris Pine’s villainous character in the film, Frank, is based on Peterson. Wilde called Peterson “this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community.”

“Sure. Why not?” Peterson said when Piers Morgan asked if Wilde’s assessment of him was true. “You know, people have been after me for a long time because I’ve been speaking to disaffected young men.”

Critics Have Decided About Olivia Wilde's Troubled New Movie

  Critics Have Decided About Olivia Wilde's Troubled New Movie Olivia Wilde has had a rough few months. In addition to her well-publicized personal issues (which became even more public after she was literally upstaged by legal documents), her new feature film Don't Worry Darling has seemingly been beset by drama after drama after drama. Now that the film has been publicly screened at the Venice Film Festival (with star Florence Pugh notably declining to sit on a Q&A panel), the critical consensus is coming for Olivia Wilde and her new movie. In short: it is not great.

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Peterson then broke down into tears and said, “It’s very difficult to understand how demoralized people are, and certainly many young men are in that category. You get these casual insults, these incels — what do they mean? These men, they don’t know how to make themselves attractive to women who are very picky, and good for them. Women, like, be picky. That’s your gift, man. Demand high standards from your men. Fair enough. But all these men who are alienated, it’s like they’re lonesome and they don’t know what to do and everyone piles abuse on them.”

Olivia Wilde Reasserts That She Fired Shia LaBeouf from "Don't Worry Darling" After Drama

  Olivia Wilde Reasserts That She Fired Shia LaBeouf from The chatter behind the scenes of "Don't Worry Darling" could inspire its own movie.In the October issue of Vanity Fair, Wilde spoke about directing the film - and she discussed the conversation that she claims led her to call LaBeouf and fire him. LaBeouf was set to star as Pugh's husband Jack in the movie, but Wilde said Pugh allegedly approached the director and asserted that she was "uncomfortable" and had concerns about the actor's behavior.

After calling Peterson a “hero to incel community,” Wilde described incels as “disenfranchised, mostly white men, who believe they are entitled to sex from women. And they believe that society has now robbed them — that the idea of feminism is working against nature, and that we must be put back into the correct place.”

“This guy Jordan Peterson is someone that legitimizes certain aspects of their movement because he’s a former professor, he’s an author, he wears a suit, so they feel like this is a real philosophy that should be taken seriously,” Wilde added.

Peterson told Morgan that he wasn’t too offended by Wilde’s comment (it was a “low-level” insult, he said). Instead, the diss convinced Peterson to check out the “Don’t Worry Darling” trailer.

“I thought, ‘I’d go see that movie.’ and perhaps I will,” Peterson said. “It didn’t really bother me… [Chris Pine] is a very good looking man… I hope he gets my fashion style choice right.”

An Incel Who Admitted That He Planned To "Slaughter" Women In College Has Pleaded Guilty To Attempting A Hate Crime

  An Incel Who Admitted That He Planned To Investigators found that the Ohio man had plans to kill as many as 3,000 people at a university and took steps to prepare for it. View Entire Post ›Tres Genco of Hillborough, Ohio, who posted on an incel website frequently and had firearms at home, had written notes about his plans to "slaughter" women and took steps to prepare for it, authorities said.

When asked about why he got emotional discussing Wilde’s comment, Peterson again fought back tears and said, “It’s really something to see — constantly how many people are dying for lack of an encouraging word and how easy it is to provide that if you’re careful.”

“Don’t Worry Darling” is now playing in theaters nationwide. Watch Peterson and Morgan’s full discussion below.

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