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How an 18 years old celebrates his bday during a quarantine!

Due to a Corona cancellation, the Bundesliga Saturday only had two games to offer: Kiel outclassed Coburg and the Füchse just won at BHC.

Er behielt am Samstagabend die Nerven: Füchse-Linksaußen Tim Freihöfer (r.). © imago images (2) He kept his nerve on Saturday evening: Füchse left winger Tim Freihöfer (right).

The THW Kiel is at the top of the table: Thanks to a 41:26 (22:13) home win over promoted HSC 2000 Coburg, the zebras pushed the Rhein-Neckar Löwen from their place in the sun on Saturday. The North Germans benefited from the fact that the Mannheimer's game at GWD Minden had to be canceled due to the corona.

The best throwers in the Kiel game were Oskar Sunnefeldt with eight goals for the THW and Florian Billek with six goals for the still pointless bottom of the table from Coburg.

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THW coach Filip Jicha had ordered some players from the second row into the first seven. Dario Quenstedt was in the gate, Sven Ehrig played on the right wing and the Swede Sunnefeldt in the left back space. Coburg kept up until 7: 7 (10th), after which the THW pulled away unstoppable with its seventh win of the season.

Youngster Freihöfer shows strong nerves

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Handball Supercup: THW Kiel - SG Flensburg-Handewitt 26.09.2020 in Düsseldorf. Niklas Edberg (Kiel) bejubelt einen Treffer. Li: Lasse Möller (Handewitt) enttäuscht. *** Handball Supercup THW Kiel SG Flensburg Handewitt 26 09 2020 in Düsseldorf Niklas Edberg Kiel celebrates a goal Li Lasse Möller Handewitt disappointed HM

In the early Saturday evening game, the Füchse Berlin prevailed after a 20-day break in a competitive game with 31:29 (16:17) at Bergischen HC. Particularly noteworthy: In the final phase, the only 18-year-old left winger Tim Freihöfer showed extremely good nerves and scored three important goals. Seasoned Hans Lindberg scored most of the game with ten goals.

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The Bundesliga Saturday in shorthand:

Bergischer HC - Füchse Berlin 29:31 (17:16) goals for BHC : Darj (5), Schmidt (5), Gutbrod (4), Gunnarsson (4/3) , Babak (3), Majdzinski (3), Stutzke (3), Szücs (1), Boomhouwer (1)

goals for Füchse : Lindberg (10/6), Holm (6), Wiede (4), Freihofer (3), Matthes (2), Andersson (2), Drux (1), Koch (1), Gojun (1), Milosavljev (1)

THW Kiel - HSC 2000 Coburg 41:26 (22:13)

goals for the THW : Sunnefeldt (8), Sagosen (6), Pekeler (5), Zarabec (5), Ehrig (3), Dahmke (3), Jacobsen (3), Reinkind (3), Duvnjak (2), Ekberg (2/2), Wiencek (1)

goals for Coburg : Billek (6), Zeman (5), Schikora (4), Varvne (4), Schröder (2), Dettenthaler (1), Zetterman (1 ), Kurch (1), Sproß (1), Neuhold (1)

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