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20:25  31 january  2020
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As New Coronavirus Spread, China’s Old Habits Delayed Fight

  As New Coronavirus Spread, China’s Old Habits Delayed Fight A mysterious illness had stricken seven patients at a hospital, and a doctor tried to warn his medical school classmates. “Quarantined in the emergency department,” the doctor, Li Wenliang, wrote in an online chat group on Dec. 30, referring to patients. “So frightening,” one recipient replied, before asking about the epidemic that began in China in 2002 and ultimately killed nearly 800 people. “Is SARS coming again?”In the middle of the night, officials from the health authority in the central city of Wuhan summoned Dr. Li, demanding to know why he had shared the information.

It's estimated that at least 8,000 Chinese citizens have been infected with coronavirus and more than 100 people have died. As health officials and authorities try to contain the virus and prevent the spread of the deadly disease, the concern over more outbreaks continues to rise.

a woman standing in front of a body of water: The coronavirus panic has come with a wave of false reports and posts on social media. Getty Images© Provided by CNET The coronavirus panic has come with a wave of false reports and posts on social media. Getty Images

Growing concern over the deadly coronavirus has sent many concerned individuals to the internet, hoping to find more information about the disease and how to protect themselves from infection. Some of the information they find, however, is being falsely reported, with many posts, photos and other media being spread (largely on social media) that contain misleading or false information.

Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say

  Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say The Wuhan coronavirus spreading from China is now likely to become a pandemic that circles the globe, according to many of the world’s leading infectious disease experts. China has confirmed human-to-human transmission of a new SARS-like coronavirus linked to the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak. With the number of cases soaring and spreading to countries beyond China, the World Health Organization has declared an international public health emergency.

Coronavirus in pictures: Scenes from around the world

The false reports so far have made claims about a vaccine, the source of the virus and patents placed on the disease. People are even generating conspiracy theories to capitalize on the panic. Even worse, some are circulating information that's simply racist propaganda disguised as health warnings.

Coronavirus quarantine ends for 195 people who flew from Wuhan to California

  Coronavirus quarantine ends for 195 people who flew from Wuhan to California All 195 U.S. citizens, mostly diplomats and their families, were quarantined at the March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County since Jan. 29.Speaking Tuesday during a news conference at the air base, officials said none of the travelers, who have been isolated since Jan. 29, will need medical follow-ups and all will now be able to continue on with their daily lives.

The World Health Organization declared the virus a public health emergency of international concern on Thursday, but the internet storm and overall tone of panic in much of the messaging remains unnecessarily alarmist and overwhelming. It's important to understand the facts about the coronavirus, and know how to spot what information is inaccurate so it can be reported and not circulated further.

Fact checkers from 30 countries are currently working to help debunk and prevent the spread of further false information across media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook are also taking steps to prevent the spread of false information. Facebook has hired three third-party fact-checking organizations to monitor content and help trigger warning labels that users see when they're viewing false information.

Thousands of Americans voluntarily self-quarantine after returning from China

  Thousands of Americans voluntarily self-quarantine after returning from China It's up to the state and local health departments to decide how to manage their residents under self-quarantine. In Westchester County, a representative checks in on the travelers daily, usually through video conferencing. They develop a plan to make sure the person doesn't need to go out into the community, and has resources for getting deliveries of food, prescriptions and other basic necessities.The health official also asks the person to take his or her temperature, and report any symptoms, both physical and psychological.

"Several of our third-party fact-checking partners around the world have rated content false so we are dramatically reducing its distribution and people who see this content, try to share it, or already have, are alerted that it's false," a Facebook spokesperson said. "This situation is fast-evolving and we will continue our outreach to global and regional health organizations to provide support and assistance."

A reporter at Bloomberg media pointed out that if you search for "coronavirus" on Twitter, the social media site will direct you to visit the US Centers for Disease Results and Prevention website for information about the illness.

Twitter on Wednesday published a blog post stating its intention to stop the spread of misleading information, and pointing people to credible sources. "We've seen over 15 million tweets on this topic in the past four weeks and that trend looks set to continue," Twitter employees wrote in the statement.

Below are some of the trending reports that have popped up online and been proven false.

