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20:40  01 october  2022
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Today, we take a look at one of the most ridiculous Supergirl/Wonder Woman team-ups of all-time, as they teamed up to...quit being superheroes so that they could date cute guys, instead!

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In Remember to Forget, we spotlight comic book stories that I wish I could forget, but I can’t, so I instead share them with you all, so you're stuck in the same boat as me!

This time around, we're looking at 1965's The Brave and the Bold #63, by Bob Haney and John Rosenberger. The story is called, "Revolt of the Super-Chicks" and that might be one of the least embarrassing aspects of this comic book (and that's already pretty embarrassing).

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As I've noted a few times in the past, Bob Haney has a special reputation in comics for the continuity of his comics (especially his Brave and the Bold comics, but also other books, like his World's Finest Comics work). As I've pointed out a number of times, the old newsstand format lent itself to the popularization of team-up comic books, as most (not all, of course, but most) comic book purchases back in the day were impulse purchases. In other words, you grabbed a comic book when you were at the newsstand or the drugstore, and you grabbed whatever comic book looked the coolest to you. And if you liked Batman and, say, Green Lantern, then if you saw a comic book starring Batman AND Green Lantern, bam, you just got two heroes for the price of one. As we got to the direct market model, comic book customers were coming to the comic book store mostly for comic books that they wanted before they got there. And then, comic book readers wanted comic books that "mattered." One-off stories between Batman and another superhero weren't really going to affect the continuity of either character, so team-up books were slowly phased out. However, while they were still popular, the whole idea of continuity was basically negligible, which is right where Bob Haney lived. He didn't need to know what the deal was in your own comic book, once you go into the pages of Brave and the Bold, you were a Bob Haney character. People would often joke that Haney's Earth was a whole other world in the Multiverse (Earth-B?), because characters acted totally unlike themselves while appearing in Brave and the Bold and his other works.

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That sort of approach very often led to some wild stories, but the line being AWESOMELY wild (which I would feature in my I Love Ya But You're Strange feautre) and OBJECTIONALLY wild is often pretty narrow, and sometimes, Haney stepped over into the latter type of wild, and I think that this story is one of those instances of that sort of thing.

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Our story opens with Supergirl saving the lives of two movie stars. After she has rescued them, Supergirl is struck by how everyone just keeps fawning over the female movie star (perhaps based on Elizabeth Taylor? I can't think of who else would be talked about in Hollywood in 1965 like the way this actor is talked about). This makes Supergirl decide that she has not been able to embrace her own femininity due to being stuck acting a superhero, so she decides to quit the superhero game. And, of course, she announced this decision to the world, as you do...

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Now, Supergirl's idea here is pretty foolish, but boy, Superman couldn't come off as more of a dummy than if he tried, right? I love the "I-I'm very fond of girls" bit. So he decides that he has to turn to a woman to convince Supergirl she is making a mistake. He enlists Wonder Woman's help...

She agrees, and flies to Paris to give Supergirl a talking to. She discovers Supergirl working as a fashion model in Paris. She walks in on Supergirl getting romantic with some guy, but before Wonder Woman can finish giving Supergirl a piece of her mind, Supergirl distracts her by showing her a beautiful new dress that Wonder Woman just HAS to try on...

A charming French count then walks in on them and falls for Wonder Woman on the spot, kissing her and basically clearing her mind of any thoughts besides being with this French guy...

Rosenberger had worked at DC doing romance comics for years before this. This was his first superhero comic book story for DC and you can clearly see that romance comic book influence here. Honestly, he's doing a great job on the art, it's the story that's so silly.

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So Supergirl and Wonder Woman both quit superheroing and decide to be socialities and spend the weekend with their boyfriends. Inadvertently, though, they decide to take a romantic trip to an island where the villainous (and absurd) supervillain Multi-Face is headquartered...

He assumes that they are here to stop his evil plans, so he tries to get at the superheroes by attacking their boyfriends, but Supergirl and Wonder Woman manage to surreptitiously eliminate the threats to their dates without revealing that they're doing superhero stuff. However, this just causes Multi-Face to keep on stepping it up until finally, Supergirl and Wonder Woman have to get their costumes on and take him down.

They now realize that they can't give up their responsibilities, as, well, with great power COMES great responsibility. Being a great guy, Superman comes by to rub it in that Wonder Woman has seemingly talked Supergirl out of her plans to quit superheroing, and the two heroes share a wink between each other...

It's kind of funny how OBVIOUS the wink is, though, right? Superman's looking RIGHT AT THEM!

If you have a suggestion for another comic book plot that is probably best forgotten (but it is fun to revel in how much we can't help but still remember it), drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com

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