Entertainment Leaked Recording Academy Memo Says Joel Katz Investigation Is Under Way, Vaguely Addresses Other Claims

17:05  14 february  2020
17:05  14 february  2020 Source:   variety.com

Grammys CEO Deborah Dugan placed on 'administrative leave' following misconduct allegation

  Grammys CEO Deborah Dugan placed on 'administrative leave' following misconduct allegation Recording Academy President and CEO Deborah Dugan has been placed on leave after just six months after an allegation of misconduct by a senior leader.Recording Academy President and CEO Deborah Dugan has been placed on "administrative leave" after six months on the job following a misconduct allegation, the Academy confirmed to USA TODAY in a statement provided by Lourdes Lopez.

Robinson says that the OPCW is not denying the document’s authenticity either, only trying to break the link between it and the final report by the Once the dust settled and OPCW investigators actually visited the site, they refused to inspect a warehouse where militants kept chlorine barrels, saying it

Meanwhile, the Academy says Dugan was suspended following a complaint by Portnow’s former assistant She specifically claims that Proskauer partner Chuck Ortner, who simultaneously serves as Dugan now says she’s expected to cooperate with the investigation despite the investigator

The Recording Academy says an investigation of ousted CEO Deborah Dugan’s claims of sexual harassment is underway, among other measures to address the firestorm of controversy that has emerged around the organization in recent weeks, according to a pair of memos from Board of Trustees head Harvey Mason Jr. The memos were distributed Thursday to elected leaders and leaked to members of the media, including Variety.

  Leaked Recording Academy Memo Says Joel Katz Investigation Is Under Way, Vaguely Addresses Other Claims © MJ Photos/REX/Shutterstock

The memos outline various efforts the Academy says it is making in the wake of Dugan’s surprise ouster on Dec. 16 amid allegations of vaguely defined “misconduct” against a senior female employee (which sources say amount to rudeness to her former assistant, Claudine Little), and her subsequent blockbuster legal complaint of Jan. 21 that levels multiple allegations, including irregularities in the award nominations process, questionable financial decisions including “excessive” legal fees to outside firms connected to Academy executives, an inappropriate governance structure for a not-for-profit organization, and sexual misconduct against two senior Academy executives, including attorney Joel Katz, among other claims. While the memos lay out multiple areas in which the organization says it is making efforts, it is short on specifics, citing confidentiality.

Biden campaign warns media about spreading 'malicious and conclusively debunked' claims during impeachment trial

  Biden campaign warns media about spreading 'malicious and conclusively debunked' claims during impeachment trial Joe Biden's presidential campaign issued a memo Monday warning journalists not to spread debunked claims about the former vice president's push to remove a corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine.The memo comes just days ahead of the Senate impeachment trial, during which Republicans are likely to push the theory as they seek to defend President Trump. The Biden campaign said Trump's efforts to spread the theory is the reason the president is being impeached and said it would be "malpractice" for journalists to reference the allegations without also saying that they've been debunked, according to a copy of the memo obtained by The Hill.

The memo showed that President Trump may have tried to halt the agency's investigation into Michael T. Flynn. “While the president has repeatedly expressed his view that General Flynn is a decent man who served and protected our country, the president has never asked Mr. Comey or

The fact that her selection was leaked to the press, she claims , shows “the inherent conflict of interest arising out of the fact that the same attorneys that represent On May 18, Dugan has dinner with Joel Katz , the Recording Academy ’s general counsel, who figures heavily in her discrimination complaint.

While Dugan’s arguably most inflammatory claim involves sexual harassment against longtime Academy counsel Joel Katz, in which she claimed he behaved inappropriately and attempted to kiss her at a private dinner shortly after she accepted the job, that is dealt with briefly in the memos. “We take that allegation very seriously and it is being independently investigated by a law firm with no previous ties to the Academy,” it says, making no mention of an earlier rape allegation against former president/CEO Neil Portnow, which he said in a statement received a full investigation that resulted in his exoneration.

However, her other claims are far more concerning regarding the organization as a whole and its interactions with artists and the music industry, including improprieties in nominating procedures; claims of its failures to cooperate with and enact the recommendations of the Task Force for Diversity and Inclusion that it created in the wake of the issues laid bare by Portnow’s 2018 comment that female musicians and executives need to “step up” in order to advance in the industry; and “excessively high” legal fees paid to outside firms by the Academy — some $15 million over the course of four years to two law firms connected to two prominent Academy executives. The Academy has no in-house counsel.

