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00:00  31 august  2020
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The stigma of online gaming is fading

Millions of people in the world now play computer games of some kind, with some even able to make money from the hobby. Some gamers play on their phones, while others prefer game consoles. Other players relish taking part in enormous online multiplayer games while some would instead pass the time playing solo puzzle games.

Gaming has, however, been the subject of some social stigma, with the perception of gamers as being nerds or loners. The incorrect belief that they are unhealthy or unfit because they are shut in darkened rooms playing games for hours on end is a common one. 

Many people who played video games would also declare themselves not to be gamers despite their hobby simply because they did not wish to be linked to such associations.

Few other forms of media have ever been quite so associated with such a stigma, and even in the late 2000s through to the early 2010s, those associations remained.

However, gaming has become more and more a part of the mainstream. By the late 2010s, much of that negative perception had changed, and more people were willing to admit to playing video games, online gaming, and gambling at online casinos. The ability to play at an online casino real money site was, understandably, a great attraction and is something that is now perfectly acceptable in the world of online entertainment.  

Seventy-seven percent of people between the ages of 15 and 69 now admit to playing games, according to a recent study. That has reduced the social embarrassment aspect of such an admission to almost nothing given that it is now so commonplace.

With social distancing becoming a norm in 2020, gaming has become even more accepted due to our need for social interaction.

People have been stuck at home more than ever before this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, and streaming services such as Netflix have been in massive demand.

Video streaming increased by over 20% just in one five day period in March, and the social interaction that is part of the gaming experience has made online gaming even more popular than video streaming.

Many gamers have found the challenges posed by social distancing a lot easier to handle than people who are not gamers.

Not only does the playing of online video games offer a lot more scope for interaction than just watching videos, but such games also allow direct access to friends, providing they have the same games

According to one survey, 40% of gamers rank the ability to socialize while playing games as being hugely important to the overall experience.

Gaming has become an excellent method by which friends can stay in touch with those that have moved elsewhere. Because such online socializing is already second nature to gamers, social distancing has had less of an impact.

Today’s video games can be played against literally thousands of other gamers, and there are large communities within massive multiplayer role-playing games online, with those communities allowing players to talk as well as play games with each other.

The difficulty level of most video games has also increased over time, increasing both gamers’ technology skills and the level of competition with the increasing complexity of such games.

Another reason why the social stigma that once surrounded online gaming has dissipated considerably in recent years is because of the growing realization that video games come with benefits beyond entertainment and socialization.

Being a gamer can help someone learn how to type, teach them financial skills, and give them knowledge of history they otherwise would not have had.

Solving the problems that are present in games also gives players valuable skills, including coordination, working with others, and how to adapt to new and challenging situations quickly.

Gamers can also help to continue the fight to remove any remaining social stigma about playing video games by talking about the hobby in the same manner as they would about watching popular television shows.

Gamers should also not be shy about promoting the real-world benefits they have gained by playing video games, such as competition, dedication, and leadership.

All gamers should also actively encourage other people to take up the hobby, not only because they are fun and offer opportunities for social interaction but also because of their value as an educational tool.

Video games already teach adaptation and strategy, but many games can also be useful in communication information about subjects as diverse as physics and English literature.

The time has come when we should end the social stigma surrounding online gaming once and for all.

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