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Entertainment Paul Rudd on Playing the "Nice Guy," Empowering His Kids to Be Politically Aware

09:10  13 october  2019
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Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Had the Most Awkward Run-in on the Set of Friends

  Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Had the Most Awkward Run-in on the Set of Friends Rudd had a rocky first few days on set.You know when you’re new to a job and everyone already knows each other — like, for example, they’ve been starring on a hit NBC sitcom together for the past eight years … Well, word to the wise, don’t follow Paul Rudd’s lead.

The second is his personality: Paul Rudd is just so darn nice . Every interview he has done mentions this and every one of his co-stars says this about It was just that I was playing with his kids ,” Rudd shrugs when I bring this up, as though he is offering proof that he is cheating his way to likability as

Rudd made his acting debut in 1992 with the television drama Sisters where he played Kirby Rudd has also appeared in Broadway plays , the first being The Last Night of Ballyhoo as Joe Farkas " Paul Rudd on Ant-Man, being Hollywood's go-to nice guy and growing up with English parents in Kansas".

Paul Rudd has made a name for himself in Hollywood as the "nice guy," but during a Saturday night panel at this year's New Yorker Festival, the Ant-Man star attempted to playfully dispel that image while sharing why he's drawn to it in his films.

"I think that when I get a little nervous, I get a… smile," Rudd said about his charming interview persona during the 90-minute talk at Gerald W. Lynch theater. "I also think there's something about the midwest. The people that I grew up with in the midwest — there's something hardwired in them that they just don't take themselves too seriously. They don't get too big for their britches."

Paul Rudd Recalls Encouraging Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in 'Titanic'

  Paul Rudd Recalls Encouraging Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in 'Titanic' "He was saying, 'I don't know what I'll do,' and I remember saying, 'You should do it,'" Rudd says of a conversation he had with DiCaprio after the actor was offered the role in James Cameron's 1997 film.During a visit to The Graham Norton Show, set to air Friday, the Living With Yourself star reflected on working with DiCaprio on Romeo + Juliet. At the time, Rudd said, DiCaprio informed him that he'd been offered a role in Titanic, something Rudd had a surprising personal connection with.

Paul Rudd came prepared to talk about a whole lot of nothing. “I can’t tell you anything,” he says, explaining the confidentially clauses that prohibited “She is , in the first film, somebody who I think was probably so much better suited for the job than I was and finally has been given the wherewithal to be

Rudd says he was delighted at the chance to act against his Mr Nice Guy type — he starts the movie as a criminal, a failure as a dad and a man not to be trusted, before metamorphosing Ben Shephard gets the giggles as he tells Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd to ' play with himself' on Good Morning Britain.

Rudd, who grew up mainly in Kansas City, Missouri, followed that up with a joke about his wife, who he said doesn't share audiences' vision of him. But that hasn't stopped Rudd from playing it and even using the trope to explore images of masculinity and vulnerability. Describing himself as a "beta male" with occasional alpha tendencies, Rudd explained how leaning into that with his characters in Our Idiot Brother and I Love You, Man, helped him deliver more "vulnerable human moments."

"There are times I feel powerful, but those are few and far between," Rudd told moderator and New Yorker staff writer Michael Specter. "And I think that playing that kind of insecurity or somebody that's overwhelmed with the world, that doesn't know exactly what to do to make their life better, their relationship better — themselves better — but is fighting a noble fight? That speaks to me, and I feel like that is where I live."

HBO Max Picks Up Amy Schumer Pregnancy Documentary 'Expecting Amy'

  HBO Max Picks Up Amy Schumer Pregnancy Documentary 'Expecting Amy' HBO Max has picked up Amy Schumer's pregnancy documentary "Expecting Amy," the forthcoming streaming service announced on Friday. The film will document the "struggle, strength and ambition that has made Schumer one of the singular comic voices of all time," according to HBO Max. "It takes viewers behind-the-scenes as Schumer goes through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy while touring to prepare for a stand-up special. From hospitalizations to going out in front of a crowd of thousands, to quiet moments at home with her family, Schumer shares it all.

Paul Rudd wants you to know that This is 40, his upcoming mid-life comedy being touted around town as “the sort-of sequel to Knocked Up ”, is not “that” Yes, it follows the further adventures of fractious marrieds Pete ( Rudd ) and Debbie (Leslie Mann), first seen surrounded by oodles of sex talk and

Paul Rudd : This sucks. Remind me again why we couldn't get Alicia? David Wain: Ha! I think he's kidding ! Paul Rudd : Fuck you both. Paul 's a no-show. I go to his room and find him in the bathtub playing "Shaddap You Face" on a kazoo. "What's your problem?!"

