Entertainment The 12 noon strokes (TF1): guests of the show, Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard evoke their dismissal of “figures and letters”

20:40  06 december  2022
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The 12 noon strokes: "I had never experienced it in 12 years", Stéphane's incredible request from Jean-Luc Reichmann, the mysterious star unveiled this Tuesday, November 8, 2022 on TF1?

 The 12 noon strokes: © supplied by all TV this Monday, November 7, 2022, in the 12 noon shots on TF1, Stéphane returned for an 80th participation. In Visio, Bruno , former Master of Midi, actor and from Lille, was present since Stéphane equaled his record. In this issue, the current Midi Master faced Guillaume, Océane and Bénédicte . During the first round, Jean-Luc Reichmann notes that Stéphane is not doing well and thinks he has cramps. The midday master explains having an urgent desire.

Après l'invitation surprise de Djibril Cissé la veille, Jean-Luc Reichmann a eu le plaisir de recevoir Arielle Boulin-Prat et Bertrand Renard sur le plateau de son émission. C'était l'occasion pour les emblèmes de © Capture of screen TF1 after the surprise invitation of Djibril Cissé the day before, Jean-Luc Reichmann had the pleasure of receiving Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard on the set of her program. It was an opportunity for the emblems of "figures and letters" to return to their ouster from the France 3.

program Sunday, December 4, Jean-Luc Reichmann was a big surprise to the Master of Midi Stéphane. While the animator asked a question about Djibril Cissé, he simply invited him to enter the set to the delight of the champion, footballer's fan. Very fan of the TF1 program, the latter had entrusted: "I have my little schedule, I will look for children at school, we put ourselves in front of the TV, we watch you and after life can continue ... but D 'First of all, we look at the 12 noon, it's important! " . He then congratulated Stéphane and told him that he is admiring his "incredible" journey . "" He's someone who will look for information and I don't even know if in books ... I don't know if it is not he who invents things sometimes! " , added Djibril Cissé about the master of the game.

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the 12 noon strokes (TF1): "I feel like you know", Djibril Cissé Fan of Stéphane?

"It gave us a blow"

yesterday, Monday December 5, these are two other people that Jean-Luc received on his set. Their point in common with the host? They also presented a television program but on another channel. Nathalie Lecoultre's companion received Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard, emblems of the France 3 program of figures and letters which were recently ousted. Indeed, at the beginning of last September Arielle Boulin-Prat was expressed, in Le Morning without filter by Virgin Radio about the "great contempt" of which she and her colleague were the subject. "For the chain, we are nothing, you should know that we had no phone call" , she insisted. Guillaume Genton then asked her how she had been fired, with Bertrand Renard, and the answer to the columnist of TPMP . "Not by SMS, but in Visio in 10 minutes!" , revealed the former star of figures and letters .

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Jean-Luc Reichmann was very united with the former Duo de France 3 when he received them yesterday. "I found that of an injustice" , declared the flagship presenter of TF1. He then asked his guests how they have been since their dismissal. Arielle Boulin-Prat confided: "We are not going too bad, there is worse. We are aware that there are people who live very worse situations than ours. It has given us a blow, we cannot not deny it. But we will bounce back ". Stéphane also wanted to support them and also said that he also had to undergo long -term unemployment. "I also knew that at my level", declared the champion of the 12 shots of noon . And to develop: "I knew two years without anyone to open the door to me. I sent CVs, CVs, CVs and nobody answered me. Thanks to a friend who works where I am, he said to me: 'You have an day after tomorrow', and since then I have left the factory ".

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