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Coronavirus live updates: CDC chief issues stark warning on possible second wave and more lockdowns as global cases top 5 million

  Coronavirus live updates: CDC chief issues stark warning on possible second wave and more lockdowns as global cases top 5 million CDC director has second wave, lockdown warning. Michael Cohen to be released. Ohio, West Virginia open restaurants. Latest coronavirus news Thursday.

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Father's Day is here, and what with your busy schedule -- as well as the global pandemic and social distancing protocols -- you might still be looking for ways to celebrate your dad on his special day. Well, there's no better way to spend time and reconnect than with a movie day!

As we know, despite many states starting to reopen to varying degrees, social distancing and avoiding large-scale events are still important for protecting yourself and the ones you love from the coronavirus. So, if you want to celebrate Father's Day at the cinema, it's time to think outside the box.

Special Report: In Oklahoma pork-packing town, COVID stirs fear, faith and sorrow

  Special Report: In Oklahoma pork-packing town, COVID stirs fear, faith and sorrow In recent months, as in so many U.S. cities with meat- packing operations, COVID-19 ripped through this Oklahoma community, bringing economic uncertainty, fear and - in the case of one family - tragedy. GUYMON, Okla./WASHINGTON - (Reuters) - Over 25 years, the massive pork plant that dominates this small city brought jobs, new residents and an economic lifeline to a slowly shrinking farming community.

Luckily, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and others have an abundance of options when it comes to fun family fare, which you can watch together whether you're quarantining in the same house or separately. Just call (or Zoom!) your dad, bring the movie up from the comfort of your own couch and press play at the same time.

We've rounded up a few of the best films about dads and their kids that are perfect for Father's Day, with options for movie lovers of all kinds! So, this year, you can share the love with your dad on his special day.

Big Fish

This fantastical tale of a man who likes to tell tall tales himself is equal parts emotional and darkly funny. The strained relationship between an ailing father using larger-than-life stories to connect with his son is a heartbreakingly timeless and beautiful showcase of acting brilliance, helmed by a master of fantastical realism, Tim Burton.

'Draconian'? 'House arrest'? Coronavirus lockdowns prompt raft of lawsuits against states

  'Draconian'? 'House arrest'? Coronavirus lockdowns prompt raft of lawsuits against states Courts weigh coronavirus restrictions, which are sometimes criticized as "draconian," against individual liberties as governors seek to save lives.Each of these activities became the subject of a federal lawsuit, as residents, businesses and even lawmakers challenged state shutdown orders designed to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Stream it on Showtime on Amazon Prime

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Does it get any better than watching Harrison Ford, playing one of his most iconic characters, fight Nazis alongside his somehow Scottish father, played by the incomparable Sean Connery? The answer is: No, it does not.

Stream it on Netflix


While on its surface, this Liam Neeson-led thriller may seem like a mindless beat-'em-up action flick, the story is one of a loving father who will stop at nothing to save his daughter when she's kidnapped by Albanian human traffickers. Taken's sequels were all pretty much about the same thing, but you really only need to watch the first one.

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The Lion King

There are few on-screen father-son relationships more iconic than that of Simba and Mufasa in Disney's animated 1994 classic. Sure, the stampede scene might be tough to watch with your dad, but the fact that it's so painful is just evidence of how amazing their bond was. Plus, he comes back as a cloud ghost, so it's not all tragic.

Coronavirus live updates: US hits 100,000 deaths from coronavirus as states continue to cautiously reopen

  Coronavirus live updates: US hits 100,000 deaths from coronavirus as states continue to cautiously reopen There are more than 5.6 million confirmed cases around the globe, with nearly 1.7 million in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.As of the end of March, the U.S. had registered about 4,000 deaths. But the figure took a drastic upward turn in April, when the disease killed nearly 60,000 Americans, and has continued at a slower but still devastating pace.

Stream it on Disney+

The Godfather

This period piece mob drama tells the story of the Corleone crime family under the control Don Vito Corleone and the reluctant involvement of his son, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), in the family business. It's an iconic paternal drama that was nominated for 11 Oscars, and took home three of them!

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Bruce Willis stars as Harry Stamper, a deep sea oil driller who is tasked by NASA to assemble a team and head into space to plant a bomb on a world-threatening meteor. Is this Michael Bay sci-fi disaster flick a classic? Maybe not. However, the relationship between Harry and his daughter, Grace (Liv Tyler), is emotional and tragic enough to tug on the heartstrings more than you might expect.

Stream it on HBO Max

Mrs. Doubtfire

When mercurial actor Daniel (Robin Williams) gets divorced from wife Miranda (Sally Field), he goes to great lengths to stay close to his three young kids -- specifically, he dresses up like an old, Scottish nanny/housekeeper and gets a job working for his ex. In retrospect, there are probably better ways for him to handle the situation, but the film serves as a perfect showcase for Williams' frenetic comedy style and is a classic for a reason.

Lake of the Ozarks pool partier tests positive for coronavirus

  Lake of the Ozarks pool partier tests positive for coronavirus A Missouri resident who arrived at the lake on Saturday "developed illness" on Sunday, according to a news release from Camden County.The Boone County subject arrived at the lake on Saturday, May 23, and "developed illness" on Sunday, according to a news release obtained by LakeNewsOnline.com, which like the News-Leader is part of the USA TODAY Network.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

This 1962 drama, adapted from the 1960 novel of the same name, deals with horrific racism in America, and the importance of truth and justice, and is as relevant and powerful today as it ever was. One of the most indelible aspects of the celebrated film is the relationship between attorney Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) and his young, precocious daughter, Scout (Mary Badham), a shining paragon of virtue who represents the boundless possibilities for a better future.

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Finding Nemo

In this aquatic Pixar classic, a loving and overprotective clown fish named Marlin goes on an ocean-spanning search for his lost son, Nemo, and learns the importance of trust and Independence. This beloved family adventure film -- which took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature -- shows just how hard a parent will fight for their child, no matter the odds.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

In this inventive and wildly hilarious dramedy from Taika Waititi, a juvenile delinquent named Ricky (Julian Dennison) is made to live with foster parents -- the kindly Bella (Rima Te Wiata) and the grumpy Hec (Sam Neill) on a remote New Zealand farm. After Bella's freak death, Ricky runs off into the wilderness and Hec reluctantly searches for him, and inadvertently (and reluctantly) becomes a gruff father figure to the rebellious Ricky. This indie art house film has a lot of heart and is easily one of the best performances of Neill's career.

Coronavirus Rips Into Regions Previously Spared

  Coronavirus Rips Into Regions Previously Spared CAIRO — For months, one enduring mystery of the coronavirus was why some of the world’s most populous countries, with rickety health systems and crowded slums, had managed to avoid the brunt of an outbreak that was burning through relatively affluent societies in Europe and the United States. Now some of those countries are tumbling into the maw of the pandemic, and they are grappling with the likelihood that their troubles are only beginning.

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He Got Game

Spike Lee's 1998 sports drama revolves around Jesus (Ray Allen), a top-ranked high school basketball player, and his strained, painful relationship with his incarcerated father, Jake (Denzel Washington), who is serving time for accidentally killing Jesus' mother. The artfully told connection between the two is a masterpiece of filmmaking that deals with the all-important themes of redemption, forgiveness and personal growth despite physical and emotional obstacles.

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