He was particularly proud of how he played that through Our Idiot Brother. While talking about a pivotal scene in which his character Ned Rochlin's disastrously cheery facade "cracks" during a game of charades with his family, Rudd said the scene wasn't initially in the script, but added later. It was also inspired by an ending scene in the 1996 drama Secrets and Lies — a moment that made him cry when he first saw it.

"[Ned's] kind of unflappably positive, and in order to make that work, you have to have a moment… where he cracks, and you see what's underneath," Rudd said. "It's central for all of it and especially when you see where that anger builds. That's kind of the most important part of the film. It justifies everything else."

The rest of the sold-out conversation explored a variety of topics, occasionally getting personal between discussing Rudd's transition from comedies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, working on Friends, and the experience of having two directors for his new Netflix show Living With Yourself.

Tom Brady: Massage parlor scene in Netflix show 'taken out of context'

  Tom Brady: Massage parlor scene in Netflix show 'taken out of context' Tom Brady attempts to clear the air.The scene is hilarious, as Rudd pulls up to a shady-looking massage parlor and seems to be ready to leave, only to see Brady walking out looking supremely refreshed. The six-time Super Bowl champ then says he’s been there six times before getting into his ride.

Learn how to get more respect and how to not be a nice guy . ▼ see below for links & more ▼ MY FREE CONFIDENCE COURSE: ➜

Nice Guy Jon was going to try to play the part of a bad guy. Hold on to your hats, people. This is going to get a lot worse. It’s nowhere near as hard as Jon thinks it has to be . Don’t worry, I put poor Jon out of his misery (so to speak). I told him a little secret – the same secret that I’ll share with you shortly.

The Anchorman and Clueless actor rehashed his surprise at Marvel not having "a factory" for actors to bulk up for their roles, how he found his trainer and changed his diet. He also reiterated his previously expressed disappointment at not getting to work with director Edgar Wright. While talking about that first Ant-Man film, the star and co-writer shared why comedian Garrett Morris made a cameo appearance as the driver of a parked car that the hero falls onto the hood of.

"A lot of people might not know this, but the guy in that car is Garrett Morris, and you know he was in the original cast of Saturday Night Live," Rudd said, referring to a clip that had just been screened. "The reason we did that was because of that famous sketch from Saturday Night Live where John Belushi plays the Hulk in that whole party in the New York apartment. Well, [Morris] actually played Ant-Man in that sketch and so we said we had to get him in there for that cameo."

Specter had tackled more personal questions with the actor about his childhood and how he got into entertainment at the start of the panel but used his pivot from Marvel to discuss how Rudd was handling politics and the current news cycle at home. For the most part, the household doesn't keep the news on in the background like they used to, Rudd explained. Still, his kids are "aware" of what's going on and have even attended the recent climate march, as well as a march against gun violence led by the Parkland students.

Tom Brady: Massage parlor scene in Netflix show 'taken out of context'

  Tom Brady: Massage parlor scene in Netflix show 'taken out of context' Josiah Sarmiento was born with cerebral palsy. He was told he would never walk. These days, he's flying. Nicole Comstock has his inspirational story.

Maybe Paul Rudd really isn't as nice as everybody thinks. In a recent interview with Elle, all-American nice guy /Ant-Man star/possible immortal Paul Rudd shook the very foundation of everything we hold Clearly sensing a cry for help and desperate need to reinvent his good-guy persona, we

The best photos of Paul Rudd , the American actor best known for starring in Judd Apatow films like Anchorman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. He must have had a nose job and coming from Russia, I think he is lucky to be so attractive. In fact he is adorably cute.

"We keep them engaged with the world and let them come up with their own opinions about things. We're immigrants [Rudd's parents are from London]. This is a country of immigrants, and that's a strength. So they're passionate about it and know what they're talking about," Rudd said about  his family to cheers. "I keep telling them that this is an anomaly, and this is not normal. Hopefully, it will be normal again."

That was the second time Specter had broached the issue of politics in Rudd's panel, with the first time earning considerably more laughs. Earlier in the panel, Specter recalled a text message he had received from a Stanford colleague who was "very alarmed" at the role Ant-Man's "crappy" quantum realm science had played in "the horrors visited upon the American people in 2016."

"I'm so narcissistic that when [you] said the role I played in mirroring American history I immediately thought to myself, 'Was I in a film called American History [X]?'" Rudd said to loud laughs. "But yeah, if only I could shift quantum reality and right that ship."

Peyton Reed returning to direct third Ant-Man film .
Peyton Reed returning to direct third Ant-Man filmAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the news, the third Ant-Man movie will shoot at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, for a probable 2022 release. The shoot for Ant-Man 3 will follow those of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness andThor: Love and Thunder.

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