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13:05  30 october  2020
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You love fresh mint but it goes bad so fast. Learn how to store fresh mint and other herbs using these methods so they can last you several weeks. Have you ever grabbed a bunch of fresh mint from the grocery store or an herb garden, envisioning all of the exciting things you’ll make with this fragrant

Learning to store food properly is an essential part of saving money and keeping yourself and your family safe. You can learn to easily distinguish the If you've purchased some freshly baked, crusty bread, keep it in a paper bag out on the counter to keep it as fresh as possible. Bread on the counter

Comment bien conserver les aliments frais © PIRO4D / Pixabay How to store fresh food properly Our little guide to preserving the texture and flavor of fresh food as well as possible and consuming it in complete safety. Meat and fish: between 0 - 4 ° C

They must be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator *. Raw, they will keep for about 2 days. Cooked, up to 5 or 6 days. cold cuts will keep the same way, depending on whether they are raw (sausage) or cooked (pâté, rillettes). Dry cold meats, like sausage, should stay at room temperature in a dry place.

Dairy products: between 4 - 6 ° C

The ideal temperature for storing yogurts, creams or cheeses is around 6 ° C. Store in the “cool” part (between 4 and 6 ° C.) * Of the refrigerator. Butter and fresh (or opened) milk should be stored in the appliance door (approx. 8 ° C.). Allow 2 or 3 days of conservation for an opened bottle of milk, a jar of cream or a yogurt and several weeks for the butter and the cheese.

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Proper storage of dog / pet food helps prevent the fats from going rancid and food -borne illnesses. Storing dog food in an air-tight container protects the

We all want our foods to last atleast a little bit longer and make sure it is still fresh until we consume it all. But what if we only have a minimal space

Eggs and egg products: between 4 - 8 ° C

Eggs can be stored for at least 4 weeks in the honeycomb compartments of the refrigerator (around 8 ° C *). Note: the shell is a natural protection, so you should never rinse or wash the eggs. Around 4 ° C in the cool compartment, a raw egg outside its shell can be kept for 48 hours, a hard-boiled egg 6 days, a homemade mayonnaise or custard for 2 days.

Fruits and vegetables: around 8 ° C

potatoes (in a dry, dark and ventilated place) or bananas , which blacken in the cold, keep better outside the refrigerator. Citrus fruits, pumpkin, tomatoes… are generally kept at room temperature. But to avoid dehydration or too rapid ripening, they can be stored in the vegetable drawer with the leaves (salad, etc.), roots (carrots, etc.), stems (leeks, etc.), fruit in a tray and fruit. already very ripe.

Death of an Infant Shows Cruelty of Starving in a Country of Food Abundance

  Death of an Infant Shows Cruelty of Starving in a Country of Food Abundance Millions are being locked out of India’s ration-card system that provides cheap food.She and her husband struggled to make even 1 rupee (1 cent) a day from their tailoring business after India went into a Covid-19 lockdown in March. They often have nothing to eat. Nafisa was breast-feeding little Aaris, and with hardly any food for herself, she simply couldn’t produce enough milk. He grew weak, and his skin yellowed with jaundice. Hungry and in pain, he sobbed and howled. He died in his mother’s arms just a few weeks into the lockdown, at four months old.

How to freeze food to keep it fresh the longest, how to thaw foods safely and what foods are NOT freezer friendly! Learn how to store fresh herbs! Love cooking with fresh herbs, but hate wasting leftovers? There is an easy storage trick that can help leafy herbs such as cilantro last up to 6 weeks!

Storing food properly will help cut down wastage and also help you save the pennies. But it’s not just about keeping food for longer; storing perishables properly ensures you don’t get sick. How to Store Fresh Asparagus. It's asparagus season!

Fresh herbs: around 8 ° C

Wrap your fresh herbs in damp paper towels before placing them in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Remember to change the absorbent paper every day.

How to freeze fruits and vegetables Almost all can be frozen raw, except potatoes and those, rich in water, whose texture and taste can deteriorate such as tomatoes, strawberries or cucumber. They should only be frozen once cooked or mixed in coulis, smoothie or gazpacho . Others will keep enough hold to be used, almost as if they were fresh (figs, onions, pumpkin ...). For small sizes (mirabelle plums, shelled peas ...): after having cleaned and dried them, lay out -they flat on a baking sheet and freeze them until they harden before putting them in freezer bags.

* The cold parts (usually closest to the freezer compartment), cool (in the middle) or warm (in the door) vary according to the refrigerator models. To find out where they are, read the instructions for your device.

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