Recording Academy Lawyer Joel Katz Denies Deborah Dugan's Sexual Harassment Accusation

  Recording Academy Lawyer Joel Katz Denies Deborah Dugan's Sexual Harassment Accusation Joel Katz, the general counsel for the Recording Academy, denied Deborah Dugan's accusation that he sexually harassed her in a private meeting last year. 

Others said that he had got the science wrong and relied on data that was suspect, outdated, irrelevant, or otherwise flawed; these included Gina Rippon, chair of cognitive brain imaging at Aston University;[59] "Google employee's leaked anti-diversity memo sparks evaluation of tech culture".

The memo claims that the dossier formed an “essential part” of the application for surveillance approval, which was first obtained in October of 2016, but also that the application “omitted” the fact that the research had been funded by Democrats. The memo also claims to have proof of Steele’s

Regarding the latter claims, the memo says briefly, “Viewed as a percentage of the size of deals our lawyers negotiated, our legal fees are well in line with industry standards. While hiring a full time in-house counsel would not eliminate the need for the use of expert law firms and could actually increase overall legal costs, the Academy was and remains willing to consider doing so if it will result in a savings to the Academy.” While there is no disputing the fact that an attorney of Katz’s formidable stature and connections is best for a role like the 2016 renegotiation of its deal with CBS for the Grammy Awards — which sources say is a ten-year deal in excess of $200 million — using outside law firms for everyday legal work was, as Dugan told Variety in December, “mind-boggling.”

Mason and the second memo address the issues in turn after his introduction.

“I am writing to update you on what is happening, while also asking you to bear in mind that, because sensitive employment matters are involved, and there are ongoing legal proceedings, there are many things we cannot discuss even though you may be reading about them in the media,” Mason wrote, in an oddly paternal tone that has marked all such recent memos from the Academy. “Our confidentiality restrictions as an organization must be maintained even if they are not honored by others,” he continued, before saying “It is difficult to read unfair criticism of the Academy in the media, but our reticence to respond should not be misinterpreted. We are confident that when we are able to share all the facts, our members, the industry, and the public will understand that all our actions have been appropriate and in the interest of making progress towards our shared goals of diversity, inclusion, and our mission to recognize musical excellence, advocate for the well-being of music makers, and ensure that music remains an indelible part of our culture.” He also reminded members that “all dealings with the press or other consumer or trade-facing media must be handled by or managed under the guidance of the Recording Academy’s Communications department.”

Ousted Recording Academy CEO alleges sexual harassment, corrupt Grammys voting

  Ousted Recording Academy CEO alleges sexual harassment, corrupt Grammys voting Ousted Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan filed an explosive discrimination complaint Tuesday while alleging "corrupt" Grammys voting and harassment.The complaint, filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, accuses the academy of improper self-dealing by board members, voting irregularities with respect to nominations for Grammy Awards, shunning Dugan's attempts at fostering diversity and transparency, and other misconduct.

Trump told Comey that Flynn had done nothing wrong, according to the memo . Comey did not say anything to Trump about curtailing the investigation The White House has repeatedly crossed lines that other administrations have been reluctant to cross when discussing politically charged criminal

Recording Academy General Counsel Joel Katz Denies Fired CEO’s Sexual Harassment Claim . The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has confirmed that actor Ed Westwick is under investigation for alleged sex crimes. Netflix On Awards Philosophy: It's "A Way To Make Us A Home For Talent".

He then lays out several points:

“We made Deborah Dugan the President/CEO of the Academy with the highest hopes. Unfortunately, issues arose. Sometimes this happens in an organization. But it is clear to us that the allegations she has made are either completely untrue or grossly misleading.”

“The Academy had expressed a number of concerns to Ms. Dugan about her performance and had worked with Ms. Dugan to try to correct them. Those specific concerns are being addressed in a confidential forum, to which she is entitled under Ms. Dugan’s employment contract, though in the interests of transparency we have offered to waive the confidentiality of any arbitration proceeding in this matter. So, while I would like to tell you more about that, I cannot at this time. The sexual harassment allegation she has made is being taken very seriously and is being independently investigated.” Dugan requested to be released from the arbitration agreement as part of her employment contract, which prohibited any disputes from being held in open court, although they did waive the confidentiality provision. “Forced arbitration takes away a victim’s right to a trial by a jury of her peers, and at the same time provides protection for perpetrators of misconduct,” her attorney, Douglas Wigdor, said in a statement.

