Entertainment Behind the feud between Hidalgo and the ecologists, the bone of contention of the left

17:35  25 november  2020
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Why Texas Republicans' hold on the state is loosening

  Why Texas Republicans' hold on the state is loosening The huge surge of early voting in Texas' rapidly growing cities and inner suburbs likely marks the end of unchallenged Republican dominance in America's second largest state -- a seismic shift in the nation's electoral landscape.Even if President Donald Trump retains enough rural strength to hold Texas in next week's election, which many still consider the most likely outcome, the swelling voter turnout in and around the increasingly Democratic-leaning cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Fort Worth points toward a return to political competition in the state after more than two decades of almost uninterrupted Republican ascendancy.

Bones of Contention book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking “ Bones of Contention : The Readable and interesting, though at times there’s a bit too much about the feuds of ridiculous

bone of contention Meaning the subject of a dispute the subject of argument or disagreement something that people have been arguing about for a long period of time A serious bone of contention between the landowners and the developers was the compensation price for the land.

  Derrière la guéguerre entre Hidalgo et les écolos, la pomme de discorde de la gauche © Copyright 2020, L'Obs

Encore? Yes again ! This is indeed the second time, after the "Girard affair" this summer, that the socialist mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and her environmental allies have washed their dirty laundry in the Place de l'Hotel de Ville. Following an imbroglio around the project to give a street or a Parisian place the name of Samuel Paty, the city councilor denounced on BFM TV the “cultural relativism” of certain green elected officials and launched: “Everyone must be clear with its relationship to the Republic. "

Outraged that one can insinuate that the Greens do not belong to" the republican arc ", the national secretary of EELV, Julien Bayou, in return accused the mayor of Paris on RFI of having" insulted all environmentalists ”, asking him to withdraw his remarks and to apologize…

"There have been overflows", Hidalgo evokes new restrictions in Paris and in the inner suburbs

 Anne Hidalgo has announced the closure of "certain drinking establishments", grocery stores and take-out restaurants from 10pm, in Paris and the small crowned. © NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced Thursday morning the closure of "certain drinking establishments", grocery stores and take-out restaurants from 10pm, where "crowds" were observed in the streets of the capital city.

Muslims for decades. We answer a few key questions about the history of the disputed holy site. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the Ayodhya dispute is one of the biggest security challenges in India this year, along with the Maoist insurgency and the Kashmiri separatist rebellion.

On February 2, 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed, ending the Mexican-American War in favor of the United States. Polk insisted Mexico had invaded the U.S. when an earlier skirmish between American and Mexican troops erupted over the ill-defined territorial boundaries of Texas.

Picrocholine dispute? Nay: on the contrary, we must see in this episode a chemically pure precipitate, in the Parisian test tube, of a cleavage that poisons the left in France. In one camp, we find socialist leaders and some green leaders on the “universalist” line. For them, the values ​​of the Republic - secularism, freedom of expression, equality between men and women… - are inalienable and must apply equally to all citizens, with firmness. It is crucial to defend them by law in the face of the dire plans of political Islamism.

Olivier Faure: "The DNA of the left is the defense of secularism"

Olivier Faure expressed this opinion in our columns on November 24, affirming "the DNA of the left is the defense of secularism ”. Yannick Jadot did not tell us anything else, calling not to cede anything to religious groups who want to "get out of the laws of the Republic". He then shocked his party by throwing: "The burkini, it has nothing to do in a swimming pool! »

France marks 5 years since deadly attacks on Bataclan, cafes

  France marks 5 years since deadly attacks on Bataclan, cafes PARIS (AP) — In silence and mourning, France marked five years since 130 people were killed by Islamic State extremists who targeted the Bataclan concert hall, Paris cafes and the national stadium in a series of coordinated attacks. It was France’s deadliest peacetime attack, deeply shaking the nation. It led to intensified French military action against extremists abroad and a security crackdown at home. Five years later, Prime Minister Jean Castex was leading silent ceremonies Friday at the multiple sites targeted by coordinated attackers around the French capital on Nov.

One of the most significantlegal contests which led to passage of the Native American Graves Protection and RepatriationAct occurred when Pawnee demandedthattheirancestorsbe reinterredagainstthe wishes of the Documents Similar To Gulliford - The Bones of Contention .

It was met with universal acclaim and in August of the same year transferred to Broadway. Since then the show has exploded in popularity, winning many awards including 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

In line with their electoral base?

For the other camp, that of the "cultural left", the progression of communitarianism is first of all the fruit of the failures of this one and indivisible Republic. According to them, universalism has failed, since it has allowed unbearable social inequalities - even institutional racism - to set in - of which Muslims are the first victims. Combating radical Islam with strong measures therefore amounts to unfairly stigmatizing these populations.

This is the position widely shared within La France insoumise, but also within the management of EELV, which had thus castigated the speech of Emmanuel Macron at Les Mureaux , at the beginning of October:

“It was not than to stigmatize the Muslim community

[...]. Because this “separatism” that the president denounces is in reality the fruit of the neoliberal policy of which he is the worthy heir.

Paris: Anne Hidalgo asks the Greens to "clarify their relationship to the Republic"

 Paris: Anne Hidalgo asks the Greens to The mayor PS of Paris returned this Saturday on BFMTV on the abstentions recorded on Tuesday during the vote for a place in the city to pay tribute to Samuel Paty. © afp.com/Christophe ARCHAMBAULT Anne Hidalgo's new charge against her green allies could destabilize the Parisian majority. New clash within the coalition in charge of Paris city hall, a few months after the Alice Coffin affair .

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The bat-shaped bone that extends behind the eyes and forms part of the base of the skull. Bones of the midfoot; there are five metatarsal bones , which are similar to the metacarpals of the hand. Compression of the median nerve as it passes between the ligament and the bones and tendons of

But are environmental leaders really in tune with their electoral base? According to a recent Odoxa poll, 78% of EELV supporters believe that the separatism law introduced in early December by the government is a good thing, compared to 76% for the French in general.

"There is nothing inescapable, no insoluble difficulties between us and the elected green officials," Anne Hidalgo told us on November 23, anxious to ease tensions within her municipal majority. We would like to believe it, as the political destiny of social-ecology - the regional ones of 2021 and the presidential election of 2022 - will depend on its ability to come out on top of these bad quarrels.

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Paris mayor mocks fine imposed for hiring too many senior women .
The mayor of Paris has branded as "absurd" a €90,000 ($109,000) fine imposed for appointing "too many women" to management positions.Eleven women and five men were promoted in City Hall in 2018, breaching a national 2013 rule, known as the "Sauvadet law," which was designed to bring about gender parity in employment.

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