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23:30  09 november  2020
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Why Matthew McConaughey stopped being 'the rom-com shirtless guy'

  Why Matthew McConaughey stopped being 'the rom-com shirtless guy' Matthew dished on how he was able to "rebrand" himself by taking a long break from the entertainment business."So I'm rolling in rom-coms, they're very successful. I'm the rom-com guy," the actor told Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" podcast. "They're fun, they're easy, I like doing them, they pay well, they're paying for the rent of my house on the beach that I'm running around surfing shirtless on. I'm like going, 'hell yeah.

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Which of His Rom - Coms Is His Least Favorite — and It's Shocking. Matthew McConaughey has a long history of romantic comedies under his belt. But if he had to rate them, there’s one that he ’ d leave at the bottom of the list.

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By 2010, Matthew McConaughey had come to dominate the romantic-comedy scene, starring in beloved films like The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. However, that same year, he ditched the genre and never looked back—not even when he was offered a $14.5 million paycheck.

Does he regret his decision?

"No, I never regretted that," the newly minted New York Times bestselling author said on Monday, Nov. 9's Daily Pop. "That was during a two-year hiatus I was taking from the romantic comedies that I'd been doing and the action-adventures I had been doing."

McConaughey continued, telling E! co-host Carissa Culiner, "I was very clear...look, intellectually, that was a hard one to say 'no' to. Just looking at that sheer number—are you kidding me? Wow. But I knew I needed to remain on my sabbatical from the films I had been doing for my own soul. And so, no, I never regretted it. But boy, saying 'no' to that really solidified my stance for myself. I was like, okay, I'm not breaking now."

Matthew McConaughey’s Son Levi Is His Undeniable Mini-Me in Rare Photo

  Matthew McConaughey’s Son Levi Is His Undeniable Mini-Me in Rare Photo Camila Alves McConaughey shared a special photo of a mother-son baking sesh on Instagram, and revealed that their 12-year-old son Levi looks just like dad Matthew McConaughey.Fans got a rare look at the McConaughey family on Thursday, Oct. 22, when the actor's wife Camila Alves McConaughey posted an adorable new photo of their 12-year-old son, Levi.

Matthew McConaughey has a long history of romantic comedies under his belt. But if he had to rate them, there’s one that he ’ d leave at the bottom of the list. The 49-year-old actor swung by Thursday, January 24th’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where he addressed his rom -com past.

Matthew McConaughey just offended me to my core, and no, it’s not because he openly professed his love for the Redskins mascot — rather, I’m offended by his Despite what critics may have said at the time, The Wedding Planner is one of the greatest romantic comedies of the century — it has it all: a

Matthew McConaughey's Memoir Bombshells

But even if McConaughey wanted to break, he explained that turning down the big payday "sent a signal to Hollywood" that he wasn't bluffing: "What followed that was 14 months of absolutely no offers coming in."

Of course, everything worked out in the end. McConaughey has since starred in a number of highly acclaimed projects, including Dallas Buyers Club, which earned him his first Oscar.

a man and woman standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: John Clifford/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock © Provided by E! John Clifford/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock

And while McConaughey has no regrets about taking a break from rom-coms, he does look back on certain roles he wishes he could've landed, including the Hulk, which he "didn't even get to audition for."

"When I look back at things that I said 'no' to, I passed on a role in L.A. Confidential around 1995, and I really love that movie," he continued. "Curtis Hanson directed it. That was one of those ones where I was like, 'Ooh, I wish I would have been part of that film in that role.' Other than that, I got a pretty good track record of the things I've said 'no' to."

Matthew McConaughey: He didn't speak to his mom for eight years because ...

 Matthew McConaughey: He didn't speak to his mom for eight years because ... Incredible eight years, Matthew McConaughey had nothing to say to his mother Kay. The screen star refused to contact her because she disappointed him immensely. © Getty Images Matthew McConaughey and mother Kay Matthew McConaughey , 50, wanted nothing to do with his mother Kay McConaughey, 88, for eight long years and broke off contact with her completely.

Though Matthew McConaughey has spent the last decade evolving as an actor into more heavyweight roles in TV series such as True Detective and While the era of McConaughey -led rom - coms may be over, many of his films have become popular syndicated classics that audiences continue to enjoy

Matthew McConaughey had to 'un-brand' a few years ago in order to land more serious Matthew famously won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his harrowing role in the HIV/AIDS drama He also played a male stripper in Magic Mike, but decided not to reprise the role in the sequel , Magic One of Matthew 's most memorable early roles was in the horror classic, The Texas Chainsaw: The

Fans of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days are certainly grateful he said "yes" to portraying Kate Hudson's on-screen love interest back in 2003, but even more certain is how thrilled they'll be to hear McConaughey's answer when Carissa asked if he'd ever consider doing a sequel!

Matthew McConaughey's Movie Transformations

"Possibly," he responded. "I mean, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is teed up, you know, teed up for one that you could easily do a sequel. And that was a really good one. As far as romantic comedies go, that was a really good one."

"And it lasts!" McConaughey added. "People still love that one. I enjoyed that one quite a bit."

If we are blessed with a sequel, perhaps McConaughey and Hudson's characters can take the stage for another riveting performance?

According to him, they've put in plenty of practice at karaoke!

McConaughey revealed that he and Hudson have sung together for fun "a few times and it'll probably happen again."

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His father, James Donald McConaughey , was a Mississippi-born gas station owner who ran an oil pipe supply business. American actor and producer Matthew David McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas. His mother, Mary Kathleen (McCabe), is a substitute school teacher originally from New Jersey.

Matthew McConaughey in April at a University of Texas spring football game.Credit John Rivera/Icon Sportswire, via Getty Images.

"She's quicker for the mic for karaoke than I am," he said. "But she's pulled me in before."

McConaughey's Daily Pop interview came just days after the actor celebrated his 51st birthday, which he rang in with his wife Camila Alves and their three kids.

As it turns out, it was actually Camila who helped push McConaughey to write his recent memoir—based in-part on diaries he's kept since age 14—called Greenlights.

"About three years ago I thought about it and Camila helped me. She said, 'Quit waiting around. Let's go away with all those diaries and see what you got,'" he recalled. "So she gave me a kick in the backside and said, 'Don't come back home until you do have something. So I went away with me and those journals and came back with what is essentially in the book Greenlights."

Since returning home from what he called "solitary confinement," McConaughey has spent much of his time with his children. Of the trio, McConaughey said his eldest, Levi, is most similar to him personality-wise.

"He and I, we love to tell a good story. We love a good debate. We love a good presentation. We love to get exactly what we want when we're going after something," McConaughey explained. "I learn a lot from him. He's an incredibly considerate—more considerate probably than I am—young man and kind young man."

Matthew McConaughey's Best Roles

Watch more of the Daily Pop interview with Matthew McConaughey in the above clip!

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