Entertainment The highest-grossing 4th entry in a jaded horror franchise somehow survives on streaming

15:11  03 october  2022
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From The CW’s ever-engaging fantasy series Supernatural to Seth MacFarlane’s comedic interpretation in Family Guy, the ominous mystique of Death has been included in various forms of entertainment media. But, perhaps the most memorable portrayal of Death as a fictional character has occurred during the long-standing horror franchise in Final Destination. And while some of the earlier installments in the franchise were considered authentic and pulse-pounding, others were unmercifully panned by critics and audiences alike — which was precisely the case with 2009’s The Final Destination.

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Directed by David R. Ellis, the fourth installment in the horror series, much like its trio of predecessors, centers around a group of people attempting to escape the ruthless wrath of Death after evading being killed during a race-car crash. And despite its similarities with prior installments, The Final Destination is presented in a 3D format and sought to add an element of modernity.

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At the box office, The Final Destination reigned supreme, as it grossed $186 million worldwide — effectively making it the highest-grossing film in the horror catalog. However, despite its audacious attempt to revitalize a dying franchise, the supernatural vehicle was unapologetically panned by stone-faced critics, with its 35 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes echoing critics’ distaste. On the other hand, viewers were evidently more pleased by the horror project, which is showcased in the film’s 68 percent audience score.

As it turns out, thrill-seeking subscribers on Netflix decided to steer away from the critics’ consensus and spent their weekend soaking up the movie’s eerie content. As per FlixPatrol, The Final Destination jumped double-digit places on the streaming platform and cracked into Netflix’s Top 50 — and it certainly looks as though it will keep trending upwards.

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