Ex-Grammys President Neil Portnow 'unequivocally' denies rape allegations; Dugan responds

  Ex-Grammys President Neil Portnow 'unequivocally' denies rape allegations; Dugan responds Ex-Grammys head Neil Portnow denied allegations he raped a foreign recording artist after an explosive complaint by ousted successor Deborah Dugan.Part of Dugan's explosive complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges that a foreign recording artist accused Portnow of raping her following a performance she gave at Carnegie Hall. The complaint says that despite knowledge of this, the board requested Dugan approve a $750,000 consulting fee for Portnow, which she denied.

Trump’s allies say the Nunes memo shows that the F.B.I.‘s Russia investigation was politically It cited unnamed sources saying that government investigators were scrutinizing Mr. Page’s links to “This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by

That promotes investigative secrecy while minimizing harm to innocent people and claims that the government is trying to prejudice the jury pool. It was a commonplace for Comey to refuse to discuss investigations in congressional testimony and other public settings — as it is for all FBI directors.

“Her outrageous assertion that the Grammys are ‘rigged’ is utterly false. We do realize that the nomination and voting process needs to be better understood so we have taken steps to make it more public and to educate people about how it works to preserve fairness and protect Nominations Review Committee members from lobbying and pressure. In addition, as always, our awards process will be reviewed at the upcoming April Awards and Nominations Committee meeting.” While Dugan alleges irregularities in the nominating process and sources have told Variety of several acts of seeming self-interest by members of the committees and even the Academy itself, those are mostly isolated and at times at least subject to debate.

To that end, the second memo notes that the nominating process is re-examined annually and the deadline for recommendations is March 1, “The Grammy nominating and voting procedures have been developed and refined over the years to ensure that qualified people are voting on matters within their expertise, and to protect those nominators and voters from lobbying and pressure. It has become clear that it needs to be better understood, so we have taken steps to make it more public and to educate people about how it works and to educate people about how it works and why it is designed as it is. Detailed information and FAQs about the Grammy process may be found at https://www.grammy.com/recording-academy/faq#overview.

Recording Academy Says Deborah Dugan's Claim That the Grammys Are Rigged Is 'Categorically False'

  Recording Academy Says Deborah Dugan's Claim That the Grammys Are Rigged Is 'Categorically False' Recording Academy Denies Deborah Dugan's Claim That Grammys Are RiggedHours after Dugan appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday to speak about the controversy surrounding her leave, in which she claimed that there’s a “conflict of interest” within some of the voting committee members, the Recording Academy released a statement condemning the allegations as “categorically false.

The Devin Nunes memo that purports to show improper surveillance practices is out—and national security experts say it falls far short of the hype. "If there's a scandal here it's the fact that this has been built up in a way that will allow Trump to try to discredit the Mueller investigation ."

Former FBI Director James Comey associates are leaking more information about his conversations with President Donald Trump, asserting that the president asked Comey to let his former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn go. “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn

“Perhaps of greatest interest to the music industry and the public is that our commitment to a transformative agenda remains firm, and this situation will not deter or distract us from making progress towards our goals. Among other things, we are implementing 17 of the 18 recommendations of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, led by Tina Tchen, and considering adoption of the 18th recommendation. We will shortly be reconvening the group to review our progress.” This addresses the Task Force, which had disbanded after it submitted its report in December — and Dugan told Variety that day that the 17 provisions had been implemented.

The second document is essentially a question-and-answer that repeats some of Mason’s statements, and curiously refers to Dugan repeatedly as “Deb,” along with the following.

Under a heading reading “Why has it come to this?,” it says “We hired her to be President/CEO with the highest hopes, and as sometimes happens in an organization issues arose. It would be inappropriate and a violation of our confidentiality restrictions to go into details regarding Deb’s performance. We can say, however, that some of her public statements are clearly incompatible with the role of the President/CEO of this organization, including her false and damaging claims about the integrity of the Grammy Awards process.”

NYPD will replace handwritten logs with an iPhone app later this month .
After more than a century, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is retiring the handwritten memo books carried by police officers and replacing them with an app, The New York Times reports. On February 17th, officers will begin recording their detailed activity logs in an iOS app on department-issued iPhones. The app will send notes to a department database, which offers a few benefits over the physical notebooks. It could eliminate potential abuses, like faking entries in order to get search warrants, and headaches, like having to interpret illegible handwriting. Plus, individual officers won't have to keep track of dozens of notebooks.

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