Entertainment Meghan McCain Denies Feud with View Costars: ‘I’m There to Fight and Debate’

23:37  28 february  2018
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"Quite frankly, nobody has time to continue the fight afterwards," Meghan McCain said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen of her rumored feuds on the set of The “ I ’ m there to debate and to fight . It’s the point of the show, that we will have difference of opinion — it’s called the frickin’ View .”

Meghan McCain stopped by the Bravo Clubhouse on Tuesday night to spill some tea about her gig at "The View " and take aim at a few "Real Housewives" in The only time I wish I were a man is when you're a woman on a panel show because men are allowed to fight and debate and get really heated

As the sole conservative on a liberal-leaning panel of outspoken cohosts on ABC’s The View, Meghan McCain has gotten into her fair share of heated political debates. But the 33-year-old former Fox News correspondent says those battles end when the cameras turn off.

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The View Meghan Mccain joy behar Morning TV. The (alleged) fight really began on the air, when McCain interrupted Behar while she was waxing poetic about George H.W. Bush’s legacy compared to Donald Please let this feud continue, our world is so bleak and it is one of the few good things in it.

The View co - stars Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg got into a fight on Monday's show while talking about President Trump's impeachment hearings. I ’ m okay with that. If you are going to behave like this.” The two continued to go at each other until Whoopi finally motioned for a commercial break.

“The idea that we’re fighting backstage? Quite frankly, nobody has time to continue the fight afterwards,” McCain said Wednesday evening during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

a person standing in front of a television© Bravo Her assertion comes as tabloid reports claim McCain and co-host Joy Behar are feuding behind closed doors.

“The only time I wish I were a man is when you’re a woman on a panel show. Because men are allowed to fight and debate and get really heated and angry and there’s an assumption that they’re friends and they’re smoking cigars and whatever,” McCain said. “I’m there to debate and to fight. It’s the point of the show, that we will have difference of opinion — it’s called the frickin’ View.

She added that she’s “holding [her] own” when it comes to Behar’s quick comedic wit.

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Meghan McCain was not having it, invoking her brothers’ military service records and rising terrorism statistics to highlight her outrage at Sanders’ proposal for allegedly being light on the issue. #TheView Please Fire Meghan . She is only there to argue and is unable to simply state her view .

“It’s such a difficult job on so many different levels. It’s highly political, it’s highly nuanced. Trump’s America makes everything really polarizing, and it’s hard to sort of explain the conservative point of view with some of the topics everyday. But it’s a pleasure and it’s a challenge,” she said.

Joy Behar, Meghan McCain are posing for a picture: Joy Behar and Meghan McCain© Santiago Felipe/Getty; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Joy Behar and Meghan McCain That said, McCain is aware why fans may think there’s tension among the co-hosts — admitting that she easily shows her anger and struggles to move on from their disagreements between segments.

“I have the worst resting b*tch face of anyone on planet earth. And when I’m angry, I have the worst poker face, it shows up,” she said. “It’s very authentic and I’m not going to fake this, because I don’t think there’s a point.”

“I’m the worst at switching between … when something frustrates me or angers me, and this is something I need to work on, I have a hard time shaking it off and moving on. The other women are masters at it. Joy, in particular, shakes it off,” McCain continued. “On air, there are definitely segments when I have been frustrated. And you can see it, because my chest turns really red and my face — have you ever noticed I get really blotchy when I get angry? So I’ve got to work on that.”

Meghan Markle gets a royal aide

  Meghan Markle gets a royal aide Meghan Markle has been given a royal aide to help her manage her diaryPrince Harry's bride-to-be is now working with former Kensington Palace press officer Amy Pickerill, who is is currently a secretary in Prince Harry's office, according to a report on Daily Mail. Pickerill will be working specifically on Markle's official diary. Before working for Prince Harry and Meghan, Pickerill was a senior communications officer for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan MCCain was once again destroyed in a debate with "The View " co -host, Sunny Hostin, over the arrest of Julian Assange, the co -founder of Wikileaks.

Meghan McCain , also known as John McCain 's daughter, is one of the leading Republican pundits on daytime TV. As the lone conservative on The View , she

All and all, McCain said she feels honored to have her voice on the show.

“Listen, it’s a privilege, and having the conservative seat in general is something that many conservative women covet,” she said, calling out former View conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck and I’m proud to do it, but it’s a challenge every day. I prep as hard for The View every day as I did for every news show I’ve ever been on.”

Earlier this month, a source told PEOPLE that McCain and Behar are perfectly respectful of each other.

“Meghan and Joy fundamentally disagree on everything — on the show. But that’s what they are paid to do,” said the insider. “They have different politics and different views and their job is to argue about this stuff on air. But the idea that there’s fighting behind the scenes because of it is not true.”

“Two women can disagree and not be in a catfight,” the source added, pointing to a recent disagreement they had gotten into it on the show. “The day of their big ‘fight’ on air, they were acting totally normal afterwards. They’re not exactly hanging out together drinking every night. They’re two women at different stages of their lives who live in different parts of town and have different views — but they have a totally professional relationship and get along fine.”

Prince Harry getting fit for the Royal wedding

  Prince Harry getting fit for the Royal wedding Prince Harry getting fit for the Royal weddingThe Prince has been dawning all black workout gear, including the sneakers, doing crunches, weights and running on a treadmill all in the name of getting into shape.

Story Views . 61: Meghan Markle: Arrested and held on house arrest. 68: John McCain : executed. 69: Roy Horn of Sigfreid & Roy: executed. 70: Troy Sneed (Singer): executed.

Meghan McCain 's worst moments on 'The View ' Part 1 - Продолжительность: 18:03 The Profane Primate 1 782 816 просмотров. Seth Meyers ROASTS Meghan McCain 's Idiocy To Her Face - Продолжительность: 12:00 The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder 753 323 просмотра.

The View airs weekdays (11 a.m. ET) on ABC.

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