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16:51  17 may  2018
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Jane Fonda Says She’s 'Closed Up Shop' When It Comes to Sex: 'I'm 80'

  Jane Fonda Says She’s 'Closed Up Shop' When It Comes to Sex: 'I'm 80'  Jane Fonda’s new film Book Club tells the story of four single seniors who experience a sexual awakening after reading Fifty Shades of Grey in their book club — but according to the actress, that chapter in her life is closed. “I’m not dating anymore, but I did up until a couple of years ago,” Fonda told Extra from the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Sunday.“I’m 80,” she added. “I’ve closed up shop down there!” Speaking about the film, which also stars Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen, Fonda said, “It’s about very important things: friendship and sex. And that it’s okay for older women to have both.” Steenburgen previously told PEOPLE about the comedy, “The book becomes a catalyst that turns everybody’s life upside down. We all start really talking about men, sex and our relationships to our bodies.” The women’s onscreen friendship also translated into real-life. “Something just connected between the four of us,” Steenburgen said, “It was really fun to be in a situation where we had so much in common so many things to talk about.” While Steenburgen admitted that she hasn’t sat down to read Fifty Shades of Grey cover to cover, she said she wouldn’t be surprised if Fonda picked up the book on her own. “Jane is literally the most curious human being I know,” she said. “She’s curious about everything and everyone. She has a youthful energy to her.” Book Club hits theaters Friday, May 18.

A dream came true for Jimmy Kimmel in the form of an intense kiss from Diane Keaton . The 72-year-old actress is busy promoting her new movie, Book Club , and

Diane demonstrates what she did in a scene with Andy Garcia for her new movie Book Club and in doing so makes Jimmy 's dreams come true. Diane Keaton Recreates Her First Commercial - Продолжительность: 8:15 The Late Late Show with James Corden 176 968 просмотров.

Diane Keaton’s self-admitted “witch” hat has seemingly cast a romantic spell on Jimmy Kimmel.

The Oscar-winning actress stopped by Kimmel’s nightly talk show Wednesday to promote her new movie, Book Club, during which her character — one of four friends (Keaton, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, and Jane Fonda) learning to live and love late in life — falls for a dashing man played by Andy Garcia. Keaton gushed about her hunky costar for the first portion of the interview, appearing to get herself all hot and bothered at the mere thought of a particularly romantic scene she shares with him in the film.

At 80, Jane Fonda Says Kissing Scenes are Harder: 'I Worry About the Wrinkles'

  At 80, Jane Fonda Says Kissing Scenes are Harder: 'I Worry About the Wrinkles' Plenty of things improve with age—but Jane Fonda, 80, says movie kissing isn’t one of them. “In real life kissing is better now, but in movies I worry about the wrinkles,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I’ll be perfectly honest. You want it to be a beautiful thing . . . you don’t want a lot of loose skin to be hanging when you kiss. If you move around too much, things start to fall!” Fonda stars alongside Diane Keaton, 72, Candice Bergen, 72, and Mary Steenburgen, 65, in the new movie Book Club, (in theaters May 18) and the four women sat down with PEOPLE to talk about love, beauty, friendship and more. In the movie, the women’s love lives are revitalized after they read the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Both Fonda and Steenburgen say it’s refreshing to play older women who are still interested in love and sex, though Fonda doesn’t believe every woman over 65 is still filled with desire. “I think it’s very individual,” she says. “Some people have closed up shop down there, and for others the sex only gets better.” Adds Steenburgen, “I think the movie uses Fifty Shades as a device to put a microscope on everybody’s life and say, ‘What are you missing?’ I liked that. People don’t put adult women in films and give them a life other than somebody’s weird aunt.

Oscar-winning actress recreates a scene from her new film, smooching talk show host Jimmy Kimmel while pretending he's actually Andy Garcia. Diane Keaton ’s self-admitted “witch” hat has seemingly cast a romantic spell on Jimmy Kimmel .

Diane Keaton , while promoting Book Club , surprised Jimmy Kimmel with a passionate kiss . She wanted to recreate one of her Book Club scenes using Kimmel as a stand-in for Andy Garcia. Or are you still a romantic in this cold, cold world?

“Do you want to see what happens with me and Andy in the movie? I’m going to do it with you right now,” Keaton says before setting the scenario. “At the end of the movie I have this extremely fun moment for me and I’m seeing Andy and we’re together and I’m going to kiss him goodbye, ok? So here’s how it went. You better stand up.”

  Diane Keaton kisses Jimmy Kimmel while recreating romantic Book Club scene © Provided by TIME Inc.

Kimmel, standing in for Garcia, joins Keaton in front of his desk. When he prompts her for direction and inspiration for the scene, she tells him he’s “just the man.”

“I didn’t have a hat on, so I didn’t look like a witch… I look at his face and I… go like this,” Keaton continues, grabbing Kimmel’s face with both of her hands. “It’s my turn to do that! Usually the man does that!”

She then pulls Kimmel’s lips to hers as the audience cheers.

“A dream has come true for Jimmy Kimmel here. Why can’t I be Andy Garcia?” Kimmel asks. Keaton adds: “Andy’s great though, Andy’s so great in the movie and he’s so much fun to act with because he’s very loose. Unlike you, you were stiff!”

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