Hal Turner Radio show falsely reports how many people are infected and have died from coronavirus

Third-party fact checker Lead Stories, one of the third-party fact checkers hired by Facebook, debunked a report that said 2.8 million people are infected and 112,000 are dead. What we do know is that China's National Health Commission has reported that 6,000 citizens are infected and over 130 people have died.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases Rise in Italy and Iran, and Spread to Other Countries

  Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases Rise in Italy and Iran, and Spread to Other Countries New cases of the coronavirus popping up across Europe. Dozens of infections in Iran stoking fears about an uncontrolled spread in the Middle East. Global market jitters continuing after a steep slide. American health authorities warning that it was a matter of when, not if, the epidemic would reach the United States. A toxic political climate in Washington complicating the public health challenge. That worrying drumbeat frayed nerves across the world on Wednesday even as the pace of the outbreak seemed to be slowing in China.

Daily Mail video of Chinese woman eating bat soup gives misleading information about the origin of the coronavirus

A video and article being circulated from the Daily Mail falsely reports that the coronavirus may be linked to contaminated bat soup. Health officials are investigating a specific meat and seafood market in Wuhan (which does sell bats and snakes) that could be a common connection between those infected, although the first confirmed case could not be linked to this market. Scientists have not confirmed that the disease for sure originated from any specific animal, and certainly not the contaminated soup shown in the viral post.

a woman looking at the camera© Getty Images

Fake, racist health alert issued in Australia telling people to avoid Chinese-populated areas

A fake report issued in Australia warned people to stay away from areas heavily populated by Chinese people. The report circulated from what appeared to be the Queensland Department of Health, and was confirmed as false by the state government. A similar report, apparently from the "Bureau of Diseasology" warned people to stay away from particular Australian train stations and areas known to "contain traces of corona's disease." The Bureau of Diseasology does not exist.

There is currently no vaccine for the coronavirus. Getty Images© Provided by CNET There is currently no vaccine for the coronavirus. Getty Images

Lead Stories spots a hoax shared on social media claiming a student in Ghana created a vaccine for coronavirus

We know that there is no vaccine for this virus, and there likely won't be one for possibly months or years. Since it's a new virus, there has simply not been enough time for scientists to develop one. The site New7pm.com is known by media watchdogs and fact-checking groups like Lead Stories to regularly spread false news and information.

Trump rails against Dems 'wasting time' amid coronavirus threat

  Trump rails against Dems 'wasting time' amid coronavirus threat As his administration is working to organize its response to the coronavirus threat in the United States, President Trump slammed Democrats.A series of late-night tweets marked the latest exchange between the White House and congressional Democrats over the outbreak, with each side simultaneously urging the other not to politicize the potential crisis yet also taking shots at press conferences and on social media — complicating efforts to work together.

Other extreme conspiracy theories are being generated like the false claim that Bill Gates is involved with the outbreak and the seriously dangerous suggestion that people should drink bleach to avoid it. There have also been claims that a virology lab in Wuhan is responsible for the outbreak, based on a logo that appears similar to the one used in zombie video game franchise Resident Evil.

How to spot legit info vs. falsified reports

If you see reports that seem extreme, look suspicious or come from an unfamiliar source, it's important to take time to evaluate the information before you share or buy into it. You should also report the information to the appropriate person (like the platform you found the post on).

Facebook has a resource page on how to spot fake news reports or posts that are circulating on the internet. Some of its tips include being careful to evaluate headlines that look extreme or have exclamation points, check for tampered dates or images that look altered and try to cross-verify the news with several other major news outlets. Here's how to report a post on Facebook.

The News Literacy Project is another helpful resource, as is this guide from Stony Brook University. If you spot any news reports or posts that you suspect are fake, it's important to report them and not to share them.

Another fantastic fact-checking resource is Snopes.com, which has been providing routine updates on some of the more fanciful claims emanating from the web so far. Worth checking out if a claim seems too good to be true.

Coronavirus in Iran prompts US to extend olive branch amid claim country's death toll far higher than reported

  Coronavirus in Iran prompts US to extend olive branch amid claim country's death toll far higher than reported More than 200 people in Iran – a figure six times higher than officials are stating – have reportedly been killed by the coronavirus, prompting the U.S State Department on Friday to extend an olive branch to assist the embattled country.China has been battling an outbreak of a new SARS-like coronavirus (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan. The virus has claimed over 2,700 lives and infected nearly 80,000 people around the world.

Trump Accuses Media and Democrats of Exaggerating Coronavirus Threat .
WASHINGTON — President Trump and members of his administration mobilized on Friday to confront the threat of the coronavirus — not just the outbreak, but the news media and the Democrats they accused of exaggerating its danger. While stock markets tumbled, companies searched for new supply chains and health officials scrambled to prevent a spread of the virus, Mr. Trump and his aides, congressional allies and backers in the conservative media sought to blame the messenger and the political opposition in the latest polarizing moment in the nation’s capital.Mr.

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