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08:50  26 november  2020
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Donald Trump made many promises in 2016 and early in his term. Which has he kept and what is he still working on?

  Donald Trump made many promises in 2016 and early in his term. Which has he kept and what is he still working on? Trump has kept a number of pledges, including tax cuts and conservative judges. But not on others such as bringing back coal and replacing Obamacare."Unlike so many who came before me, I keep my promises," Trump said during his State of the Union speech this year.

Trump ' s victory, then, was a brutal kick in the teeth for those loathed pundits, insiders and "righteous mongers". In the midst of the election campaign, the social media analysts Impact Social studied posts on Twitter and other social media platforms in Florida.

Trump ' s media strategy contain lessons not just on his psychology, but the nature of modern For the past week I have been in New York and Washington, talking to key players in the media here. Whether liberal, conservative or neither; print, television , radio or web , this former reality TV star is

Donald Trump pourrait vite rebondir dans l'univers des médias après avoir quitté la Maison blanche. © Brendan SMIALOWSKI / AFP Donald Trump could quickly bounce back in the media world after leaving the White House.

Despite coming to the White House, Donald Trump has never left the business world, let alone the media. An area in which he could bounce back after leaving power.

Donald Trump roars his anger on Twitter and cries out electoral fraud after Joe Biden wins in election. But if the 45th President of the USA clings to his chair behind the Oval Office, backstage the New York businessman prepares his departure from Washington .

This Election was RIGGED, but we will WIN! https://t.co/luS6SnFscx

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 26, 2020

Top GOP official says cyber attackers stole $2.3 million from Republican Party of Wisconsin

  Top GOP official says cyber attackers stole $2.3 million from Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Hitt said the party discovered the attack Oct. 22 and by Friday realized $2.3 million was taken.Party Chairman Andrew Hitt said the loss was attributed to a phishing attack that has been reported to the FBI.

Mr. Trump is playing out a losing hand to extend his dominance of the media and give viewers a season finale. His team has learned from the Steele dossier: Float enough unsubstantiated claims to create an uncertainty about whether there might not be a true one somewhere in the pile.

NY governor suddenly cozies up to Trump and says the media is 'disrespectful to the President' - days after press slammed governor' s covid book and The governor was branded a hypocrite in the press this week for inviting his 89-year-old mother to Thanksgiving while urging others to stay at home.

Four years earlier, in a duel with Hillary Clinton , Trump had already planned a "plan B" in case of defeat against the Democratic candidate. At the time, he was considering launching a television channel in his name. The context was, it is true, favorable.

The Republican was indeed a star of the small screen, having presented and co-produced from 2004 to 2015 the show "The Apprentice", on NBC . In this reality TV program, the real estate mogul met several candidates to whom he gave a job interview consisting of tests, for a senior executive position within his company, before eliminating them with his sentence fetish: “You're fired! » (" You are fired! ").

In 2020, however, the situation is different. Video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu have reduced the performance of traditional cable networks. But Donald Trump wants to be the center of attention and wants a TV to sing his praises. During the presidential campaign, he felt that had "dropped" by Fox News and therefore revived the idea for his channel.

Fact check: States don't have more than 100% voter turnout in an election

  Fact check: States don't have more than 100% voter turnout in an election A post uses outdated data to argue there are more votes than registered voters in key battleground states. Data shows no state exceeds 100% turnout.“Huh. It just so happened that we are on track to have more votes than registered voters in every single state that could potentially win Trump the election,” claims an image posted to Facebook on Nov. 4. “You’ve been caught Dems.

Trump is speaking now before the media . NPR cut off him off for a fact check. Unacceptable decision. I then scrolled through all the many commercial radio stations. His team has filed suit in Nevada, where they say they have evidence that thousands of non-residents illegally voted in the state.

Mass Media : TV , Press, Radio , Internet. Television . Most people don’t realise the fact that television has just become as much part of their life as going to work, eating or sleeping. One of the main reasons, why TV has gained so much influence on nearly everyone of us

This interest in the small screen whets all appetites. As famed radio host Howard Stern said. "We love Trump or we hate him. But on a show, he's a fantastic guest ". Television viewing levels for CNN, Fox News and MSNBC have increased since Trump officially entered the presidential race in 2015. And records have been broken this year.

Paid speaker

Launching a "Trump TV" cable network is, however, a huge financial gamble and the businessman's resources are limited. Relatives of the latter are therefore considering a channel on the web, but this model does not please him. Trump prefers to be involved in acquiring an existing channel that caters to his electorate.

A favorable group of investors would seek to acquire One America News (OAN), based in San Diego. A modest, but loyal chain owned by privately held Herring Networks. Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump Jr or Jared Kushner are also reserving their interventions, in recent days, at OAN.

President Trump stays mostly out of view after election but is working, taking steps to, in part, poke Biden

  President Trump stays mostly out of view after election but is working, taking steps to, in part, poke Biden Trump has been mostly out of view since Election Day but is working: He is purging staff and pursuing actions designed in part to irk Joe Biden.President Donald Trump has stayed mostly out of public view in the two weeks since his election loss to Democrat Joe Biden. On nine of the 14 days since the Nov. 3 election, his daily schedule has been summed up in a single sentence: “The president has no public events scheduled" – the longest he has been out of public view since taking office in January 2017.

Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox said a software error sent votes that were meant for Donald Trump to Joe Biden instead.

Trump campaign legal aide Jenna Ellis told reporters that the elections in the several disputed counties were “irredeemably compromised,” and that this will be While Trump has refused to concede, the mainstream media have called the election for Biden. Any claim that disagrees with that has been

The easiest route for Trump, however, would be to become an analyst or paid speaker for established television. Fox News is in the running. "If they're smart, Fox will pay Trump a lot of money to be exclusive to his network," said Jon Klein, former CNN chairman. Fox would provide Trump with the biggest audience and the best opportunity for a big salary. But the relationship between the two parties is strained.

Newsmax, a conservative cable and digital channel based in West Palm Beach, Florida with studios in New York, is reaching out. "Donald Trump has been, is and always will be a phenomenon" , says its managing director, Christopher Ruddy. “After the presidency, we would welcome him in the blink of an eye. »

Another option is the radio. Last March, Trump was planning a daily two-hour radio show from the White House to take calls from listeners and answer questions about the coronavirus.

One of his staunchest supporters, the sick host Russ Limbaugh, having decided to quit, Trump could resume his program, which is distributed to 600 stations across the country thanks to iHeartRadio. The New York billionaire is said to have already set up a studio in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, and obtained the guarantee of a large remuneration.

While waiting to find himself in front of the cameras or behind a microphone, the 45th American president would turn, according to his entourage, to writing. There are rumors of a $ 100 million deal with a publishing house to write his memoir. That is 40 million more than Barack Obama.

Google's 2020 web developer summit puts security at the top of the agenda .
It may not be in person this year, but Google is holding its annual Chrome Dev Summit, starting a 12:30PM ET keynote that kicks off two days of virtual sessions and workshops. Just before things kick off, Google has dropped a preview of what it’ll be focusing on the next two days. For those not familiar with the Chrome Dev Summit, it’s not specifically about the Chrome browser or Chrome OS — it’s about the web as a broad platform, regardless of what browser you use. “When we work with web developers, we want them to have the best experience across the web ecosystem,” said Ben Galbraith, a Google product developer for the web platform. “Very little that we do is Chrome-specific.

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