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03:20  03 june  2020
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The first 'Space Force' trailer has Steve Carell dancing to the Beach Boys

  The first 'Space Force' trailer has Steve Carell dancing to the Beach Boys Netflix released the first trailer for its Space Force spoof today, and it includes the kinds of digs at the Trump administration’s quest to militarize space that you’re hoping for. The trailer explains that POTUS wants complete space domination, claiming that the nation’s internet runs through vulnerable space satellites. Steve Carell’s character, General Mark R. Naird, is tasked with launching the new military branch, Space Force. That brings challenges, like destroying a prototype that “costs as much as four new middle schools” and being grilled by a congresswoman clearly based on AOC. To unwind, Naird shuts himself in his office to sing Kokomo.

“ Space Force ” on Netflix may be a sitcom, but it also low-key has a mystery going throughout its first season. What we’re talking about here is the situation with Maggie Naird (Lisa Kudrow), who spends almost all of the season in prison . But the weird thing about that is that “ Space Force ” never

Why is General Mark Naird ’ s wife in jail? Naird , played by Steve Carell, is the main character and is married to Maggie Naird , played by Lisa Kudrow. Of course, just how legally accurate Space Force is trying to be with Maggie ’s prison sentence is another question entirely.

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 1 of Netflix's "Space Force")

"Space Force" on Netflix may be a sitcom, but it also low-key has a mystery going throughout its first season. It's not a super obvious mystery — instead, it's the sort of thing you might not even notice until somebody calls your attention to it, like how at the end of "Layer Cake" you realize you have no idea what the name of Daniel Craig's character is.

What we're talking about here is the situation with Maggie Naird (Lisa Kudrow), who spends almost all of the season in prison. But the weird thing about that is that "Space Force" never establishes what she did to end up there. We just get only the vaguest references. At one point, General Mark Naird (Steve Carell) says that Maggie committed a "very serious crime." On several occasions the characters mention that she'll be locked up for at least 40 years, and one time it's specified that her sentence is 40-60 years.

Chinese space junk crashes into the Atlantic

 Chinese space junk crashes into the Atlantic It was the biggest uncontrolled crash of space junk in decades - luckily nothing happened. A burned-out Chinese rocket stage has fallen in the Atlantic. © STR / AFP The remains of a 30-meter-long and almost 20-ton rocket stage of the Chinese space program fell into the Atlantic on Monday. This was confirmed by the 18th U.S. Air Force Space Control Squadron, which oversees space from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

SPACE Force is Netflix's new sitcom based on Donald Trump's idea for an interstellar military branch. Viewers have been left with many questions about the series, but the most pressing is why General Naird ' s wife Maggie , played by Lisa Kudrow, is in prison .

Trending Why is Naird ’ s wife in prison on Space Force ? Over the course of 10 episodes, Space Force followed General Mark R. Naird (played by Maggie may have reacted badly to the news and behaved in a rash and illicit manner which left her in trouble. She later skipped jail with her lover

But nobody ever says what Maggie actually did. It's not presented as a mystery, since it's not necessarily important to the plot to know what her crime was. It's just this strange information gap that never gets filled.

So we asked "Space Force" co-creator Greg Daniels about it.

"At the moment, we're kind of enjoying the mystery around it and the question marks that it raises. It causes you to lean in because we're dropping little hints about what it is and how serious it was. So we're enjoying not being specific at the moment. You didn't miss anything. It's not in there," Daniels told The Wrap.

"It was pretty serious, clearly."

So let's examine the clues, which are very scarce. Obviously, we've got the stuff mentioned about — the 40-60 year sentence, Naird saying the crime was "very serious." Beyond that, there's just about nothing to go on.

Trump Unveils Space Force Flag And ‘Super-Duper Missile’ Plan

  Trump Unveils Space Force Flag And ‘Super-Duper Missile’ Plan President Donald Trump unveiled the official flag for his Space Force at the White House on Friday, touting U.S. military might including the development of what he called “the super-duper missile.” © Thomson Reuters U.S. President Donald Trump gestures towards the U.S. Space Force flag during a presentation of the flag in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., May 15, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Trump said the U.S. is “building right now incredible military equipment,” including a missile that would travel faster than any other in the world “by a factor of almost three.

