Entertainment McDonald's Employee Appears to Have Revealed Mario's New Movie Redesign

20:01  05 october  2022
20:01  05 october  2022 Source:   cbr.com

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Mario's design in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie has appeared online through an unlikely source.

  McDonald's Employee Appears to Have Revealed Mario's New Movie Redesign © Provided by CBR

Based on a screenshot shared on Twitter by streaming ConnorEatsPants, a McDonald's employee posted an image of Chris Pratt's Mario in a Discord server. The image sees the plumber realized in a style that has never been depicted in a Nintendo game to date, leading many to suspect that the design is from Illumination's upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. While the aesthetic of the plumber remains true to his depictions in the 3D video games, the movie version seems to sport features that are more in proportion to the rest of his body. The nature of the shared document is currently unknown but many suspect that it's from a collaborative promotion between Mcdonald's and Nintendo.

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The photo comes just a day before a special Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Super Mario Bros. movie. The presentation is expected to include the movie's first official trailer, a reveal that was heralded by a poster released in early October 2022. While the promotional artwork includes Mario, his face remained hidden as he gazed out across the Mushroom Kingdom.

A Mario for the Masses

Super Mario Bros. is expected to tell an original story with some of the video game industry's most iconic characters. While the specifics of the plot are largely unknown, the movie sports an all-star cast including Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Seth Rogen and Keegan-Michael Key. Pratt will be lending his vocal cords to the iconic plumber himself, a decision that was met by a great deal of vitriol from fans.

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  This Fan Game Finally Turns Chris Pratt Into Mario One fan game finally turns Chris Pratt into Mario for the first time. The game is shockingly impressive, and its developer learned Unreal Engine from scratch.In response to the unusual casting, the internet did what it's great at, made memes. Some of the memes ridiculed the casting choices, while others expressed disappointment that longtime Mario voice actor Charles Martinet would not be making it to the big screen. One user, however, made the memes a bigger reality by unveiling a remake of the NES "Super Mario Bros," with Chris Pratt in the role of the Goomba stomping plumber. Additionally, the remake features some creative changes to the original "Super Mario Bros." gameplay.

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Many enthusiasts expressed frustration at Pratt's casting, believing it to be disrespectful to long-time voice actor Charles Martinet, who has played Mario in the video games since 1992. In response to the outcry, Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri defended Pratt's performance, noting his adoration for the actor's portrayal. "Chris was cast because we felt he could give a great performance as Mario," Meledandri said. "And now that we've done about 15 recording sessions, and the movie is three-quarters done, I sit here and say that I love his performance as Mario."

Super Mario Bros. leaps into theaters on April 7, 2023.

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