Entertainment How Badly Pedro's Real Estate Career Has Been Affected By Divorce

18:31  05 october  2022
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The Family Chantel: Why Pedro Should Leave Work

  The Family Chantel: Why Pedro Should Leave Work Pedro Jimeno is already being called out for being sketchy, and now The Family Chantel fans believe his entire job could be a scam run by a convict.While Pedro had the support of The Family Chantel fans in the past, he left viewers and his wife alike blindsided by his sudden personality shift. After over five years of marriage, Pedro decided to stop coming home or informing Chantel of what he was doing. He also turned cold and cruel toward her, began insulting her, and discontinued any intimacy. Many viewers believe Pedro waited until he reached the benchmark and knew he no longer needed Chantel's support to file for permanent U.S. citizenship.

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The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno's realtor business page has hit an all-time low as reality TV fans have review-bombed him on social media. The 31-year-old reality star is well-known for appearing on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, where he appears alongside his estranged wife, Chantel Everett. At the beginning of their debut, Pedro and Chantel, who said nasty things, had a good relationship. Unfortunately, things went south due to their toxic families and personality differences. During The Family Chantel season 4, Pedro asked for a divorce from Chantel, and the two went their separate ways.

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Despite their evident problems and lack of compatibility, many of The Family Chantel viewers blame Pedro for everything wrong in his relationship with Chantel. According to them, the Dominican Republic native didn't try hard enough to save his marriage and acted cold towards his estranged wife. He accused Chantel of being lazy, stopped communicating with her, and spent more time with his female co-workers than at home. Chantel, who The Family Chantel can't stand, tried to save her marriage but failed because her estranged husband seemed adamant about not fixing their relationship.

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Pedro Jimeno's Real Estate IG Profile Takes A Hit

Since the couple's split, many The Family Chantel fans have been expressing their anger towards Pedro on Instagram, Reddit, and other social media websites. They're also leaving him bad ratings and writing terrible reviews on his real estate business page. Pedro's realtor profile on Facebook was once 4 out of 5 stars. However, it has since dropped to 1.6 due to the rage from The Family Chantel fans. One of the top reviews on his profile says, "Terrible moral character. Scammed his way into the US. No doubt he will rip you off. 0/10." The bad rating and reviews will certainly affect The Family Chantel's Pedro's real estate career and turn off any future potential clients.

Why The Family Chantel Fans Can't Stand Chantel Jimeno

  Why The Family Chantel Fans Can't Stand Chantel Jimeno Many The Family Chantel fans are sad to see Chantel Jimeno’s marriage end, but they also think she has become insufferable over the last few years.Amid the couple’s breakup, many viewers have come forward to aid Chantel instead of her husband, Pedro. Since 90 Day Fiancé fans have seen the Atlanta native show genuine effort to save her marriage, they feel she deserves support. But Pedro has shown cold behavior and lack of communication, which is why fans think he deserves no sympathy. Still, a few viewers believe that both Pedro and Chantel are responsible for the demise of their marriage.

Pedro Jimeno's Clients Share Their Bad Experiences

Apart from the review bombing on Facebook, some fans have claimed they have worked with Pedro but disliked his services. Earlier in September 2022, Redditor ToshVal shared Pedro's official bio on Reddit, where some people chimed in with their personal stories. One user alleged, "He was the agent for one of the buyers I signed," adding that Pedro's job was translating for the non-English client, and he did a very poor job at it. Another fan claimed that The Family Chantel star didn't know the details while walking through one of his clients, stating that he isn't a "hardworking agent." These alleged negative remarks about Pedro's professionalism definitely impact him in a bad way, which is the main reason he has turned off his comments on his Instagram profiles.

Pedro Jimeno Gets Labeled As Con Artist

Many of The Family Chantel viewers are calling Pedro a scammer after watching an old video from the show where he threatens Chantel with a divorce. In the clip, the reality star claims that their relationship will "be over" if Chantel doesn't fix her attitude toward him by the time he gets his green card. It was a bold statement, and many fans now feel he was being genuine at the time and had every intention to leave Chantel years ago. Fans believe Pedro only stuck around to stay in the U.S, which is why they're labeling him a scammer and a con artist. These negative accusations will make it difficult for The Family Chantel star to find new clients and close new deals.

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Sources: Pedro Jimeno/Facebook, ToshVal/Reddit

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