US Space Force : Here' s what we know (CNET News) - Продолжительность: 1:16 CNET Recommended for you. Space Force season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series of Space Force ?

In Netflix' s Space Force , Lisa Kudrow plays Maggie Naird , loving wife to Steve Carell' s Mark Naird , the general of the Space Force . Maggie seems pretty certain she'll be in prison for her full sentence, which is why she tells Mark they should have an open marriage, something he struggles

The first episode contains a time jump of about a year, and the crime, or at least the trial, occurred during that gap. You'll recall that Maggie was not in prison at the beginning of the premiere episode. But from there her imprisonment is basically just a fact of life, and there isn't even any kind of discussion about the crime.

But we have a few clues nonetheless. The first is that lengthy prison sentence, which is way too long to be something mundane. The second is that whatever she did wasn't so serious that Naird was fired or forced to resign from his post at Space Force — though considering that "Space Force" is a comedy there's probably more leeway here than there would be in real life.

Generally speaking, a sentence like that comes with a conviction for murder, sex crimes, or high-volume drug trafficking. But "Space Force," which is at its heart a light comedy, is not the type of show that would go in either of those directions. But if we look at U.S. sentencing guidelines we can see other possibilities. Possibilities that could make for funny jokes.

Boeing-built X-37B space plane goes into orbit for shadowy Space Force test mission

  Boeing-built X-37B space plane goes into orbit for shadowy Space Force test mission An Atlas 5 rocket launched a Boeing-built X-37B space plane on a semi-secret orbital mission under the management of the recently created Space Force. Today’s USSF-7 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida came at 9:14 a.m. ET (6:14 a.m. PT), a day after the first attempt was called off due to weather. This is the sixth test flight of an X-37B, the first such flight to have a service module attached to the space plane’s aft, and the first carried out under the Space Force’s banner. ULA dedicated the launch to those affected by COVID-19 as well as first responders and front-line workers. The U.S.

' Space Force ' is a workplace comedy that ' s all about the United States Space Force . Many viewers have wondered: Why is Mark' s wife Maggie in prison ? Steve Carrell plays Michael Scott Mark Naird , a general who' s been tasked with leading Space Force even though he' s hilariously unqualified.

Why is Maggie Naird in jail? Space Force is a workplace comedy about Mark R Naird (Steve Carell) who is a four-star general and decorated pilot that dreams of running the Air Force . Maggie Naird is married to Steve Carell’ s character Mark (Picture: Netflix). Instead, he finds himself chosen to lead the

While a prison sentence of 40-60 years is pretty much as high as the American criminal justice system goes before a life sentence, there are crimes that can earn that sort of sentence that could work as a gag. Per U.S. sentencing guidelines, there are two items that we think could fit that bill: piracy and kidnapping.

While we typically think of piracy as a water thing, right now we're looking more at air piracy. For example, perhaps Maggie, distraught about having to movie from D.C. to Colorado as her husband takes over the new Space Force, had a breakdown on the flight out and tried to hijack the plane to force it to return to D.C. Really, Maggie would be around aircraft of all kinds so often that there are any number of situations we could imagine for a piracy charge.

But realistically, whatever the crime is, it's likely the end up being the result of some kind of misunderstanding rather than something that would make us dislike Maggie. And honestly, the way Carell said "very serious crime" came off like he was trying to hide that it was actually something stupid and embarrassing instead of legitimately serious.

And hey, maybe that line of thought is why we don't find out what Maggie did this season. Maybe they had planned to tell us, but the crime didn't quite fit the tone of the show so they cut it.

Or maybe it's just that the lack of an explanation is itself the gag and we'll never actually find out what she did at any point before "Space Force" wraps up for good. Which would be pretty funny.

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