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09:35  18 october  2020
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Gera: AfD politician Reinhard Etzrodt elected city council chairman

 Gera: AfD politician Reinhard Etzrodt elected city council chairman An AfD politician is the new city council chairman in Gera. Reinhard Etzrodt also received votes from other parliamentary groups when he was elected. © Jens Meyer / AP It was a triumph for the right: In the local elections in May 2019, the AfD won the most votes in Thuringia in many places - including Gera. In the city with more than 90,000 inhabitants, the AfD came to 28.8 percent - and thus became the strongest force in Gera.

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In order to sample young topics from the candidates for the CDU Chairmanship, the Junge Union has come up with a new event format. That works quite well - only the candidates agree too much.

Der © MICHAEL KAPPELER / AFP The An evening without a winner

White tablecloths in country inns, politicians holding endless monologues in front of deer antlers - even the conservative youth have had enough of that. The Junge Union (JU) has come up with a new format to bring the three candidates together in the race for CDU chairmanship: They invited the so-called JU pitch to the Allianz Forum in Berlin, a studio that is more into a casting show than a political event remind.

Corona measures: Reiner Haseloff and Michael Kretschmer against tightening

 Corona measures: Reiner Haseloff and Michael Kretschmer against tightening Despite rising corona numbers, the Prime Ministers of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt reject stricter corona rules. They want to continue to go their own way and demand voluntariness instead of coercion. © DPA Shortly before the Prime Minister's Conference on Corona measures, East German heads of government speak out against stricter rules despite the increased number of infections.

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The "Pitch" on Saturday evening is a digital and therefore also Corona-friendly event. Friedrich Merz, Armin Laschet and Norbert Röttgen are only allowed to give brief statements here and then explain in a subsequent round of questions how they want to lead the party into the future. There was also a matching hashtag with #JUPITCH; Questions to the candidates could be sent in via social media during the round. "If you want to convince the younger generation, you have to deliver today," says JU Federal Chairman Timan Kuban.

While the listener was waiting for concrete visions of the future, Armin Laschet first took a look back - at everything that he wants to chalk up as a success as Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia: He wants society to be held together, weighed between freedoms and fighting pandemics Keeping an eye on the economic consequences as well as promoting climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies. "Many say that you have to do that. I say we'll do it."

Local elections North Rhine-Westphalia: But not so powerful

 Local elections North Rhine-Westphalia: But not so powerful The second round of local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia shows: The SPD is alive, the Greens are creating something historic. Armin Laschet's CDU, on the other hand, had believed many more. © Peter Steffen / dpa For North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister and applicant for the chairmanship of the Federal CDU, Armin Laschet, the local elections were considered a test of mood. After the NRW local elections two weeks ago , Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) was visibly relieved.

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The digital is perhaps the most important topic this evening.

Above all, however, Laschet wanted to score points with the party youth that evening with the announcement of a federal digital ministry. But no matter what he listed, the message resonated with everything: What worked in North Rhine-Westphalia, with Laschet, you can also get for the federal government. And so the Prime Minister positioned himself that evening as a doer with an eye for continuity. Together with Jens Spahn, he wants to ensure that the CDU remains a party of the center.

Norbert Röttgen took on the counterpart, if you will, and illuminates the state of Germany from the outside perspective, speaks again and again of departure, renewal, change. He wants to tackle what is going badly: Germany, for example, is at least 20 years behind when it comes to digitization. No comparison to countries like Estonia, where there is WiFi almost everywhere. In addition, the administration in Germany is too slow and thus hinders innovation. And in general, when it comes to dealing with innovations, a different culture is needed in Germany. The Germans have too strong a security mentality, the fear of failure is too great.

Merkel sees summit agreement on Turkey and Belarus as "great progress"

 Merkel sees summit agreement on Turkey and Belarus as Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has welcomed the EU summit's agreement on sanctions on Belarus and a common stance on Turkey as "great progress". The heads of state and government had an "extensive, sometimes difficult discussion," said Merkel after the first day of the summit on Friday night in Brussels. "But we have pulled ourselves together and can point to results." © Olivier Matthys Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) welcomed the agreement of the EU summit on sanctions against Belarus and a com

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Friedrich Merz stands between the two. He promised the youth of the party that he would stand up for intergenerational justice. With him there will be no more decisions that will be at the expense of future generations. Merz wouldn't be Merz if he hadn't put a clear focus on economic policy that evening too. Germany must come out of the Corona crisis in terms of economic and financial policy and rely on ecological innovations and modern technologies. Merz wants to implement a technology and start-up offensive for Germany.

There were no winners, but neither were there any losers.

The evening at the Allianz Forum was not an evening of controversy or big news. Anyone who had hoped for a tough exchange of blows between the candidates was disappointed. There were only minor differences of opinion in the discussion about federalism. While Merz and Röttgen called for more competencies for the federal government, especially in education policy, Laschet clearly opposed this.

Röttgen and Laschet also shared one or the other tip against each other. Laschet found Röttgen to be too black-and-white as far as the state of the country is concerned, and referred to the long time in which the CDU had already ruled and which, in his opinion, was good. Röttgen remarked in the direction of Laschet that it wasn't enough just to rest on it. In a "time of epochal upheavals" one must redesign with courage.

None of the candidates emerged as the clear winner that evening. The two-week survey in which the members of the JU should vote for their favorites for the CDU party chairmanship begins on Saturday evening. The JU federal chairman regards the result of this survey as binding for his personal voting decision at the party conference on December 4th. Then 1001 delegates in Stuttgart should decide on the CDU chairmanship - if Corona allows it.

If you take a look at current surveys, there is one person in the lead who is not even applying for party chairmanship - and who was not there that evening: Jens Spahn. He only competes in the team of NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet. But that doesn't seem to help this much either, in surveys he is behind Friedrich Merz. However, these surveys have only limited informative value: After all, the party chairman is not elected by the citizens, but by the 1001 party congress delegates mentioned. And Laschet enjoys great support from them.

Irritable mood at the Corona meeting: Why an agreement between the countries is so difficult .
Chancellor Merkel is sitting in the Chancellery with the 16 prime ministers. Curbing the federal corona dispute is dragging on. © Photo: dpa / Michael Kappeler / Pool Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) On the day that is supposed to make history, Armin Laschet is everywhere early in the morning. “It can be possible that we can experience Christmas without a lockdown”, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister promises the viewers of the RTL “early start”.

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